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    Sun Apr 26 04:19:37 2020
    FL4W started the conversation FL4W's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name:

    Reason for your ban:
    I was banned for xraying awhile back. I didn't even attempt to hide what I was doing and was found out almost immediately.

    Why should you be unbanned:
    I was just being an idiot. It's been a few years now and I was wondering if I could get back on the server. I've only played a few hours so I didn't really get the chance to fully appreciate it. I don't know if you guys even give pardons for exploiting but I thought I'd just shoot my shot.

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    Wed Jul 26 23:36:47 2017
    FL4W started the conversation FL4W's Appeal.

    In Game Name: FL4W
    Reason for your ban: Xray
    Why should you be unbanned: I just got extremely lucky. I know the xray detection system that vanilla servers use and it just tallies amount of diamonds under a certain time. I must of passed the threshold for diamonds in the time limit.
    So here's a run down of what was going on:
    Me and my friend used the 10k teleporter and found an abandoned strip mine that eventually lead to an untouched mob spawner. It was a skeleton spawner and we made a pretty crude grinder with that. It wasn't very efficient so only one person could be grinding at a time. I was grinding first and got to around 30 xp. Then my friend starts grinding and its my turn to mine. I like doing 3x3 grids in a circular fashion around a focal point. Someone can take a look at the mines I made I was not digging straight to the diamonds and getting like 100. In 2-3 hours we totaled around 20 or so diamonds. We did get pretty lucky in finding them near each other.
    Fast forward to the point before ryleee (I think that was the admin's name) bans me. I was making a new branch and I hit a large water hole. So I call my friend over and we fill it out with cobble. Then I just continue with the path I was making. And lucky (or in this case very unlucky me) I hit diamonds and once I did rylee /kills me and says I should try harder to hide my xray. It's honestly quite frustrating that he/she was watching me at the legit worst time. Granted at that moment it probably looked like I just won the lottery or was digging intentionally towards that location with mods on.
    (Also another random thing: there was a chest next to the diamonds, completely encased by stone and empty. I'm not sure if rylee put it there as proof that if I mined to it I was guilty or there's something weird in the minecraft generation.)

    I know I wrote a lot but that's because craftymynes is the only server that has this nice vanilla gameplay. I'd like to keep playing on this great server!
    Thanks and I hope I can be pardoned soon.

    Diagram of my mining method:
    I just whipped up a rough diagram of the mines. I did not get to complete the full webbing out structure I was attempting to do.

    REPLY TO ryleeraee:

    1. Again as I mentioned we found that tunnel that lead to the spawner, it was within range of the 10k teleporter.
    2. The tunnel was random because I don't have a set pattern, I just web out and avoid gravel and lava when I run into it.
    3. I wish I didn't find those diamonds because you're right that it made me look sketchy. But you have to admit that because of the water well that I ran into, it is reasonable for me to have tried to smooth out the edges hence finding your "bait".

    I looked through the past ban appeals and I realize that my chances of a pardon are slim. Thanks for this nice server I'll move on to another one.

  3. Thu Jul 20 03:10:46 2017

    Minecraft User Name: FL4W
    Maturity: Age 17, I think I'm mature.
    Ticks: 197000
    What team position do you want: I'm fine with whatever I'm assigned.
    Why do you want to join The Companions? I just want to join a team and raid. Going solo is boring.
    Why should we allow you in: I'm trustworthy and reliable; I won't leak base info.
    What is your greatest Minecraft strength?: Command blocks definitely, although I doubt that I will be using that skill in SMP. I'm good with redstone (if that's needed) and I can pvp decently. I'm also a patient miner.
    What other Minecraft usernames do you have? (failure to disclose is grounds for rejected application and rejection from the team): N/A
    Other: I'll try to be active and will let you guys know if I take a break from Minecraft, but as of now I will try to be on as much as possible.

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