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  1. 13 hours ago
    Fri Mar 16 15:01:34 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT started the conversation Shop Question.

    Hey all.

    For quite a while I've wanted to start up a (small) shop, but have been busy with other things. If/when I make one, I woukd like it to be specialized in one or a few certain items, rather than the larger shops like the Swag Shop, House of Color, etc. A specialized shop like I have in mind would be better than the larger shops in terms of pricing and production of certain items, but would not have anywhere near the varity that the big shops do. Think of it in real life terms: the big shops are Walmart, I want to make a GameStop. Walmart has much more items to chose from, while GameStop would be the better place to buy videogames.

    My question is this: what items would you like to see in a specialized shop like this? Crops, ores like diamonds, elytra, building blocks, etc? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

  2. 3 days ago
    Wed Mar 14 04:16:19 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    Just made a video about the snapshot, the trident features are just too much fun XD

  3. Wed Mar 14 04:12:18 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    @Dennari43 There is still a possibility they fix the drowned mobs to make them fit into the water environment better. It would be cool if they had tails or fins, and could swim slightly faster than players. Or if their range attack with tridents could break boats and then they could swim up and attack you. Or if they had camouflage in reefs and you actually can't see them until they are very close to you.

    All good ideas. Although I agree with Carl - I don't think they should have tridents in the first place.

  4. Wed Mar 14 02:27:39 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    The idea of an underwater zombie clone doesn't bode well with me. Seems lazy on Mojang's part. No two-legged humanoid should be a natural part of the ocean. And since they have no swimming animation or speed boost in water, it literally just feels like a zombie accidentally fell in some water and is having trouble chasing you.

  5. Tue Mar 13 20:24:52 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in Few totems and items for sale bulk.

    I'm glad I don't pvp, otherwise I'd be spending all my db on this :P Nice sale, javon.

  6. Tue Mar 13 16:40:01 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    New hostile mob that no one saw coming... The Drowned.

  7. Tue Mar 13 12:56:11 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ so he may lead the Resistance and not be replaced as The Meme

  8. 4 days ago
    Tue Mar 13 03:21:14 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in Livestream - March 11.

    @AttackTeam and this is all assumed to be automated, from what most people assume, so there is no actual contact with anyone in YT, even if you did have questions on what exactly occurs, it supposedly sends you through a sort of wild goose chase, with no actual leads, and it happens with other stuff as well throughout the platform. Not the first I've heard of things like this

    Thr automation was used correctly in this case. The song was located, and it showed me exactly when that song played, and who owned the copyright to it.

  9. Tue Mar 13 02:13:05 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in Livestream - March 11.

    @javonjw i had a video i made on clash royal on youtube i was playing music in back ground and they said i was play copyrighted material but there was a option to mute it on youtube but its been a while so i cant remember how i did it @NerdieBirdieYT

    Saw that but it deleted ALL my audio for some reason.

  10. Tue Mar 13 01:45:11 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in Livestream - March 11.

    @javonjw thats youtube for you with the copyright take down at least on twitch they just automatically mute the portion of the video that might have copyrighted material and not take the whole video down

    Yeah, that's super rough. I'm trying to edit that bit out, it's only a few minutes, but the edit is taking ages for YouTube to process.

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