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    Wed Jul 17 05:22:42 2019
    01011000 posted in Word Association.


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    Fri Jul 12 00:15:47 2019
    01011000 posted in Vote Crates.

    @Aeristacho Well then that's good to know and hear. Ive got the same crate 4 times then. What are the odds of that ...

    1/6561 chance get rekt

  3. Thu Jul 11 09:27:37 2019
    01011000 posted in Word Association.

    weeb shit

  4. Wed Jul 10 03:11:48 2019
    01011000 started the conversation I'm back (The3xpertGamer).

    This is my alt, I took a long break from the server because of irl stuff, but I'm back for the summer.

  5. last year
    Wed Nov 22 19:06:12 2017
    01011000 posted in upgrade to trading post.

    Maybe what could be done is to have multiple slots for each item that you want to trade, and only put one stack of items in each slot at a time. And then, maybe have command blocks testing to see how many items are in each stack. It would take a lot of command blocks for each amount, but at the same time it would only take 64. And then for the type of item, the player could find that out on their own.

  6. Wed Nov 22 03:44:26 2017
    01011000 posted in Buying a sheep spawn egg.

    @TimeKing297 @TomTom900 you have to get a admin to do that survival people can not put spawn eggs in spawners

    They can, but the environment has to be just right for the egg to spawn anything or else it will revert back to its original state. And sometimes it just doesn't work.

  7. Tue Nov 21 01:05:32 2017
    01011000 posted in Stolen Base!.

    @SHOW_ME_7 no i'm talking about another base someone stole form me

    the last response was about a month ago

  8. Sat Nov 18 21:42:52 2017
    01011000 posted in Team Eye Mercenary Services.

    @SharpSerac Team Eye also guarantees that any and all loot recovered from hired raids shall be turned over to the one who hired us for that task (your initial payment will ensure we are well compensated).

    @MIMSoM So,. maybe we should hire half of the team,. to hunt down and kill the other half,. and vice verse. Just think the "spoils" would cover it. No?

    You got it backwards XD

  9. Thu Nov 16 06:05:46 2017
    01011000 posted in Team Eye Application (Official).

    @Wylieguy be careful not to mention other servers

  10. Tue Nov 14 01:43:10 2017
    01011000 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    @SharpSerac prot 4 god armor works better imo, why waste your time trying to get anything else?

    I agree with this. If you have that armor, your are most likely not going to die by the environment. Also, traps for when you log will not do very much damage because your armor will take away most of the damage. Just don't use it when making an enderman grinder as I have learned.

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