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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 6 21:18:09 2019

    It wasn't a mod who did it, none of the mods except mod 3 (who are in creative, not survival players and there's no current mod 3) could do it. It was probably an admin since it was named after a political figure which is against the rules.

  2. Sat Jul 6 01:45:37 2019

    It's usually at the discretion of the staff on at the time. If they think you are being overly disruptive, they'll ask you to stop, and if you don't, then well banned. I don't think there's a set definition unless they've come up with one since I was staff. Basically don't be overly an ass and you're alright.

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 7 04:59:37 2019
    Inyashi posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I'm guessing those with huge auto farms, guardian grinders or other large amounts of mobs cause a bit of the lag since on top of those spawning there's tons in caves unless they went through and lit them all up.

  4. Wed Jun 5 01:34:52 2019
    Inyashi posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    It would still be "vanilla" if we really want to be honest about it. There is absolutely no gameplay or mechanic changes with just installing some antilag. We would still be fully vanilla gameplay, with an antilag. Save the server, get spigot imo. Mojang has already shown patch after patch that they don't give half a shit about vanilla servers, so unfortunately this is what we're left with. I'm 100% for the change and if it's either pray Mojang actually gives a shit or just install an antilag and keep everything else the same, the choice is pretty clear. Everyone knows those dirty interns aren't paid enough.

  5. 2 months ago
    Fri Apr 26 01:21:24 2019
    Inyashi posted in A&C Early market opening !.

    @PapaNeon Ill take a shulker, ill be on in a few hours <3

    i might take two, I have to consult with my financial advisor

    The financial adviser has spoken. We'll take one.

  6. Thu Apr 25 19:51:31 2019
    Inyashi posted in Tnt duping.

    Uh why? It's still a form of cheating. Let people dupe tnt and then theyll be asking to dupe anything else.

  7. Sun Apr 21 23:30:44 2019
    Inyashi posted in 1.14.

    Crafty always waits for a stable version to be released before he updates, we won't be updating to 1.14 immediately.

  8. 3 months ago
    Tue Apr 9 03:13:10 2019

    I would exclude all already vip members from the top votes, or make a thread like Nysic had where staff could nominate players.

  9. Tue Apr 9 02:16:12 2019
    Inyashi posted in When will it rain??? .

    @hypehuman Wow, that's really specific. I can't imagine how it works, but I'm curious to understand more. Do you have any details? I couldn't find anything about this on google.

    It's on more questionable forums, you'll have to really look to find an in depth guide

  10. Wed Apr 3 12:42:24 2019

    Staff's job is to moderate, not babysit. Honestly would be a huge waste of their time to watch someone constantly.

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