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    Wed May 23 04:15:56 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in NN's Departure.

    This is a pretty big decision that we've made. I for one am going to miss many things about this server. I've made so many memories with the community here and it has really sparked something. I've learned a lot about how to be better in the game and making new friends. Craftymynes was the first server I stuck to for over a year and I've seen how great it can be to get to know and be apart of a community. Yet, I also look forward to getting to know new people and the future possibilities on a new server. But I sure won't forget this amazing experience! I will be giving away all my personal items in the forms of riddles to let people go on a quest of my many memories here. I hope that CM will continue to thrive and I wish the best to all of you! And to anyone who has been a friend or given kindness to me here I am truly grateful! LONG LIVE NN!

  2. Tue May 22 22:53:12 2018

    Was a huge surprise when I heard! I hope your future is bright and good luck wherever you go. CM won't be the same without you!

  3. 5 months ago
    Fri May 11 01:55:33 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    That is a lot XD

  4. Sun May 6 17:52:43 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in CraftyMynes Livestream Series!.

    Here's the live stream of NN's Birthday in case you missed it! Here It was a lot of fun and the event went quite well. Looking forward to doing more streams in the future especially since school is nearing the end for Summer!

  5. 6 months ago
    Tue Apr 17 16:08:29 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in NerdNation Update - Official Logo.

    Oh shoot @NerdieBirdieYT they can't possibly know we're the sages of the triforce! O.o

  6. Tue Apr 17 15:37:33 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in NerdNation Update - Official Logo.

    You're right! It really does have that special feel and I absolutely love it. It works great as a discord logo.

  7. Tue Apr 17 02:39:14 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shoutout to @Brentark for the most unlikely meetup ending up for him becoming a moderator on my server

  8. Mon Apr 16 18:07:08 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in Strange video.

    What video is this? XD

  9. Sun Apr 15 05:14:52 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in Griefers League United.

    The secrets *gasp*... The world can't hold them.

  10. Sun Apr 15 05:08:58 2018
    Family_Tuber posted in The Unspoken Rules of CraftyMynes.

    26. Tuber's Law

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