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  1. 5 months ago
    Mon Sep 10 10:49:07 2018
    acraft222 posted in Music discs.

    Ok, thanks, yeah that is weird humfry

  2. Fri Sep 7 14:29:36 2018
    acraft222 started the conversation Music discs.

    I am looking to purchase every music disc. will pay 10 diamond blocks for all of them.

  3. 6 months ago
    Thu Aug 9 21:28:19 2018

    What do you call a girl with a limp?
    -Jim McLelland circa 2015

  4. 7 months ago
    Mon Jul 16 08:49:04 2018
    acraft222 posted in The UKR has opened its borders..

    I'll probs be role-playing too

  5. Mon Jul 16 08:46:07 2018
    acraft222 posted in The UKR has opened its borders..

    Even if no one applies I'm still doing this. just pretend my city is filled with civilians

  6. Sat Jul 14 19:40:36 2018
    acraft222 started the conversation The UKR has opened its borders..

    The United Kraqovian republic is expanding into this new world!

    Our mighty nation has freed itself from the evil Donians, and is recruiting new members. If you join our nation, you can either build your own town, and live under our protection and flag, or move to our capital city.

    In order to join, you must complete this paperwork to the satisfaction of our president:

    How many years you have played minecraft for:

    Applications will be accepted/denied when the server has reset

    Good luck!

    President acraft222

  7. 11 months ago
    Sat Mar 10 13:17:29 2018

    Humfry, i am prepared to offer you 5 diamond blocks if you can tell me the coordinates of my old above ground town

  8. Sat Mar 10 13:15:37 2018
    acraft222 posted in Question/reset/when.

    k ty fam

  9. Tue Mar 6 22:18:28 2018
    acraft222 started the conversation Question/reset/when.

    OK, i have a quick question about the server reset.
    I was wondering if the server reset is going to come after the upcoming aquatic update?
    I believe this would be a good time to reset the server map, and give everybody a fresh start.

  10. last year
    Thu Aug 17 18:06:34 2017
    acraft222 posted in Fastest way to get xp.

    Mining nether quartz is a great way to pick up experience and it doesn't depend on lag etc. also, nether quartz is easy to find

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