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    Sun Aug 23 13:04:05 2020
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    Bumping this. Still 17 left!

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    Tue Aug 18 00:30:41 2020
    AwesomeCreeper50 started the conversation Big Money Bin™ Shulker Raffle.

    Hey everyone!

    I'm currently hosting a raffle! I am selling an entire double chest of shulkers! One random buyer will receive The Big Money Bin™, which is a Shulker jam packed with a bunch of goodies worth far more than your purchase.

    How's it work?

    An entire double chest has been filled with shulkers and one random slot was given The Big Money Bin™. Whenever someone purchases a Raffle Shulker, a Dropper will pick a random Shulker from its chamber and dispense it, which is the one you will be given. After that is dispensed a Hopper loads a new Shulker from the double chest into the Dropper. The winner will be announced after all Shulkers are sold. Could be the first slot, could be the last, could be anywhere in between!

    What are the contents?

    Standard Shulker
    (x16 participation trophies)

    The Big Money Bin™ #1
    (x10 Totems)
    (x64 Tier 3 Rockets)
    (x2 Elytras w/ Mending)
    (x1 Diamond)
    (x2 Emeralds)
    (x4 Block of Gold)
    Approx value: 132 Diamonds

    How can I enter?

    If you see me in game ask to participate! Each Shulker costs 10 Diamonds to purchase.
    There are 17 Shulkers left.
    Feel free to ask any questions!

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    Wed Jul 25 00:57:12 2018
    AwesomeCreeper50 posted in Best .home.


    note: what creative people we have here

  4. Fri Jul 20 18:07:43 2018
    AwesomeCreeper50 started the conversation Staff’s jobs .

    This server has Helpers, Mods and Admins. I was kinda curious what the specific jobs of each staff role was, as I can’t find anywhere where it’s listed.

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  7. Sat Jul 14 02:39:04 2018

    Thank you guys for the suggestions, i'll be keeping them in mind. Cya all in 1.13.

  8. Fri Jul 13 14:06:45 2018
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  9. Thu Jul 12 13:11:41 2018
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    @iDogeTwinkie It's funny how they said it's gonna be released by the end of July and here we are...18th of July.
    That's in the middle of July. Make up your mind Mojang you nutjob. xD

    I think they said they were aiming to have it out by the end of the month. Meaning it could come out tomorrow or on the 31st. Unless I misread something.

  10. Wed Jul 11 20:54:24 2018
    AwesomeCreeper50 started the conversation Coming back to CraftyMynes, in need of advice..

    Hi there. Many of you may not know me, as I wasn't a very sociable person in the server. Over the course of... I think about a year, I have taken a hiatus from Minecraft in whole, rarely touching the game unless I was with a friend on a private server. In an attempt to come back to my roots and enjoy the game I always played when I was a little kid, and remembering how much I adored this server, I desperately want to come back to this server in specific, but be more involved in the community. Rather than logging on, mining for some materials, storing them away in a poorly made base and leaving for the day, i'd rather wish to return and be known by many people, be more sociable in the Discord and in-game chat, make friends and allies, be helpful to the newer users, and more things I probably can't think of off the top of my head. If anyone could give me any tips on how to fulfill this goal of mine, I would greatly appreciate it.

    See you all in 1.13 :)

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