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  1. 4 months ago
    Sat Jul 16 23:31:57 2022
    Venetorem posted in IP Banned from Hotel IP addy.

    You should be set

  2. 8 months ago
    Mon Mar 14 20:49:10 2022
    Venetorem posted in Babycai25's VPN Ban Appeal.

    You have been pardoned

  3. Mon Mar 14 20:48:06 2022
    Venetorem posted in Babyje29's VPN Ban Appeal.

    You have been pardoned. Do try to remember your VPN in the future

  4. Thu Mar 3 03:58:13 2022
    Venetorem posted in MinecraftGTX's ban appeal.

    We apreciate the maturity you use in this appeal, but unfortunately our rules are very strict when it comes to hacking in any form. Links to the rules page are posted regularly in chat from the system as well. We try very hard to maintain a true vanilla environment for all of our players here.

    I do wish you the best of luck on your other servers tho
    Appeal denied

  5. 9 months ago
    Tue Feb 22 20:05:53 2022
    Venetorem posted in New Word Association.


  6. Sun Feb 20 09:09:10 2022
    Venetorem posted in Builder Rank!.

    While the majority of spawn builds have been Admins, we have used builds from both mods and helpers, as well as survival players in the past. If you built something, and wpuld like to submit it for a spawn build, let one of us know when we're online, and we'll come and check it out.

  7. Thu Feb 10 03:57:36 2022
    Venetorem posted in Add a dislike button to forums.

    Alright, we're done here

  8. Sun Feb 6 04:23:19 2022
    Venetorem posted in .wild map!.


  9. Sat Feb 5 13:18:14 2022
    Venetorem posted in Applying for helper.

    Its total time, not just on this map

    The tick requirement is largely to make sure you have a good grasp on the rules, as well for us to get a handle on you as a player

  10. 10 months ago
    Sun Jan 16 12:41:40 2022
    Venetorem posted in you know.

    Here we go again... :P

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