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  1. 1 hour ago
    Thu Apr 25 19:51:31 2019
    Inyashi posted in Tnt duping.

    Uh why? It's still a form of cheating. Let people dupe tnt and then theyll be asking to dupe anything else.

  2. 3 days ago
    Sun Apr 21 23:30:44 2019
    Inyashi posted in 1.14.

    Crafty always waits for a stable version to be released before he updates, we won't be updating to 1.14 immediately.

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 9 03:13:10 2019

    I would exclude all already vip members from the top votes, or make a thread like Nysic had where staff could nominate players.

  4. Tue Apr 9 02:16:12 2019
    Inyashi posted in When will it rain??? .

    @hypehuman Wow, that's really specific. I can't imagine how it works, but I'm curious to understand more. Do you have any details? I couldn't find anything about this on google.

    It's on more questionable forums, you'll have to really look to find an in depth guide

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Apr 3 12:42:24 2019

    Staff's job is to moderate, not babysit. Honestly would be a huge waste of their time to watch someone constantly.

  6. Tue Apr 2 04:08:13 2019
    Inyashi posted in When will it rain??? .

    @deyahruhd What you need to do is set up a contraption where you have minecart tracks aimed directly into a cactus. Then, insert a beacon into a chest minecart placed on a powered rail. You want to go far enough way until the cactus unloads but the minecart doesn't, then activate the powered rail.

    If there are any chunks loaded beyond 10 chunks of that cactus, the minecart will break and drop its beacon, otherwise you will find it sitting right next to the cactus unharmed. The chances of the exploit working is increased significantly if it's raining, by the way.

    ^This, but this will get you in trouble, so I advise against it. Very good explanation for it though. This base finding technique is very unique and hard to find guides for. Use at your own risk.

  7. Fri Mar 29 17:27:06 2019

    @FieryPhoenix64 Yeah, we dont want players who came on once then left forever getting nominated.

    This is why i suggested a poll on nominees, so people could vote who they want to nominate, then host another poll to determine a winner

  8. Fri Mar 29 01:59:33 2019

    Random nominations means that alts could end up getting it, when their main already has VIP. I'd say do a community poll to vote on nominees, and have staff weed out alts and then have another poll to determine the lucky winner. If the whole point is to get defaults VIP, then in my opinion alts should be excluded.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 27 13:28:53 2019

    Why not ask Crafty to do a fund similar to the piggy bank, and have a community poll on who should get VIP?

  10. Mon Mar 25 02:08:01 2019

    @iwarriiori Hey wasn't @MixMasherPvP IP banned?

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