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  1. 11 months ago
    Wed Apr 11 01:47:00 2018
    Nestacdo posted in See you soon! .

    Well, "=" in the end makes me think that top layer is base64 code.
    Decoder gives me this

    @0 䠰 `0 %࠰줁࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰 %`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰셁0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셑ࡠ 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰줁࠰쥁ࡰࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 %`0 %࠰섁࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䡰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰셁䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥑࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %࠰ $࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 䀰 䡰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셑ࠠ 䡰 %0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %ࡰ ࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰 %`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 %䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁ࡰ腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %ࡰ $࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 䀰 䠰셁`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁ࠠ 䡰셁䀰 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁࠰腁ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠰 `0 %䠰 ࠰셁࠰ࡰ셁ࡠ 䡰 0 䠰셁`0 %࠰ ࠰쥁࠰ࡰ셁䡠 䡰 0 ࠰ `0 %࠰ $࠰쥁ࡰࡰ셁䠠 䠰 0 䠰 `0 %࠰섁࠰쥁࠰ࡰ ࠠ 䡰 䀰 䠀

    Tried de(re/en)code with multiple text codes (like utf-8), got out nothing readable.

    And here i stuck.
    Because i'm not familiar with any coding standarts, i would've done dozens of encoding with multiple codes, binary, ASCII, hex, etc, adding some distracting data, false leads, changing languages, etc.
    And i expect everyone else to do so.
    Thus, there's a fton of ways this could be originaly encoded. Need help from someone with experience.

  2. Sun Apr 8 15:51:26 2018
    Nestacdo posted in Server Stagnation.

    Didn't notice anything like that.

    After 11 months break i still see a lot of familiar faces cheerfuly interacting with each other, and a bunch of new (from my humble perspective) players doing the same thing. And these groups don't seem isolated.
    That's IMHO ofc.

    What i really noticed is complete deficit on shulker chests on the market :)

  3. Thu Apr 5 22:21:29 2018

    I'll have two shulker chests.
    One dark blue or whatever (i'm bad with colors, sorry), third from the right, upper row.
    And the green one =P

  4. last year
    Thu Apr 13 23:20:58 2017
    Nestacdo started the conversation marcus_gaming29.



    I know you can't properly see the IGN on screens, and barely able to see the flyer, so i encircled him.
    And on last two screens you can see him there, and next second there's no one (while there's message in chat showing exactly this person leaving)

  5. Tue Apr 11 12:24:10 2017

    @OtherGreenGamer I'm used to snow in late march. Think I'll be good :P

    Anyways, in Toronto rn awaiting flight

    Have a good one! Happy vacation

  6. Sun Apr 9 23:22:19 2017
    Nestacdo posted in I_TheDarkLord_I.

    He also started his presence with sexual talk

  7. Sun Apr 9 20:03:04 2017
    Nestacdo started the conversation HollowedPLR.


    Didn't stopped even though i asked. Few times.

  8. Sun Apr 9 15:58:02 2017
    Nestacdo posted in Selling and buying.

    @Carl_Sagan1 How much for Nether wart?

    3dia per stack

  9. Sun Apr 9 15:20:20 2017
    Nestacdo posted in Selling and buying.

    Update! Another Dragon head in stock, plus some shulker boxes

  10. Sat Apr 8 00:12:21 2017
    Nestacdo posted in Adamblakly2.

    You and your friend were naked trying to kill a full geared person. I was there too. And there was nothing suspicious in his actions.
    With proper gear, lava is nothing.

    P.S. I checked with the rules, and witnesses are allowed to post too.

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