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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 30 20:29:36 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in How did we get here ?.

    Sweet :D

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 21 10:52:56 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.


  3. 5 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 16 12:13:35 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in HustL's ban appeal.

    While that is a lovely and very convincing appeal, it pains me to say its denied. The evidence that was brought before me by another staff member lead to my initiating your ban while we sorted things and i can say with all certantity that we made the right call.

    Hustl is to remain banned for the use of a hacked client on the server.

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 11 12:02:37 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in HELP.

    ive not heard anything, has this issue been resolved?

  5. 2 months ago
    Wed Nov 21 00:58:44 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in GreatAether's Ban Appeal.

    hmmm.. Laright, youll be pardoned- please read our rules before returning.

    You were banned under the name VeryGoodName, a long time ago.

  6. Tue Oct 30 02:22:08 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Behold, The Halloween Maze.


    Its beautiful, isnt it?

  7. 3 months ago
    Sun Oct 21 23:39:59 2018
    BaronBattleBread started the conversation Behold, The Halloween Maze.

    Psyche!!! You thought through.

    However, I have a question for you all. This year the maze is going to be incredible evil, soul-crushingly hard and you will only get to complete it once!

    So, wat do you think would make a good prize?

  8. 4 months ago
    Thu Sep 6 05:01:27 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in The Rig Thread.

    In my defense, id thought i had. There were no beeps XD
    Also, ignore the wires pls, it was all nice and neat until I had to tear it apart to find the issue :P

    On a side note, I'll post my rig when I get home in a few hours. It's not shiny anymore but dam does it still run

  9. 6 months ago
    Tue Jul 17 14:06:49 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Quest For Advancements.

    All of them

  10. Tue Jul 17 11:10:26 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in shvex’s Ban Appeal.

    While in most cases of chat violations we would allow 2nd and even 3rd chances, you used those already.

    The appeal is denied on the grounds that you were warned many times it was going to be the final oportunity, given far more chances than usual and still made the choice to push your luck.

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