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    Sat Jun 9 13:18:40 2018

    Hmmm... This sounds familuar...

    As stated in the multiple other threads made on this topic, staff will male a stickied public thread, as well as change the announcement, on the forums when we have something set in stone. Until we have everything set in stone, our statement will remain the same. Please know we are doing what we can to emsure the best user experience for everyone.

  2. Sat Jun 9 04:18:34 2018
    Venetorem posted in Hi Guys, Long time no see!.

    Stranger danger!

  3. Tue Jun 5 16:50:04 2018

    If, that being the key word here, we do have a map reset, we will make a stickied thread and announcement in advance

  4. Tue Jun 5 16:46:32 2018
    Venetorem posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    That post picks that is

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Wed May 23 02:48:27 2018

    Aww, I always enjoyed out friendly build rivalry and collabs. Best of luck in life Humfry, hopefully, we'll see you back one day

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Thu May 3 18:39:59 2018
    Venetorem posted in Nightly Twitch Streams.

    Piece of advice, when trying to get people to visit somewhere, information like chanel name/link tend to help =P

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Apr 30 18:30:16 2018
    Venetorem posted in Word Association.


  8. Mon Apr 30 02:09:49 2018
    Venetorem posted in Word Association.


  9. Tue Apr 24 18:05:27 2018
    Venetorem posted in NerdNation's First Birthday.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Thank you! I remember the good old days when you were with us... Hope you're doing well where you are now ^-^

    Yeah, the anxiety group is tolerating hin nubbiness =P

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 20 15:16:19 2018
    Venetorem posted in Tables In the Forum.


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