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  1. 15 hours ago
    Wed May 22 17:59:36 2019
    bgmg posted in optifine preview is out.

    how to get hyped & unhyped in the same 5 minutes

  2. 19 hours ago
    Wed May 22 14:39:48 2019
    bgmg posted in [Don's Disco Store].

    I'll purchase the entire collection please :D

  3. yesterday
    Tue May 21 11:08:13 2019
    bgmg started the conversation Loom block features - totally unnecessary?.

    Looking for Enchanted golden apple or "Thing Pattern" for the loom block. I'd also like to have your opinions on this new feature : totally unnecessary or a good addition that totally doesn't make banner crafting more complex?

  4. last week
    Tue May 14 17:27:05 2019
    bgmg posted in 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    @iwarriiori Peaceful mode is sounding pretty good right about now.

    I think we should do keepInventory and turn PvP off too

  5. Tue May 14 17:26:05 2019

    I'll try and get god crossies on the line for tmrw

  6. Tue May 14 10:17:28 2019
    bgmg posted in 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    This morning only 4 players were online and entities were fine. As more players started getting online entities almost doubled. Maybe it's linked to mobs per player?

  7. Tue May 14 10:16:10 2019

    Lowered prices ! All products are available again.

  8. Sun May 12 00:51:33 2019
    bgmg posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Happiest man on earth after exiting the race track. I don't have many pics of me here's one


  9. 2 weeks ago
    Sat May 4 11:26:17 2019

    Exclusive early market item ! Beacon for sale (see top post)

  10. Fri May 3 22:23:47 2019

    Take into account that any player at spawn will have a gray name. It does not cancel your rank in any way, it simply indicates that you are in spawn & thus in adventure mode.

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