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    Mon Dec 31 09:49:19 2018
    bgmg posted in New Year Disco Special.

    Lovely place Tez !

    If the New Year message becomes too spammy can't you summon it using @a[r=100] ?

  2. Fri Dec 28 00:04:45 2018
    bgmg started the conversation How did we get here ?.

    After many months of battling MC's bugs and terrible odds, I have finally succeeded in assembling the challenge room thus getting a shulker, an elder guardian, a wither skeleton, and a dolphin in the same room.

    Many thanks to those who helped me and those who contributed !

    Here is a showcase of the final build and after that, some pics about the adventure that bringing those creatures together was !

    Functional machine - [will update interior soon]

    Pics about the adventure of getting the shulker out:

    Failed attempt #3 :
    Out of the end - one hell of a challenge extracting it from spawn :
    Daily voyage for around a month in the overworld :

    Pics about getting the elder back (different machine design)

    Thank you again to all those who helped !

    Special thanks to @Eberk for the guardian's blessings

  3. Wed Dec 26 16:05:43 2018
    bgmg posted in Mob heads.

    Anyway to get Channeling to work without re-enabling Thunderstorms? @CraftyMyner

  4. Wed Dec 26 14:00:49 2018


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    Sat Dec 22 10:53:43 2018
    bgmg started the conversation Buying MVP.

    Hello and Merry Xmas !

    As many of you may have noticed xmas sales have come up (25% OFF) and I'd like to pick up MVP. I know that some of you sometimes sell MVP for in game items and I wanted to see if anyone was offering such a deal. I can trade any item from simple diamond blocks to tridents, beacons, shulkers, etc... Feel free to message me on Discord or on this thread if any of you can help me out.

    Thank you in advance and happy holidays :D

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 11 21:41:40 2018

    Very nice

  7. Tue Dec 11 21:39:55 2018
    bgmg posted in The big squeeze!.

    Pls send halp... Our food supplies are low & Eisa is starting to go insane

  8. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 30 00:03:39 2018
    bgmg started the conversation bgmg's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name : bgmg

    Reason for ban : Sexual Reference (banned by JaceNeedsCoffee)

    Why I should be unbanned : I do understand that sexual references are not a proper way to chat. I do also understand that I have broken the rules and that the context did not matter. While it is not my type to use such words in public chat I went a tad bit too far this time. I shall not do such again using sexual references.

  9. Thu Nov 29 21:00:53 2018
    bgmg posted in Take It To The Forums!.


  10. 2 months ago
    Tue Oct 30 11:39:27 2018

    GrandpaCarl has been spending too much lately ^^

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