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    Wed Mar 17 04:35:50 2021
    BaronBattleBread posted in The Phoenix Discord Unban Request.

    First, a minor correction- you said "real women dont need makeup", the word "real" here changing the phrase quite drastically from a rather nonchalant remark to a rather mysoginistic and sexist one.
    Specifically said right after someone posted a pic of themselves with a rather well done wing and shadow.
    Regardless of original intent, the phrasing was wrong enough to fall under what could be implied as hate speech, more-so it being during a time of female empowerment.

    Second, if you feel that something is wrong enough to use as a "worse than what i did" description, why havent you reported it? Ive not seen it, personally, neither posted or reported. I dont mean to single you out specifically, but you brought it up.

    I will address Dawns statment personally, she seemed to be listing the reasons you were banned at the time, #3 is indeed unnessisary to the list.

    I would also like to see a better focused appeal.
    youve already admitted you can see why people would of taken it the wrong way, accept the bad play for what it is. Less Blaming and taunting of others, please.

  2. Fri Dec 4 21:04:22 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in BingBrr Ban appeal.

    Hi, i was online at the time. There was a discussion going on about cheese. However- You fell from a high place, died, and decided that the appropriate course of action was to send "nig" in the main chat. Which it is not. I cant remember if i banned you or if the server did automatically. I will confer with other staff as to the status of the appeal.

    Edit: upon confering, you will be pardoned in 24 hours for a chat violation. See you tomorrow.

  3. Fri Dec 4 20:56:43 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Lava buckets in spawn?.

    well, I suppose we can change the ruling, seeing as lava isn't really a problem with spawn in its own dimension

  4. 2 years ago
    Tue Nov 17 20:25:14 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Discord Ban Appeal #2 .

    I'm not gonna waste my time reading all of that because you started, yet again, trying to prove it wasn't possibly anything you did.

    If you really want to get "Technical", The rules and guidelines can be changed at any time by the staff at hand to handle any situation that might find a player attempting to skirt the line by following a "technical" interpretation of the fairly basic forms of decency we ask you to adhere to.

    You, personally, are a toxic person. Your inability to comprehend a situation borders on malicious ignorance to a point where i refuse to believe that you aren't acting like that on purpose. You may have made the contract, but you broke it when you tagged the individual unprompted. You might not even understand it yourself but a "No Contact" agreement means "no contact". In our eyes, its as binding as a restraining order unless both parties acknowledge it is to be dropped. You cant expect to start things up again with the person just because "you're not being toxic right now". You still face consequences- in your case, an accumulation of a previous incident, current incident and continued disregard to staff counsel and order resulted in your ban.

    I suggest you take this as a learning experience. I'd tell you what the lesson is but if you cant see it yourself, you might understand the problem.

  5. Mon Nov 16 22:44:03 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Discord ban..

    Hai, Im the admin that banned you. Your "points" were only valid from your side. That's not how conversations are held. As admins, its not our CHOICE to step in when people are clearly attempting to bypass the few simple rules we have in place to keep discord in discord at a minimum, it is our job.

    Nowhere does it say "Do not tag players under proper channels", you entered a non-contact agreement with the opposing individual that you promptly broke.

    Looking through the discord, you werent having a conversation. You tagged him in a post. At no point did he direct anything twords you, despite your claim of an insult to the admin that asked why you were tagging him due to your "dont talk to me" agreement.

    Instead, you continued to address the situation as if it were a new occurrence, but it is a continual issue with you attempting to skirt the rules and throw blame on anyone but yourself.

    YOU chose to do things incorrectly.
    YOU said you didnt want to hear anything from them ever again.
    YOU decided to tag them in a post in an attempt to instigate a response.
    YOU are the problem.

    I take care of problems.

    So after trying to explain the simple direction of leave them be if you dont want to be brought into it- you failed to grasp the concept yet again and tried to throw the blame on them for not doing the same thing we told you to do and continued to push the issue, it became clear that you dont have any idea how to handle yourself maturely, so i took your advice and blocked you. Permanently.

    To quote your exact words..
    "could you guys please never say or use the emojis to indicate “shithole” or even talk to me or about me or anything related to me. Idc what you “technically meant” if it’s pointed to me in the slightest, don’t say it to me. Idc what you guys have to say, don’t talk to me"

    With no interactions i can see for over 24 hours-
    MrSmurfDurfToday at 2:59 PM @deyahruhd

    deyahruhdToday at 3:12 PM
    The most successful people are also way smarter than you and college educated (this is your insult complaint? Really? After posting that video, this is hardly an insult directed twords you)
    [3:14 PM]
    >Video begins with Trump
    Hahahahahahahaha Trump has a BS in Economics
    From a private Ivy league nonetheless
    Seethe more though lmfao

    Blackened_DawnToday at 3:26 PM
    @Ragnar Lothbrok I thought we agreed you wouldn't be talking to deyah and vice versa

    MrSmurfDurfToday at 3:31 PM
    @Blackened_Dawn nope we agreed not to say anything offensive/insulting
    [3:31 PM]
    Notice I tagged him & comes back with an insult? Haha get off my dick bitch at him.

    MrSmurfDurfToday at 3:37 PM
    @Blackened_Dawn just wanted to make a point without any offensive language or any derogatory terms. Felt the need to do so, if it’s against the rules to tag a member in discord under the proper channel, please inform me of that rule, thank you Mrs Admin

    MrSmurfDurfToday at 3:44 PM
    You’re the one trying to enforce a rule that’s not even created... the server has been around for like 4 years. You’re the one who asked me to stop messaging them. I did. You never asked me not to tag them under the proper discord channel. Funny how you come at me immediately just for tagging them but completely ignore their insult (hence the insult is why you don’t want us messaging each other) sounds a bit hypocritical don’t ya think? @Blackened_Dawn

    MrSmurfDurfToday at 3:53 PM
    @BaronBattleBread no dude, that’s not how it works. I simply tagged him under a YouTube video in the proper discord which is not against the rules okay? I was told explicitly not to message DM them with insults or any offensive language, I agreed & also asked for them to the same. No where in my agreement did I say I wasn’t going to simply tag them in the proper channel. Therefore making this a NEW “problem” so I will say again, which rule does it say I’m not allowed to tag players in the proper discord channel

    MrSmurfDurfToday at 3:56 PM
    It’s not my fault Staff decide to escalate the situation
    [3:57 PM]
    It’s their choice if they respond to it or not, not mine

    Ragnar LothbrokToday at 4:02 PM
    Okay then it’s their choice to block me. I was racist, I wasn’t advertising I wasn’t saying anything offensive at all. They can block me

    Do you see how everything you said dosent make sense? You made the agreement that they cant talk to you. At all. in any terms. That goes Both ways- you also dont get to talk to them. At all. in any terms.
    What i said dosent even matter when your responses are all the same, you taking no responsibility for your foolish behavior.

    That said- I Banned you. You refused to accept you were in the wrong, again and i decided you weren't worth wasting any more time on. You dont get to complain about the consequences of your actions. Id suggest learning from them.

    Have a nice life, somewhere else.

  6. Mon Nov 16 21:23:17 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Optifine not downloading/opening correctly.

    Java has problem but it sounds like you downloaded the file to your desktop instead of installing it... are you sure you put it in the right folder?

  7. Wed Nov 4 02:44:23 2020

    Continuing to harass an individual who has gotten in trouble based on your stupid antics is rather asinine, you'd think you'd be smart enough to leave well enough alone.

  8. Sat Oct 31 00:57:14 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Maze 2020 .

    Congratz on Scootle being the first person to complete the maze. only took 5 hours :D

  9. Wed Oct 28 05:42:12 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in fishhead261's Ban Appeal.

    I Cleared the first lava cast that you built. you watched me do it. and then, you made another one as soon as i left. Disobeyed a very simple request about a single thing to not do and maliciously ignored the staff members in general.

    The problem you create that pissed us off wasnt the mess of cobble. Its the strain you put on the server itsself and causing problems for people who arent even involved.

    against my personal judgment, its been decided your ban is 3 days, since its a first offence.

  10. Sat Aug 29 21:22:18 2020
    BaronBattleBread posted in Clients..

    The "useful mods" arent allowed either. the whole point is that we're a hardcore vanilla server, first and foremost. Using things like death markers, minimaps or armor trackers is an advantage against other players and are not allowed according to the rules set forth. The only thing thats kinda dumb here is you, for not reading the rules to the community you joined as if they dont apply to you.

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