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  1. 7 months ago
    Sat Oct 27 15:17:39 2018
    Mayorga started the conversation Quick question..

    yo, quick question; am i allowed to use "Nvida GeForce beta" on the server ?

    (if you don't know what it is, here's the link to what it generally is.)
    link text

  2. 8 months ago
    Sat Oct 6 02:42:51 2018
    Mayorga posted in Humfrydog's new knee.

    I'm so sorry all this shit has happened to you, hope you're better man. :/ hang in there, you can make it!

  3. 10 months ago
    Thu Aug 2 04:47:27 2018
    Mayorga posted in 2018 Rank Trade Event [ENDED].

    Is it possible to pay now for an alt I'm gonna be using in about a week or so? Because I have an alt that doesn't have VIP, and I'm also gonna be changing its name, until that time comes is it possible to pay now (well when we are both in game) ?

  4. Tue Jul 31 01:48:02 2018
    Mayorga posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    I'm considering putting a selfie (for the 3rd time after deleting them) :P

  5. Sun Jul 29 02:07:41 2018
    Mayorga posted in Best .home.

    @CraftyMyner [+] Invalid home name!

    hecc didn't realize

  6. Sun Jul 29 02:05:01 2018

    a bad joke

  7. Fri Jul 27 02:21:33 2018
    Mayorga posted in Best .home.

    .home .home

  8. last year
    Tue May 29 22:12:18 2018

    damn, it was some good times we had, even though I don't play much anymore, you are still a good friend to me, good luck out there man

  9. Sat May 19 19:36:21 2018
    Mayorga posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    but u is you

  10. Fri Aug 4 03:08:22 2017

    I'm amazed

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