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    Tue Jun 27 04:15:06 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Same.


  2. Mon Jun 26 23:39:16 2017
    AttackTeam started the conversation Server History Archive Project.

    I was thinking the other day, that nobody ever tells stories of events that have happened on the server that often, and not much is known to newer players about the days of old. Please share events you feel are noteworthy, or ones that had significance for the entire server. Screenshots also are welcome. May it be a build, or any other important milestone, post something about it here! Dates would also be greatly appreciated, so the posts can be chronologically archived.

  3. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 25 23:51:18 2017

    How can you prove it?

  4. 3 days ago
    Sun Jun 25 00:01:54 2017

    So it's therefore impossible to get the "next generation" achievement?

  5. Sat Jun 24 15:43:05 2017

    Speaking of the egg, what actually did ever happen to it after team eye got their hands on it? It's just gone off the face of the earth so to speak...

  6. Sat Jun 24 15:38:19 2017

    All prices are yet to be determined, as mentioned above. If you have a price to suggest, please do. I'm trying to price items at the cost most players are comfortable with paying, as long as it's reasonable for me as well. Also state quantities of items with the order if possible, so I can see how long It will take me to get the items. Thanks In Advance, -AttackTeam

  7. 4 days ago
    Sat Jun 24 00:36:24 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Story 2.0.

    which prompted a slam jam

  8. Sat Jun 24 00:32:55 2017
    AttackTeam posted in I'm straight outta gold.

    Would you be willing to buy a stack of gold blocks? I'm trying to liquidate some items into diamond blocks. How many would you be willing to trade for all the gold?

  9. Fri Jun 23 15:21:27 2017
    AttackTeam started the conversation AttackTeam's General Store (One Stop Shop).

    I've decided to set up a store, with prices that are fairly decent, and also sells most items, I'm looking for ideas on what to sell, and what I should price them at. I am usually willing to negotiate prices in most cases, but within an understandable amount. The items I currently am able to sell at the moment are the following:
    All Potions, including splash, lingering, and tipped arrows, as well as their ingredients (Sold Out of Ghast Tears)
    Dragon's Breath
    Bottles O' Enchanting
    Concrete/Concrete Powder, Hardened Clay, Terracotta
    Bone Blocks
    Agricultural Products: Crops and tools (including Chorus)
    Dyes (All types)
    Coal Blocks (By the stack)
    Wool, Banners, and carpet (All Colors)
    Enchanted Books (May take longer than other orders to obtain)
    Wood/Wood Planks/Slabs
    Silk Touch Harvestable Blocks (Mycelium, Podzol, Grass,)
    Glass, Stained Glass, Sand/Red Sand, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Gravel
    Redstone Items
    Bulk Andesite, Diorite, Granite and polished variations
    Ice/Packed Ice
    Magma Blocks, Nether Wart Blocks, Nether/Red Nether Brick Blocks, Nether Brick Fence, Soul Sand, Blaze Rods/Powder, Nether Wart
    End Stone and End Stone Brick, End Rods, Purpur blocks and variations, Ender Pearls (Bulk) Eyes of Ender
    Jukeboxes and Music Discs (Limited Stock)
    Minecarts and all Rail Variations
    Leaf Blocks and Decorative Plants
    Paintings and Signs
    Snow and Snow Layers
    Stairs Blocks
    Iron Doors and Bars
    Vines and mossy blocks
    Most Foodstuffs (no notch apples, sorry)
    Misc. Enchanted Books

    Coming Soon:
    Normal Clay Blocks
    Gunpowder (In Bulk)
    Fire Charges
    End Crystals
    Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, Sponges (Rental)
    Various End City Loot (TBD)

    Missing Texture Skull (Texture will change depending on time of year)

    I am not attempting to get into already existing businesses in products listed already, If there are any problems, please message me in game or here. Thank You
    This includes most of the items in the game, so I hope I can cater to most player's needs. Message me while I am on, or reply on the forums, I'll get back to you shortly after. I'm also looking to establish prices here for my wares, so also suggest prices as well.

    {UPDATE} 6/24/17

    I also am selling the banners in the picture below for a modest diamond per banner.

    Also I'm going to introduce a customer loyalty program in the future with reward points and such, which I personally will keep track of, which will can be exchanged for goods from a list, which changes once in a while. Customer Rewards Cards can be ordered for One Diamond, and that price is not subject to change. I will be posting the first rewards in the near future, so stay tuned for more

    I also am considering doing sales at times there are IRL, as well as festive goodies at their appropriating times

    Thank You in Advance, :D

  10. 5 days ago
    Fri Jun 23 03:24:18 2017
    AttackTeam posted in Sknuped out.

    I hope you can return to us soon sknup! May good luck accompany you in your endeavors. Hope we can see more of your builds in the future. I especially hope to see more of this amazing build, whatever it is! :D

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