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    Wed Jun 29 12:37:08 2022
    ShapedSundew9 posted in F3 + T trick.

    There is a clarification on AFK rules here:
    I am no authority but what you are proposing is within the permitted scope as I understand it. I may give it a try myself - never used that method.

  2. 11 months ago
    Mon Jun 20 19:06:54 2022
    ShapedSundew9 posted in AFK Rules Clarification.

    Gotchya. Glad I asked. Was planning on reviving my auto-login after restart script as a minimum. Constant frequency repeat of a single operation up to a restart boundary is the expression - its impossible to tell how a person achieves that but it is the same as taping down your mouse button, putting a battery on a remapped key etc.

    I think an AFK pool sounds more fun with the same effect. Never made one - will give it a go.

    Bit of a shame as Lifelongstews program was pretty cool. It did a bit of image processing to figure out when to pull the rod back. Worked really well. Will not be using it - too awesome a server to get banned from.

  3. Mon Jun 20 17:51:55 2022
    ShapedSundew9 started the conversation AFK Rules Clarification.

    Lifelongstew & I wrote a script for AFK fishing using a Linux utility called xdotool to do the key presses & mouse clicks etc. which is a system I used way back when to run long distances on the nether roof & AFK overnight etc.

    Reading the rules (for the first time in years) I see external programs are no longer permitted so extended AFK (beyond the game inactivity timeout) is effectively banned?

    Makes sense - continuous farming is an advantage. Not arguing. Just making sure I know the limits.

  4. Mon May 30 21:11:03 2022
    ShapedSundew9 posted in Offline voting working?.

    I have the meat!
    Looks like it is working again.
    At least for now.

  5. Mon May 30 20:25:00 2022
    ShapedSundew9 posted in Offline voting working?.

    I get nothing that looks like an error (actually nothing out of the ordinary at all).
    Just voted. Will login soon and see what happens.

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    Tue May 17 21:36:04 2022
    ShapedSundew9 started the conversation Offline voting working?.

    Is offline voting working? I voted both of the last two days but when I logged on today you can imagine my disappointment when I got no Magic Meat! :-)

  7. Wed Apr 20 13:35:27 2022
    ShapedSundew9 posted in LifeLongStew7 VIP+?.
  8. Tue Apr 19 18:34:03 2022
    ShapedSundew9 started the conversation LifeLongStew7 VIP+?.


    I got myself and LifeLongStew7 a VIP+ membership a few days ago. Stews was gifted. Mine worked fine but as of yesterday Stew was still a VIP. As it turns out he was auto-banned for VPN at the time of purchase (since unbanned) - not sure if that is related. Would appreciate it if someone could take a look.



  9. 6 years ago
    Sun Mar 12 03:49:01 2017
    ShapedSundew9 posted in Base Positioning.

    A comment on trust: Sadly it pays to be cynical. Before you tell anyone / expose your base coordinates think very hard about it. There are so many stories of leaked coordinates on the forum or in chat that lead to the raided and griefed bases. Beware not just of who you invite and the likely longevity of your relationship but also extended social circles i.e. do you trust your base buddies judgement in trusting others etc. Of course it is a balance - a big part of the game is cooperation. You could also take advantage of warps and have private base and a shared one.

  10. Fri Feb 24 02:11:26 2017
    ShapedSundew9 posted in Fish Farming - possible?.

    Works like a dream.
    Thanks for all the help guys.

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