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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Thu May 24 00:24:36 2018
    darktyui posted in A Modest Proposal.

    We aren’t mocking them its just a joke. As for the raiding part once we lost out first main base it was hard for us to rebuild seriously. Then we mostly lost interest for the server and so we stopped building stuff mostly. Everytime a raid has presented it self to us we take it. Usually we dont go looking for bases to raid that often. Lately its been like an incursion sort of with 3 people constantly flying looking for bases being supplied by our creeper farms. If the server resets most likely we will switch to more building focused.

  2. Wed May 23 06:00:41 2018
    darktyui posted in End is near?.

    no u

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Apr 29 18:23:45 2018
    darktyui posted in Server friendly auto farm?.

    Yeah the reason is because of all the repeaters and redstone. Basically these things cause lag so some redstoners don’t even use redstone dust and just use powered rails because they cause less lag. I would also say your farms are highly inefficient and that should always be your main concern. I personally would for a melon/pumpkin farm would build ilmangos tower design where the hopper minecart activates the pistons or build on of ilmangos slime block sweeper designs they also work quite well.

  4. 2 months ago
    Fri Apr 13 21:56:09 2018

    A True American Hero

  5. 4 months ago
    Mon Feb 19 06:46:21 2018
    darktyui posted in Faction Anthems.

    @TimeKing297 Team optic theme 4 life

    Sry bro red army already laid claim to that one

  6. 5 months ago
    Mon Jan 15 00:10:28 2018
    darktyui posted in Mister's map art.

    Map Art Tool

    Make sure you click on the bottom most download link and make sure when you are using the program to switch it to 2d mode. It will look worse but be much easier to build. Also sometimes removing the dithering also helps it look nice.

  7. Sun Jan 14 10:15:28 2018

    seems like a fun event I look forward to more in the future

  8. Tue Jan 9 12:40:55 2018

    whats up with banaanzxcvbnm anyway?

  9. Sat Dec 30 23:54:23 2017
    darktyui posted in Tour of my main base.

    You play solo or with a group?

  10. Sat Dec 23 06:55:40 2017

    the reason we get a low score is cause most people on the server don't like people that pvp or grief

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