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  1. last week
    Wed Jan 10 01:13:04 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Old Fashioned God Bow.

    Current top bid is 160 diamond blocks

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 8 04:35:17 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Kaolo's Response @BaronBattleBread.

    As stated in the previous response, it had nothing to do with your mining techniques.

    It was simply the fact that you were banned for chest esp. and thats not something that mining has issues with, it means you did something a normal character wouldnt do. either way- players that have been banned for cheating in any way are not allowed back.

  3. Sun Jan 7 03:45:28 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in CraftyMynes Faction Approval Poll (Results).

    I think ya'll are nuts if you think a 100 person internet poll is worth fighting over :P

  4. Sun Jan 7 02:13:16 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Kaolo_'s Ban Appeal..

    Hello, my name is BaronBattleBread and ill be your customer service representitive today.

    First, love your quotation marks, they add an air of impunity to the entire thing. And man, you attention to detail is spot on for only having been on the server for a few hours, 8-10 months ago.

    Second, You can lose the ps3 bit; its irrelavance to the story really kinda ruins the immersion, in my opinion.

    Third, asking for proof is real icing on the cake stuff, very high level appealing.

    However, a few things to note:
    A staircase mine dosent beatout a good old fashioned strip mine for oph.
    Being staff on another server dosent mean anything to me. I know lots of servers that employ people we've banned for blatantly cheating.
    However, theres one part of your story that really sinks in here- you were banned, by your own words, for Xray AND chest esp, see- thats a thing we dont write down lightly. as staff members, when we ban someone we put the reason because it makes it easier on us when they appeal, to know if theyll come back.... I might even have pardoned you, it being so long and there not being photo evidence. BUT there is one thing i do know, and thats that when you were banned, a staff member tricked you into proving you were cheating. and im not gonna overlook that obvious fact.

    You might of gotten away with it too, but you wrote your story too well.
    Goodluck Elsewhere, this appeal is denied.

  5. Fri Jan 5 22:16:36 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in BAN RESET?????????.



  6. Thu Jan 4 08:21:06 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Bored fighting ender dragon!.

    that looks like a diamond pick to me.. and are those.. Carrots!? Golden carrots!!? how dare you sully my good name!

  7. Tue Jan 2 22:18:44 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Bored fighting ender dragon!.

    If your really bored, i say make a golden god sword, full chainmail armor and a 19 arrows with a non infinity bow and beat the dragon.

    That was the lowest it took me. in my test runs, but im not a very good shot. See if you can do better,
    I dare ya.

    Ill have a special prize for anyone who can bring me proof :P

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 1 23:44:57 2018
    BaronBattleBread posted in Bored fighting ender dragon!.

    the problem is that resummonging the ender dragon actually causes any changes made to the pillars to revert.
    ive just tried it in single player, changing the heights, moving the bedrock, covering and bridges and such and it changes everything back to its initial situation. so.. idk what to do about that.

  9. Wed Dec 27 20:43:39 2017
    BaronBattleBread posted in Green's 'Actual' Blacksmithery.

    those are useless for stabbing people.. nick the bone and suddenly your hand is sliding down the sharp side XD

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 25 21:33:06 2017

    I havent seen it yet but cmon man.. Han shot first

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