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  1. 3 days ago
    Tue Dec 11 00:53:55 2018

    Added Mycelium.

  2. 5 days ago
    Sun Dec 9 09:15:32 2018

    Enchanted book prices updated.

  3. last week
    Sun Dec 2 06:31:33 2018

    Polar Bear spawn eggs added.

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 30 02:11:07 2018

    @Th3GreenGamer all of your gunpowder

  5. Sun Nov 25 03:47:14 2018

    Prices on beacons, wither skulls, elytras, shulker shells and boxes, dragon heads and end rods reduced.

  6. Sun Nov 25 02:15:14 2018
    Inyashi posted in RAVEN FACE REVEAL!!!!!.


    This is going to be so great you guys, we're going to have so many laughs it's going to be so fantastic. I'm so excited about doing this we're going to do a face reveal of TheDunmerRaven.

    They're going to be so shocked this is so exciting! It's going to be so great you know, make sure to comment your thoughts on this PRANK and subscribe for further PRANKZ

    Oh my god guys this is so funny! AHAHAHA
    They're going to be so shocked!

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    You and Danny are twins, jokes on you i know what you look like

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 23 08:36:33 2018

    @deyahruhd can i trade my 18 ben shapiro heads for 64 dirt blocks?

    hell yeah brother

  8. Fri Nov 23 01:06:40 2018

    I am, but I am not an owner :^)

  9. Thu Nov 22 23:39:51 2018

    @GrandpaCarl00 swagshop**

    SwagShop™ is owned by @MizoreShirayuki and @PapaNeon, this shop is owned by just PapaNeon and I.

  10. Thu Nov 22 22:47:58 2018
    Inyashi started the conversation Papayashi's Shop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    Also buying or trading any of the below for player heads. NO Steve/Alex skins or CraftyCrate heads. 1 diamond block each standard price.

    Spawn Eggs

    -image- Polar Bear Spawn Egg x4 - 5 diamond blocks each

    -image- Parrot Spawn Egg x2 - 10 diamond blocks each

    -image- Bat Spawn Egg x2 - 2 diamond blocks each

    -image- Chicken Spawn Egg x2 - 7 diamond blocks each


    -image- Mycelium x64 - 4 diamonds a stack

    Nether Goodies

    -image- Beacons - 10 diamond blocks each

    -image- Wither Skeleton Skulls - 3 diamond blocks each, or 3 for 8 diamond blocks

    End Goodies

    -image- Shulker Shell - 2 diamonds each

    -image- Shulker Box - 5 diamonds each

    -image- Dragon Heads - 2 diamonds each

    -image- End Rods x64 - 5 diamonds each stack

    -image- Unenchanted Elytra - 15 diamonds each

    -image- Mending/Unbreaking III Elytra - 3 diamond blocks each

    -image- Enchanted Books -image-

    NO BULK ORDERS, Limit of 5 books per order

    All books are 5 diamonds each.

    •Silk Touch
    •Fire Aspect II
    •Lure III
    •Looting III
    •Loyalty III
    •Unbreaking III
    •Depth Strider III
    •Curse of Vanishing
    •Curse of Binding
    •Feather Falling IV
    •Protection IV
    •Efficiency V
    •Sharpness V

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