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  1. 5 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 02:31:18 2017
    AttackTeam posted in NEW ADVENTURE COMING SOON!.

    @Ealdwine_Drasax If you'd like help with building said areas, i'd be willing to lend a hand, if you want it. I'm not the type to go back on my word, so you would have something to go off of there

  2. 6 days ago
    Sun Aug 13 22:10:59 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Map Reset.

    @craftymyner when the next map reset inevitably happens, could custom advancements be somehow implemented?

  3. Sun Aug 13 20:46:48 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Map Reset.

    @CraftyMyner A progressive increase is world size would probably piss people off

    What if it wasn't that much of an increase, like 10k more blocks? or would that throw something off?

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 16 18:43:39 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Jammin' Record Shop.

    blocks, mellohi, stal, ward, and 11? I think I have all of those I can trade for that squid egg

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 16 02:40:06 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Jammin' Record Shop.

    where are you getting these numbers from? can't you just say the names of the discs you need? There's Creative mode for that, if you need the names.

  6. Sun Jul 16 02:36:21 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Selling a squid spawn egg.

    5 Diamond Blocks

  7. Fri Jul 14 04:23:30 2017
    AttackTeam started the conversation Jammin' Record Shop.

    One of the more sought after items player tend to look for are music discs. But some don't want to go through the trouble to get the rarer ones from having a skeleton kill a creeper, or don't want to risk dying from doing so. I am now opening a store that sells all music discs. I also am selling jukeboxes as well, if you need one to play your disc. I am accepting payment in iron blocks, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. Inventory may sometimes be limited, so please keep this in mind

    Thanks in advance, -AttackTeam


  8. Thu Jul 13 00:18:06 2017
    AttackTeam started the conversation Blockheads Revival?.

    As some of you may already know, a while back, there was a small room accessible from a pair of doors leading to a small lake. Through there, one could enter an opening on the bottom that lead to a small area with a ladder leading down to another room containing pressure plates. Stepping upon said pressure plates would place a block upon their head (which could only be removed upon death). The doorway has been now replaced with the staircase at spawn. I would like to start a movement to have them return, if that is even possible. Here is what they consisted of. If more people could support this revival, that would help. -AttackTeam

  9. Mon Jul 10 01:17:36 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Let Me Explain.

    Wasn't that place attacked around Christmas last year? I remember hearing something in chat around that time about that.

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 9 00:30:57 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Red Army: Reformation.

    IGN: AttackTeam

    Age: (Prefer not to disclose atm)

    Strengths: Traveling (Elytra not very often), Scouting, Building, Mining, Mundane Tasks (Give me instructions, I'll get it done)

    Weaknesses: Melee Combat (Decent With Bow though), Redstone

    Ticks: 21596548 (Approx. 12000000 Previous Server)

    Reasons For joining: Wanting to work with other players for those of different ideals for a common goal and something greater, PVP Training

    Relations With Other Factions: None

    Time Zone and Time Usually Active: PST, Usually on Between 4-8 PM.

    Other Notable Things: Access to Alt, Access to Discord, (Text Only)

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