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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Sep 2 05:07:35 2018
    Inyashi posted in Phoenix Rising Application.

    h o t

  2. 2 months ago
    Thu Aug 9 01:29:08 2018
    Inyashi posted in 4 Word Story Thread.

    and it was very....

  3. Sat Jul 28 09:37:55 2018
    Inyashi posted in 2018 Rank Trade Event [ENDED].

    I know you said a $50 but if I name changed one of my shared alts would it be alright to buy just vip for that alt?

  4. Sat Jul 28 08:19:17 2018

    @Retrochewy @inyashi said warrior was 12 years old...

    He is, but he's an older member so he's not held to the same standards as newer members.

  5. Fri Jul 27 23:48:21 2018
    Inyashi posted in crafty crates and loot crates?.

    @CraftyMyner Meat is still through voting, CraftyCrates are delayed one month, you won't get 2 next month but you will get one extra month of receiving a Crate. LootCrates haven't changed.

    Oh i was misinformed then, oh well still works out :D

  6. Fri Jul 27 15:06:48 2018
    Inyashi posted in crafty crates and loot crates?.

    Magic meat is still obtained from voting at 2 meat per vote plus 2 bonus meat if you vote on all links. They are currently working on crafty crates so we wont get one this month but will recieve 2 next month to compensate. I believe loot crates still work the same.

  7. Fri Jul 27 05:44:17 2018
    Inyashi posted in Best .home.

    .home Papallexya

  8. Thu Jul 26 02:23:22 2018
    Inyashi posted in 2018 Rank Trade Event [ENDED].

    @Valgys Would you consider taking Totems of Undying?

  9. Wed Jul 25 11:56:37 2018
    Inyashi posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Haven't posted a cellfie in ages, so here goes

  10. Mon Jul 23 01:45:46 2018
    Inyashi posted in Scamming.

    Scamming outside of spawn trading post is allowed, always has been. If you don't know the person well enough just don't risk it. There's really no way to regulate it outside of spawn so I doubt they have changed the rules regarding it. Crafty should have the trading post up soon, he's just awful busy so give it some time.

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