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  1. 3 months ago
    Sat Jun 17 16:11:16 2023
    1Lysander posted in Doopy123’s Ban Appeal.

    Good Morning,

    I am the mod that banned you, the original goal was to have you take at least a 24 hour break to cool off. That timeframe has already passed and you seem to have taken the time during that break to think about your actions, and recognize what you were doing to be banned. Please be more considerate with chat and not spam in the future.
    You have been pardoned.


  2. Sun Jun 11 02:10:11 2023
    1Lysander started the conversation Candlestick Parkour.

    Hello All!

    This thread exists to show off that you have completed candle parkour in spawn, show a picture of your inventory full of items with no ender pearls or elytra with the pixel art in the background visible, while standing on the finish and I will give you a reward!!

    limit 1 per player, while supplies last

    Best of Luck,

  3. last year
    Tue Jul 26 22:02:21 2022
    1Lysander posted in New player spawn point.

    vanilla having extra dimensions is a vanilla feature,.. it has been since like 1.17 I think, but people think that since spawn is in its own dimension and its a void they think that its modded or using plug-ins. Maybe having a nearby pressure plate to get out of spawn, or make it so jumping off sends you to .survival will help those players in some way? idk..
    I like the spawn dimension and I think people should be made aware of it more easily (like by logging in [for the first time] there, not sending messages in chat about it or anything)

  4. Sun Jul 17 02:20:45 2022
    1Lysander posted in New Word Association.


  5. Mon Apr 18 06:02:49 2022
    1Lysander posted in Ban appeal.

    normally we wont respond unless you use the correct format for you ban appeal, found here https://forum.craftymynes.com/144-ban-appeal-format-template, but I will save you some time.

    Cheating on our server leads to a permanent ban, your account will remain banned, best of luck elsewhere

  6. Sun Mar 20 23:45:58 2022
    1Lysander started the conversation New Allowed Mod Request.

    I am requesting to add a mod called Bobby that relies on Fabric API.

    Bobby keeps chunked cached so that you can view blocks from farther away, if you just ran away from those chunks (an old optifine feature [bug] turned into a mod). I have tested it on another server and it works fine.


  7. Mon Feb 21 14:16:00 2022
    1Lysander posted in ban apeal miekmiekxd.


    I am the mod that banned you, you have been narrowly avoiding a ban for quite some time.. logging off and going to spawn any time that anyone went into spectator mode. I have caught you red handed this time.

    Appeal denied, and further...
    have a great day.

  8. Sun Feb 13 21:51:11 2022
    1Lysander posted in New Word Association.


  9. Sun Feb 13 21:44:19 2022
    1Lysander posted in Turtle Eggs For Sale!.

    what times do you normally play? I would like 5 eggs I can pay with diamonds

  10. Mon Jan 31 22:34:28 2022
    1Lysander posted in Fixing the End.

    nobody getting the egg seems like the most fair option to me

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