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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 5 14:15:24 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in Speed 2+ in spawn.

    @DonCake I'm afraid speed at spawn would also have an impact at the parkour tent, unless that area could be excluded from the effect

    Thats not of much matter its just there to get you to the real parkour,however i do know that there are a few who get bothered by the fov change.I don't see a real need for it tbh you have warps to all the loacations with a function at spawn and if you really want it just brew some up theyre rather easy.

  2. Wed Oct 2 05:22:16 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in DJ64's Ban Appeal.

    You were banned under the name Agar_io on 2015/08/24,
    Cheating of any type is a permanent ban as such this account will remain banned
    Appeal Denied

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Sat Aug 31 05:14:11 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in Ban Appeal.

    Accounts caught cheating in anyway receive a permanent ban.
    Appeal Denied Gl

  4. 2 months ago
    Mon Aug 19 12:33:05 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in Anti_Pyth0n's Ban appeal.

    Hello,I had given you a few warnings earlier in the day and if you recall i told you you were on your last warning too which i had also mentioned to the rest of the team,the mod that warned you had forgotten about that for a sec but remembered as you had logged off and after i had just banned.
    Since it is your first ban you will be pardoned in a day.

  5. Sun Aug 18 16:33:51 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in .wild range? .

    10k, probably 5k for default rank

  6. Sat Aug 17 02:11:13 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in jacobreck - Ban Appeal.

    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played. This includes but is not limited to: non-approved clients (hacked clients, minimaps), abusing in-game glitchs (duping, 0-tick farms, x-ray, breaking bedrock) and xray texture packs.
    This account will remain banned,
    Appeal Denied

  7. Fri Aug 16 04:39:44 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in Jesuses Ban Appeal.

    You are pardoned, remember to read the rules over.

  8. Fri Aug 16 02:09:22 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in Yo Crafty!.

    @Aeristacho I mean it would be kinda fun to have an arena, not large, maybe 500x500 where you could turn weather and mob spawn on. Like the parkour area. Could put it outside the 100k border so "too intelligent" folk don't portal in.
    Might as well make it PvP enabled to make it interesting? (Just a side thought)
    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    You cant turn on weather for a specific are its either all or nothing.

  9. Wed Aug 14 08:49:10 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in ThePhoenix's Ban Appeal.

    @ThePhoenix I also SHOWED YOU WHAT I DID before I did it... so I find it funny you said “at any point did you stop and think about it” because yes yes I did when I tped you. But like I already said and you said... “ we already thought of that when we built it”

    This isnt quite true,
    these are the logs from when you made the portal and sethome at it

    [19:21:47] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> lol
    [19:21:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> welp
    [19:21:53] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> was worth a shot
    [19:22:32] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> I tried to outsmart yall
    [19:22:35] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> but I failed
    [19:24:05] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> I gotta say gib
    [19:24:11] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> yall outsmarted me
    [19:24:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <[Admin] GibsonAxe> what i do
    [19:24:40] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> I tried to nether in to the parkour so I could use epearls XD
    [19:25:00] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <ThePhoenix> but yall are smarter and made it so it auto tps you to the thing

    This is right before the logs you provided where you ask me to tp and shows you had already made the attempt before showing it to me.

  10. Wed Aug 14 04:40:41 2019
    GibsonAxe posted in ThePhoenix's Ban Appeal.

    At no point did i say "go ahead",dont try to twist what i wrote to convenience you, what i said was we tested portals to prevent such things, which i thought we had but turned out to have been overlooked at the time,this also doesnt excuse the fact that you knowingly did something that could have and did grief a structure we have in place and did it to try to cheat the parkour whether you were able to do so or not doesnt matter what does was the attempt.Also Ron got a very stern warning many players are aware of the warning including you and you still went ahead and did this. Theres a basic rule of thumb one should follow and that is think before you act, at any point did you stop to consider if this would get you in trouble before doing it?
    Anyhow the ban time is for the one that banned you they will reply when they get the chance

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