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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Nov 2 09:01:05 2017
    darktyui posted in Map Reset.

    I say if we do the reset do it on 1.13 release if we are going to do it at all

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 17 09:19:39 2017

    @Cileklim Harvestar base. It took you guys almost a year to raid it lol

    Next time tp us in sooner

  3. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 17 02:18:45 2017
    darktyui started the conversation Group Village, Humfrydog's? Raided by Team Eye.

    Was tping to random people and eberk accidentally accepted my tpa so rip this village just made this post so you guys are informed. We didn't grief that much but we took all the hoppers.


    Btw this is just one pic there are a lot of other stuff and builds there.

  4. Fri Oct 13 21:30:01 2017
    darktyui posted in Should i start a shop?.

    Just make sure you don't sell any before there are like 20 orders so people don't copy the map and give it to their friends for free.

  5. Fri Oct 13 06:27:22 2017
    darktyui posted in Technical Issues.

    Doesn't help fix your main problem but If you have some extra spending money I would highly recommend everyone too get a 2nd monitor for your computer. It helps so much with multitasking that you will want to never go back to one monitor again.

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 9 23:09:21 2017
    darktyui posted in Forum Should be Faster!.

    its faster for me sweet

  7. 2 months ago
    Mon Sep 18 23:10:03 2017
    darktyui posted in Advancements.

    @Qfu Yes, even the totem one xd

    Even the secret ones?

  8. Wed Sep 13 03:55:45 2017
    darktyui posted in Base Raided.

    I wish i raided it

  9. 3 months ago
    Tue Aug 8 04:03:26 2017
    darktyui started the conversation Sword Name Acceptable?.

    I have used the sword "Ass we Can" for a long while now and many mods and admins have seen me use it in chat. Today Venetorem told me that Gibson told him to not use that sword. I am just wondering if I can use it or not.

  10. Mon Jul 31 05:25:45 2017
    darktyui posted in Staff Communication.

    How would you be using the auto clicker on the server? Please specify

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