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  1. 15 hours ago
    Thu Dec 14 03:42:21 2017

    @WBlaine You all are taking this too seriously :P


    Warning: Please don't feed the trolls - they are on a well-balanced diet.

  2. 19 hours ago
    Wed Dec 13 23:04:25 2017
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in The Grand Odyssey.

    "The View from 0". Finally 1/8th of the way there!

  3. 4 days ago
    Sat Dec 9 19:53:12 2017

    @MisterChris717 Well, not everything needs to be a farm. Hireing people to hunt for ghasts/creepers, and then selling the gunpowder would make a buisness.

    irl we have people cutting down trees, not from a farm. They just cut down any tree they see.

    Why not do the same here but with gunpowder?

    Also the price thing is up to the seller to deside. So the price will go down, but that won't ruin buisness.
    Since it's cheaper more people will be able to afford it, giveing the buisness owner more customers!

    People already sell gunpowder, though... And every single player can farm creepers. I'm not sure why you're pinning this on the big factions ^^'

  4. 5 days ago
    Fri Dec 8 20:42:15 2017
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in The Grand Odyssey.

    @Retrochewy Some caves can be very round, once I found one that could potentially be a base in the future due to its oddly round shape

    Always cool to see natural generation generate the unnatural. :P

  5. Fri Dec 8 20:40:45 2017

    @MisterChris717 I said that they didn't help!

    I know that. I'm asking what your proposed solution is. How should they help?

  6. Fri Dec 8 20:10:50 2017

    @MisterChris717 These Popular faction, then shape popular opinions. Making us root for sides instead of facing the server's real problem, the economy.

    You'd think that in a server with these massive faction. The factions with freedom and wealth, that the greater mass of the players would be wealthy as well, but the opposite is the case...

    Again, how do you propose they help?

  7. Fri Dec 8 19:43:45 2017

    @MistakeMade @NerdieBirdieYT Start a Welfare Program to help the less fortunate. When people sign up they give their coordinates and Name and every day you deliver Clothes and Food to those less fortunate people such as SharpSerac javonjw iwarriori etc.

    Giving coordinates is just asking for trouble. Not many people want to give out their coords. Food is easy to get by voting; by "clothes" I assume you mean armor?NN gives out stuff to people fairly often. We just don't make a show of it.

  8. 6 days ago
    Fri Dec 8 18:31:36 2017

    @MisterChris717 These factions! These so called "Popular factions" haven't helped the server's economy at all!

    What really matters is the existence of a these Faction creators. That is the existence of a few ones.
    Of gigantic Leaders! They are not intressted in helping the economy at all

    Corrupted Factions!

    They are the one! They are the ones that do not want us to have a good economy!

    How do you propose the "popular factions" help out?

  9. Fri Dec 8 00:49:56 2017
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in The Grand Odyssey.


    RIGHT AFTER I made the last post I FOUND THIS GUY.

  10. Fri Dec 8 00:45:08 2017
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in The Grand Odyssey.


    An oddly-rounded "cave".


    A ravine trailing straight from the border.


    A village lost behind the border... I bet the villagers have epic trades. Not that any villagers are alive out there, but hey, one can hope.

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