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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Sat Mar 10 13:17:29 2018

    Humfry, i am prepared to offer you 5 diamond blocks if you can tell me the coordinates of my old above ground town

  2. Sat Mar 10 13:15:37 2018
    acraft222 posted in Question/reset/when.

    k ty fam

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 6 22:18:28 2018
    acraft222 started the conversation Question/reset/when.

    OK, i have a quick question about the server reset.
    I was wondering if the server reset is going to come after the upcoming aquatic update?
    I believe this would be a good time to reset the server map, and give everybody a fresh start.

  4. 8 months ago
    Thu Aug 17 18:06:34 2017
    acraft222 posted in Fastest way to get xp.

    Mining nether quartz is a great way to pick up experience and it doesn't depend on lag etc. also, nether quartz is easy to find

  5. Sun Aug 13 17:58:01 2017
    acraft222 started the conversation Buying a music disc.

    I am buying the music disc "stal" for no more than 5DB

  6. Sat Aug 12 16:52:55 2017
    acraft222 posted in Base for sale.

    You know youre right, i should just do the same to others

  7. Sat Aug 12 16:32:42 2017
    acraft222 posted in Base for sale.

    Oh thanks. Sorry about the whole "assassination request which may ir may not have been targeted at you thing"

  8. Sat Aug 12 14:44:33 2017
    acraft222 posted in Help.


  9. Sat Aug 12 14:41:34 2017
    acraft222 posted in Base for sale.

    actually, the base photos will be on the picture channel on discord

  10. Sat Aug 12 14:27:01 2017
    acraft222 started the conversation Base for sale.

    Base Details: More than 60k blocks from spawn, greater than 592 block floor area, hidden access to top, equipped with 3 micro dimensions, ALMOST fully furbished (I am keeping a few of the things in the pictures, i,e the jukebox, head, map, 2 brewing stands, shulker box and a few other things), complete with chests (most loot removed), contains a Lab, and contains a Library the base is also at bedrock level. I will tp the person who buys it to the base, and we will trade the "deed" ( a piece of paper) for the diamonds, so that if I scam you I will be banned, or if you prefer we can make a contract notarised by a staff member
    I am soo sorry about the messy way these photos are being shown


    I have pictures of this base, but I cant upload them now because I don't know how
    If you do not like this base, please tell me what is wrong with it, and maybe I can improve it

    I will be considering offers starting from 3 Diamond blocks

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