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  1. 22 hours ago
    Thu May 24 17:03:50 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT started the conversation NN's Departure: Drop Party Finale.

    This will likely be my last thread on CraftyMynes... what an odd thought.

    Recently, NerdNation announced that we will be leaving the server as the 1.13 update rolls in. Due to this, we would like to give back to the community with a large-scale drop party on Thursday, May 31st, at 7:00pm EST. Many NerdNation members will be emptying out their Ender Chests and/or their goodies they have tucked in chests. I will be streaming this event as my final episode on CraftyMynes: Episode 50.

    We hope to see you at spawn on May 31st!

  2. yesterday
    Wed May 23 19:59:49 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in NN's Departure.

    @OtherGreenGamer Will you guys ever come back to CM? If so, what would prompt it? Like raids stopping, more active server, reset, etc?

    I doubt it, but only time will tell. We are moving to a modtly vanilla with raiding; raiding is not the issue. We moved mainly to start fresh with a new community and server. The rules there are more in line with the faction mindset as well. We will be able to host better events and expand better in this new community. So, I doubt we will come back, but as not all of our members are totally leaving, traces of us will probably still be found here in the future.

  3. 2 days ago
    Wed May 23 14:59:19 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in NN's Departure.

    @OtherGreenGamer Well, this is sad to see but expected given the inactivity. Good luck.

    We hope the new server will help wih inactivity, as well as bi-weekly events and some other neat stuff we have planned (:

    Thank you everyone for your kindness.

  4. Wed May 23 10:56:56 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in NN's Departure.

    @Fingerbib the discord link doesn't work 8 (

    regardless, bye all of u, good luck on ur new adventures

    Fixed, thanks for letting me know :D

  5. Wed May 23 04:09:48 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT started the conversation NN's Departure: Nerdie's Base.

    Within this post lies the clues to my personal base coordinates. Good luck!

    X: x -1000



  6. Wed May 23 04:00:44 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT started the conversation NN's Departure.

    Yes, it's happening. Some of you will be happy about this, some don't care, and some will be upset. We at NN are quite optimistic about this choice.

    On May 14th, 2017, NerdNation moved from a Factions server to CraftyMynes, and we have been a part of it ever since. Up until the last few months our faction and its interactions (many of which were outside our control) ended up causing a lot of drama and adventure into this server. Personally, I see this as both good and bad. The drama was escalated beyond what we would wish for, and many of our self-proclaimed enemies (ye olde Oblivion, for example) were incredibly harsh on us in both word and deed. As I have stated before, in thr past year, NN has without a doubt been thr single most targeted faction on the server. Some say that it's due to my YouTube channel, others say it's NN's usual cheery aura that ticks some people off. I admit I am oversensitive and quite defensive, and apologize for the unnecessary drama I personally have comtributed to.

    With that being said, through thick and thin, times of uncertainty and times of peace, even through time of outright and emotional betrayal, what started as a tiny little faction has grown into a community of friends. Events are still held in NN, the Discord is still very active, regardless of how many times insiders and enemies tried to end us. We have existed for over a year, and will continue to exist even as we leave here.

    To get to the point, NN has been debating a server switch for about a week and a half now. We have discussed reasoning for staying and for leaving. In the end, we decided to move, not due to any actions outside NN (we have been safer than ever these last few months, with none of our faction bases or events being hit) but because we are ready for a change of pace. We are ready for a new community with new possibilities and a fresh new server. Thus, we have chosen to move.

    I hope that in some way, NN has set an example that a friend group CAN survive through a heck of a lot. Hopefully my YouTube series, or our members' attitudes, or what we try to accomplish as a group made a positive impact on you.

    You are welcome to continue to communicate with us on our Discord .

    As a special little gift to the community, some of the NN members who are fully leaving CM with us will be creating little hints on the forums to guide you to their personal base. Destroy it, keep it, loot it, it's up to you. Keep an eye out for threads with "NN's Departure" in the title for the next few weeks!

    We at NN thank all of you who met us with kindness and helped us as we enjoyed this server. We wish you the best of luck moving forwards.

  7. Tue May 22 22:34:46 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in Thanks for the memories Good Bye to all.

    Sad to see such an old player go, are you just tired of Minecraft, or is it something specific?

    Best of luck wherever life takes you.

  8. 3 days ago
    Tue May 22 14:57:17 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in A Modest Proposal.

    @MasaruCyri Meanwhile, Sharp and his alt (and the rest of Team Eye) could learn the ways of not destroying other people's buildings. That way the server would be more active than it is now. I personally don't see the fun in what you guys do, and when I was on last, there were barely anyone on. Maybe this "renovation service" is the cause of it? Could you guys seriously think about what you're doing and how it's affecting the server? If you respond to this, and I know you will, I would please ask you to answer with zero snark and some seriousness. All I want is a discussion, no one here needs to get heated. Play nice for a bit, please?

    Unfortunately some people take a lot longer to mature than others. Some never do. Not that griefing in itself is immature, but don't expect any peaceful, legitimate discussions here.

    Sorry to see the Harvestar base go, those statues are a beauty! Best of luck as you all move forward.

  9. Mon May 21 23:32:38 2018
    NerdieBirdieYT posted in What do you do for a living? (Or Hobby).

    I work for Kroger now, yay :D First job and minimum wage! XD

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