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    Wed Jan 13 22:00:21 2021
    Venetorem posted in New Word Association.


  2. Sun Jan 10 19:52:00 2021
    Venetorem posted in not white listed?.

    To answer the question, only staff are white listed

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 23 01:26:44 2020
    Venetorem posted in Ban.

    Use the correct ban appeal format please

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Dec 6 03:34:20 2020
    Venetorem posted in Ban appeal.

    You were banned back in 1.11 (2018/05/01) under the name "Kristoffer00" for hacking. Unfortunately we that hacking very seriously, and do not pardon for that offence. I do wish you the vest of luck in finding a home to play in

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 2 14:16:19 2020

    No necro posting

  6. Sun Nov 29 20:20:24 2020
    • does a thing *
    • gets kicked for doing thing*

    "You know what a good idea would be? Doing the same thing again"

    • does thing again, knowing you got kicked for doing it before*
    • gets banned*
  7. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 24 16:53:23 2020
    Venetorem posted in New Word Association.


  8. 2 months ago
    Wed Nov 4 14:52:43 2020
    Venetorem posted in Cats or Dogs.

    Cats are incredibly intelligent and are fully aware when humans treat them worse and have bad opinions of them through no provocation of their own accord. They are self-sufficient amd have no need for a caretaker. When you show a cat the same ammount of love that you show a dog, it opens an entirely mew level of love that isnt unlocked by measly crumbs or table scraps. A cats love isnt bought, only earned.
    Cats > dogs

  9. Mon Nov 2 01:58:54 2020
    Venetorem posted in Maze 2020 .

    No need to copy posts

  10. 3 months ago
    Tue Oct 6 21:17:22 2020
    Venetorem posted in Ban Appeal.

    Use the correct appeal format

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