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  1. 3 months ago
    Sun Dec 6 02:32:26 2020
    Kristoffer00 started the conversation Ban appeal.

    Hello. I wonder if its possible to remove my ban. I just started play minecraft again. This was one of my favorite servers. I dont remember when i got banned but its long time ago.
    Username = Kreyst

  2. 3 years ago
    Wed Jun 7 16:44:02 2017
    Kristoffer00 started the conversation Trying again.. Kristoffer00's ban appeal.

    in game name: Kristoffer00
    Reason for ban Told one that i was using Xray.
    Wy should you unban me: Where do i begin? First of all, i wasent using xray. I told him because i tought it may could give me some friends in this server. Iwas also an active player. I were playing at the server almost every day. I would not use x-Ray. Anyway it was no proof for that i was using xray... i have been banned in more than a half year so i think i have teached my lesson. ''Dont lie to peoples''
    Pleas unban me.

  3. Tue Jun 6 18:02:45 2017
    Kristoffer00 started the conversation Kristoffer00 ban appeal.

    In game name Kristoffer00
    Why i got banned: Cause i told any1 that i was using xray, i wasent using it i said it becuase i want be popular.
    Why you shuld unban me, because i have bent banned a long time now, more than 6 months i have teached my lesson. i wil not use xray.

  4. Tue Jun 6 17:59:03 2017
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