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    Fri Oct 20 19:51:39 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Halloween Hijinx: Pumpkin Perils.

    @jamlbon Js you missed off baby husks :)


  2. Fri Oct 20 13:56:39 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Halloween Hijinx: Pumpkin Perils.

    @NutjobBob Bonus mobs: Baby variants of zombies, pigmen, husks and zombie villagers.
    Added degree of difficulty: Collect all of the above with Jack o'lanterns on their heads.

    Rules have been updated to include the baby variants of these mobs. The prize pool has also been increased to reflect the difficulty increase by adding them to the list.

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    Fri Oct 20 02:10:05 2017
    AttackTeam started the conversation Halloween Hijinx: Pumpkin Perils.

    It's almost that time of year again, when some hostile mobs don pumpkins for Halloween. Did you know that there were seven (technically 11) different hostile mobs that can spawn naturally with pumpkins on their heads when Halloween rolls around now? Also, did you know skeletons and strays that spawn on Halloween with pumpkins spawn with no bows? It's hard to find some of these mobs by themselves, let alone together in a single location. I challenge those who will be on the server during Halloween itself to find all of these mobs and bring them together to a single location. You can work collaboratively with other players to accomplish this goal, or try your luck by yourself. I will be handing out a prize of a god set, a complete set of god weapons and tools, a beacon, well as an enchanted pumpkin with binding and/or vanishing. If no person can complete the task of finding all ten mobs before Halloween ends on the 31st, the prize will go to whoever has brought the most pumpkin wearing mobs to a single location. A screenshot is required in order to claim the prize with chat in the image to prove that the screenshot was taken on the server. Since it also has been requested, baby variations are now included in the mob count for the challenge which now is zombies, skeletons, husks, strays, zombie villagers, wither skeletons, baby zombies, baby husks, baby zombie villagers, and baby pigmen. If a tie does occur, whoever has the most mob variants in total, including duplicates will win the prize. Duplicate mobs will not be counted however towards the main mob total, only the tiebreaker. (This Image was taken in a creative world)

    Here is an image of all the mobs you need to look for in order to complete this task, besides the ones that have baby variants, which are now required to win the prize. you must have at least one baby hostile mob wearing a pumpkin to enter the tiebreaker round.


    Happy Hunting!

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    Wed Oct 18 13:32:23 2017

    End city items consist of items found in chests in end cities. I can sell you an elytra, but I have not decided on prices yet.

  5. 4 days ago
    Wed Oct 18 00:57:11 2017

    {UPDATE} 10/17/17

    I now am stocking the store's shelves with high quality enchanted books, all books sold here are sold either at their second highest level or the highest possible. The second highest level books are not combined from lower levels of the enchantment, ensuring those who are purchasing to work on god items that they will not become too expensive in the process if bought from this source. I however cannot help you if you have bought books from another source, that may have combined books below the second highest level.
    All level V books have been combined from only level IV books sourced from villagers or the enchantment table directly

    the following books are priced at four diamonds each: Assorted Enchantments

    Luck of the Sea II
    Lure II
    Punch I
    Fire Aspect I
    Thorns I
    Knockback I
    Aqua Affinity

    The following books are priced at five diamonds each: Second Highest Levels Enchantments

    Power IV
    Sharpness IV
    Bane of Arthropods IV
    Smite IV
    Efficiency IV
    Feather Falling III
    Protection III
    Blast Protection III
    Fire Protection III
    Projectile Protection III
    Luck of the Sea III
    Lure III
    Unbreaking II
    Respiration II
    Depth Strider II
    Thorns II

    The following books are priced at 6 diamonds each: Maximum Level Enchantments

    Silk Touch
    Efficiency V
    Sharpness V
    Power V
    Smite V
    Bane of Arthropods V
    Protection IV
    Blast Protection IV
    Projectile Projection IV
    Fire Projection IV
    Thorns III
    Depth Strider III
    Respiration III
    Unbreaking III
    Looting III
    Fortune III

    Treasure Enchantments will be sold soon, but I have no reliable source of them at the moment

    Please notify if there's anything that you would like to be added, or forgotten in latter item tiers in the post I forgot to put in again.

    I also am selling god sets, weapons, and tools, but they have no set price yet. Also End Crystals are in stock, as well as Shulker Boxes and Elytras, all in limited supply.

    Happy Shopping,

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    Mon Oct 16 00:29:59 2017

    Not all banners have importance behind them, it might have just caught your attention for the design aspect, because that happens with most unusual things like that in general.

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    Fri Oct 13 13:31:05 2017
    AttackTeam posted in ponze head bid.

    Isn't this technically false advertising?

  8. Thu Oct 12 13:55:10 2017
    AttackTeam posted in 1v1 Arena with Risking and Betting.

    I agree with the structure blocks idea actually if it could be managed, since it has the potential to draw in players with a changing experience compared to the normal arena, as well as keeping it open to all. Maybe it could get its own separate color text like the purple for the pvp arena, to show they are in this separate one?

  9. Wed Oct 11 14:25:43 2017
    AttackTeam posted in 1v1 Arena with Risking and Betting.

    I could get down behind this idea, it has good potential to be a an experiment. It could also be a bit larger possibly with some walls and some elevated platforms to give ranged players who use bows and potions more often a bit of a tactical option.

  10. Tue Oct 10 23:31:21 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Word Association .


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