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  1. 3 months ago
    Sun Mar 22 17:22:46 2020
    acraft222 started the conversation acraft222's ban appeal.

    Title of the thread: (acraft222)'s Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: acraft222

    Reason for your ban: Connecting using a VPN

    Why should you be unbanned: Sorry i forgot you couldnt connect using a vpn

  2. 11 months ago
    Sat Aug 3 09:48:24 2019

    +1 i think this would attract more players

  3. last year
    Tue May 7 10:34:17 2019
    acraft222 posted in Back to default.

    @Th3GreenGamer I can't do that myself, but just out of curiosity... why?

    I just want my name to be normal again

  4. Tue May 7 10:33:07 2019
    acraft222 posted in Back to default.

    Yes i am Nysic

  5. Mon May 6 21:45:06 2019
    acraft222 started the conversation Back to default.

    Hey admins can i please have my VIP title removed and my name colour changed back to white please?

  6. Sun Mar 10 13:43:45 2019

    If i find my own bases, i will blow them up, and still set fire to them, also i might build a few ruins

  7. Sat Mar 9 17:54:51 2019

    UKR- United Kraqovian Republic (just me)
    NDR- Nova Doinian Republic (doesn't exist yet, but will just be me)

  8. Sat Mar 9 16:01:18 2019

    Plus, we wish to extract all of this lands resources, so every settlement gets in our way

  9. Sat Mar 9 15:57:56 2019

    The UKR and the NDR are enemies of Donia, and their very existence gets in our way

  10. Sat Mar 9 13:47:48 2019
    acraft222 started the conversation The Iron Empire has reached this continent.

    From the Emperor's Office 9-3-19
    The Donian Empire is expanding into this new continent, and as such, any resistance will be met with complete obliteration.
    Also, if any UKR or NDR settlements are discovered, they will be raided and burned to the ground.
    Stay out of our way

    Signed, acraft222, Emperor of Donia

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