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    Tue Oct 30 11:39:27 2018

    GrandpaCarl has been spending too much lately ^^

  2. Mon Oct 29 19:20:11 2018
    bgmg posted in Word Association.


  3. Sun Oct 28 23:04:15 2018
    bgmg started the conversation bgmg's Ban Appeal.

    IGN : bgmg

    Reason for ban : being places i shouldnt be - banned by PapaNeon

    Why I should be unbanned ? : I am going to write this ban appeal message around honesty. I have a couple ticks on this server, done this done that, been here whatever... I've done a lot of things, built, dug, acheived, created towns, brung people together, basically all that MC has to offer. I come back online to chat with people, help new players out (most of what i do), try and talk around, meet and learn new things fueled by pure curiousity without other interest. Ofc i do get bored, hang around and do some shit with aquila (until he starts afk tick farming again), go to spawn, see if anyone is around and that leads to the unevitatble moment where players get bored. Ive noticed a couple easter eggs through out spawn, some are underwater or in the castle or hidden in some house. Now back to the main point. Was what i did wrong ? Yes it was. Did i have any reason to do it? No i didnt. Did i mean any harm ? No i didnt either. Do i mean what i am typing ? Yes i do. Exploring and finding cool little things is what makes me want to come back online, fueled by the curiosity of other players and all the challenges this server has to offer. Why bring back a shulker to the overworld ? Cause why not ? Build something huge ? Because i can ! Anyways, i didnt mean any harm by this act of purelly joking around. You might also want to say that pearling into trade is purely cheating and yes it is : but ill never do it when something is at stake such as a trade or player items. To conclude, i just wanted to let you know who i was, what my intentions were, and why i didnt mean any offense. I am sorry.

  4. Fri Oct 26 07:06:28 2018
    bgmg posted in A&C Co. has restocked !.

    -_- If you took a paper and a pencil you would realize that a god bow is 25d whereas the door kit is 35... No deal to be done here.

  5. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 23 12:12:39 2018
    bgmg posted in I'm back, but can't play.

    RIP optifine :'(

  6. Tue Oct 23 11:05:27 2018

    Gonna be eating once a day for a month I guess

  7. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Oct 16 09:03:37 2018
    bgmg posted in A&C Co. has restocked !.

    Running low on beacons atm... I might lower conduit prices as they are getting more common

  8. Sun Oct 14 10:37:07 2018
    bgmg started the conversation A&C Co. has restocked !.

    A&C Co. has finaly restocked all of its products ! Best quality enchantments and fully customizable on demand !

    Please note that most products are cheaper when sold in bundles. Individually buying products will result in higher prices.

    >> BLACKSMITH : (1 diamond per 1500 durabilty repair) / FULL REPAIR FREE FOR VIC or +
    [+] God Armor Kit : 75 diamonds

    • Diamond Helmet [Pro IV, Resp III, Aqua Affinity, Unb III, Mending]
    • Diamond Chestplate [Pro IV, Thorns III (optional no additional charge), Unb III, Mending]
    • Diamond Leggings [Pro IV, Unb III, Mending]
    • Diamond Boots [Pro IV, Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV, Unb III, Mending]
    • [Options : Projectile protection IV or Fire Protection IV or Blast Protection IV on one or multiple peices]

    [+] God Tools Kit : 65 diamonds

    • Diamond Sword [Sharp V, Knockback II (optional no additional charge), Fire Aspect II, Looting III, Sweeping Edge III, Unb III, Mending] : 35 diamonds individually
    • Bow [Power V, Punch II, Flame, Unb III, Mending OR Infinity] : 25 diamonds individually
    • Diamond Pick : [Eff V, Unb III, Mending, Fortune III OR Silk Touch] : 20 diamonds individually

    [+] Other Tools (can replace the Pick in the God Tool Kit) :

    • Diamond Shovel : [Eff V, Unb III, Mending, Fortune III OR Silk Touch] : 18 diamonds individually
    • Diamond Axe : [Eff V, Unb III, Mending, Fortune III OR Silk Touch] : 20 diamonds indidually

    [+] Extra :
    - Elytra : [Unb III, Mending] : 36 diamonds

    >> SORCERER :
    [+] 3 standard potions of any kind with one booster (glowstone OR redstone) : 1 diamond (excluding regeneration & turtle)
    [+] 2 splash potions of any kind with one booster (glowstone OR redstone) : 1 diamond (excluding regeneration & turtle)

    >> ENGINEER : (For redstone systems the installation process (optinal) is free with a base non-disclosure agreement signed before the procedure)
    [+] Beacon : 20db
    [+] Conduit : 4db
    [+] 3x3 piston door kit : 35 diamonds
    - contains : 10 observers, 10 sticky piston, 1 piston, 2 droppers, 2 repeaters, 64 redstone
    [+] Piston T Flip-Flop system : 5 diamonds
    - contains : 2 pistons, 1 redstone block, 2 redstone torches, 1 repeater, 2 buttons, 64 redstone

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 6 15:19:42 2018

    Hi i'm trash at building and I've lost my time digging 250k stone... Any ideas for a bucket list of things to do ?

  10. 8 weeks ago
    Thu Sep 27 08:06:02 2018
    bgmg started the conversation bgmg's Ban Appeal.

    IGN : bgmg

    Banned for Spam

    Accidentally triggered the chat filter by laughing at Aquila's bad joke (very bad btw). I'm a bit confused as to why I was kicked right before the ban whilst attempting to tp to a player. Avoiding kicks & ban has proven to be difficult due to the new custom panel requiring to type commands in chat and writing a player's full name thus triggering the filter for some names with repetitive letters or accepting multiple times in a row due to the player moving (cancelling the request). Looked through the rules and didn't find any explanation about how to chat filter works and got my answer by directly asking admins.

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