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    Sun Apr 8 22:42:53 2018

    I wouldn't have "negative" and "iq" lowercase. =P

    (Fuel to the fire!)

  2. Sun Apr 8 22:39:41 2018
    Wylieguy posted in Server Stagnation.

    I wouldn't say "derailed." It is a topic he mentions as a point to consider.

  3. Sun Apr 8 17:43:11 2018

    Guess this means we were successful, huh? TOC for the win!

  4. Sun Apr 8 17:36:30 2018
    Wylieguy posted in Server Stagnation.

    I'm in favor of a restart. Most players, (who are serious players) have already established everything they deem essential. A restart would inspire new competition, new cooperations, and a new sense of 'work to be done'. Who's going to get to the Dragon Egg first? Who's going to bump into whom while trying to get away from the carnage that is the first 10k blocks? Who's going to discover the valuable biomes first? While no official CM member is asking my opinion, I'm all for the restart.

  5. Fri Mar 30 03:38:41 2018
    Wylieguy posted in NEW FACTION.

    Ah, forgive my lateness @GrinningBobcat , I've had work to do! I'd love to chat sometime.

  6. Fri Mar 30 03:37:23 2018
    Wylieguy started the conversation Wylieguy Ban appeal.

    So I believe I got banned for spam? All I said was carrrrrrrrrroooooolllll. It was a reference to the viral youtube video. Everyone else was doing it, and I got the repercussion. Perhaps it was a redundant retort? Anyway, please state the reason I was IP banned, and also let me back in.

    Much Appreciated
    (P.S. I've always been a consistent voter!)

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    Mon Nov 27 04:47:39 2017
    Wylieguy posted in Net Neutrality.

    The Net Neutrality abolition is a scary thing. In my perhaps learned opinion, it is the seeds for a dystopian future. And I do not say that lightly. Service providers limitting the information you see is one of the first steps to a tyrannical corruption. Contact your senators. There are ways to fight it.

  8. Fri Nov 24 20:38:04 2017
    Wylieguy posted in NEW FACTION.

    Wow, that puts a sense of responsibility, thanks @MisterChris717

  9. Fri Nov 24 17:04:21 2017
    Wylieguy posted in NEW FACTION.

    That is profound @MisterChris717 Will do.

  10. Fri Nov 24 09:11:00 2017
    Wylieguy posted in Join a faction?.


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