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    Thu Oct 17 06:58:52 2019
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    Sat Oct 12 04:59:00 2019
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    of Zelda

  3. Fri Oct 11 03:29:06 2019
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    @edward766 MrFishMask, this is going to Flop dramatically, you're going to be given garbage coords if you get something at all. 15DB is also a rather lowball offer for ALL the locations, anyone agreeing to this is just trolling.

    I second this. I remember when this used to be the price of one full god set on the server.

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    Mon Oct 7 02:14:16 2019
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  5. Thu Oct 3 07:24:03 2019
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    Time to go...
    Dumpster diving

  6. Wed Oct 2 22:51:36 2019
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    Pizza doughnut (Google it)

  7. Wed Oct 2 01:12:48 2019
    01011000 started the conversation I'm back (The3xpertGamer) (again).

    Hello! I started playing on this server four years ago and want to get back in the community.
    I haven't had much time to get on here until now. I started my freshman year of high school about a month ago, and I'm getting the easiest workload that I've ever had.
    This has given me a lot of free time, so I want to get back on here.
    I first joined this server four years ago, and back then I was homeschooled. The only good memories that I have from that time were when I was playing here.

    I'm open to join a faction. If anyone wants an extra hand, then I'm here.

  8. Wed Oct 2 00:26:45 2019
    01011000 posted in Please help!!!.

    @ThePhoenix Who are you?

    *licks you* Hmm, I taste some salt.

  9. Tue Oct 1 23:34:49 2019
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  10. Tue Oct 1 23:24:55 2019

    Keep in mind that there's a limit to the number of blocks that pistons can push. I think that it's something like 10? It would likely take a flying machine with dispensers that have lava and water buckets timed perfectly to have the bridge-making machine work infinitely.

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