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    Fri Sep 6 22:22:19 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Falsely banned.

    We were being raided and it will be looked into asap, were sorry for any inconvienence

  2. 2 months ago
    Sat Jul 13 01:15:54 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Word Association.

    Area 51

  3. Sun Jul 7 05:03:01 2019

    Its highly unlikely that a villager was killed and replaced solely on a name- we would of asked you to change it and if you didnt, we would of done so ourselves. 1.14.2 was full of issues with villagers, its more likely that it glitched out. Something as simple as it standing too close to the wall when the server refreshed could cause it to be re-written as an original entity or simply dissapear, among a dozen other things. Maybe Herobrine got ya.

    But everything else you were doing? and you call us the overzealous ones?

    Political signs, builds, books... not allowed. This is a raiding server and your nonsense could be found by anyone at anytime. keep your politics out of minecraft and have a nice day :P

  4. Sat Jun 29 04:46:04 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Anyone else think ^ looks vaugely familiar?

  5. Sat Jun 29 04:43:45 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Kicked because of name.

    Im sorry man, but rules are rules :(
    Unfortunately, other people have ruined what little leaniancy we possesed when it comes to names containing relations to religions. A line was drawn and we must enforce it, however cool your name may be.

    Since youve been gone, stupid people have caused us to ban many things that shouldnt have been a problem in the first place. But this is the internet, stupid people abound. and when they see loopholes, they jump through them like trained dolphins, little b astards that they are -_-

    So i must ask you to change it.
    After a lengthy discussion, thats what it came down to.

  6. Tue Jun 18 23:35:50 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    We cannot disclose the ways that are being used, Just know that counters are being worked on to protect you as best we can with what mojang gave us to work with.

  7. Tue Jun 18 11:40:59 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    if theyre hitting us this hard, imagine what theyre doing to little servers that have no Crafty ;-;

  8. 3 months ago
    Fri May 31 10:48:27 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    The ram isnt the issue. if i remember right, Mojang runs vanilla minecraft though a single core. Bukkit and Spiggot fix this to run multicore, which is why they get such signifigant performance improvement. We already use the best possible combination of server components for CraftyMynes....

    Mojang dosent care about us Hardcore survivalists. if they would just implement the multicore coding, this whole problem could go away. We've been asking since 1.8 came out.

    We've fought through the lag issues time and time again and will continues fighting through them to the best of our abilities.

  9. Fri May 31 10:39:27 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in 3 cheers for Nysic and all admins.

    To be fair, this repeat offender was given a permanent ban. So obtaining a pardon was an extremly rare occurance. Goodluck to this jordan guy. we'll be around :P

  10. Mon May 20 00:31:58 2019
    BaronBattleBread posted in Reply to "What is ip ban".

    i would just like to say-
    every ban comes from a collection of evidence.
    every admin comes from a long line of experience.

    Most new players dont actually read the rules, which is why we issue warnings to those breaking rules.
    if they continue, they get banned.
    If an appeal is made, the staff member who made the ban can provide an answer explaining - and if need be, proof of reason to the other admins, if not directly to the player. There have been multiple instances where a ban was overturned because of lack of evidence, regardless of gut feeling. (i would also like to point out that every single one was eventually banned again)

    As for IP bans- we dont just hand those out willy nilly. we ban accounts as individuals.
    If we're forced to IP ban someone theyve either

    -Been part of an attack on the server: like a raid or have connected using multiple accounts at the same time (usually spamming bullshit of one type or antoher)

    - Have done something so decidedly unforgivable that their presence would never improve the server experience, and so we dont want them back.

    as for the 2nd note: The chance of admins being a complete prick

    Impossible. We dont allow pricks to become admins anymore. A long time ago there was a not so friendly attempt to coup the server, with an admin trying to declare themself head admin, and a ranking system and it was all very stupid. I caused an uproar when i overturned a ban they made from personal feelings, and eventaully their little heiarchy broke apart, some people went crazy, lots of drama... which brings us to today.
    Helpers and Mods are watched. We get feedback from players, what we see, how they respond to situations...
    If theyre a prick, they dont get to reach admin. :P

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