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    Mon Oct 16 20:34:09 2017
    Valgys posted in Dome in the end.

    Nice. Would be cool to see floating planet-spheres in the End on CM like this.

  2. Mon Oct 16 16:50:40 2017
    Valgys posted in what is a diamond worth??.

    @humfrydog I've helped newbies and not so newbies by paying them a flat rate for their time in 30 or 60 minute increments. And then converting that to whatever resource they are looking for from me. I have expectations of certain amounts collected, but it's largely off the honor system from both of us.

  3. Mon Oct 16 16:43:50 2017
    Valgys posted in what is a diamond worth??.

    I would love to give this topic more attention than I have right now to talk about it, but here's a summary of my thoughts:

    Valuation of the diamond is impacted on several nonlinear factors I can think of: immediate availability, rate of replenishment, and usefulness (lets call it the ARU score).

    Skimming over each of the factors:

    Immediate availability of diamonds is a number that will steadily increase for the life of the server map (making the assumption that we'd never mine all the diamonds while still stockpiling and using the mend enchant). So that slowly decreases the value of the diamond.

    Rate of replenishment is more complicated, where you have to take into account an average player's effort to get a diamond (diamonds per hour). And worse, this has the most weight in determining the diamond value. This factor plays heaviest into the idea of "supply and demand." In general, the rate of replenishment for the diamond is incredibly low compared to most other ores since all others can also be obtained through smelting, use of iron/gold farms, villager trades, etc.

    Lastly, is use. Depending on your playstyle, Iron or emeralds have the highest usability values, meaning you're able to do/get more things out of them. Diamonds are more of a "secondary" use, as you want better tools and gear to get/do more things.

    I'm not going to pretend that I understand all the relationships that play into the value of the diamond, but I do know there are a ton of things that have to play into it, and those factors change by the hour. Here's my observations:

    1. The supply of diamonds is ever increasing due to its low use value
    2. Despite the increase in supply, it is severely outpaced by iron and emeralds due to villager trades and iron farms
    3. Gold has the lowest ARU score, and would have been a great alternative to the diamond if it weren't for the fact you can smelt and use gold farms to quickly inflate the supply overnight.

    Based off what I understand, here's some of my informal price list:

    1:37 diamond to iron, driven by irons high rate of replenishment (my personal exchange rate is more like 1:8 because I basically breathe iron for life).
    1:18 diamond to gold, driven by golds low use & immediate availability
    1:85 diamond to emerald, driven by villager trades

    ... and then these values are altered further by the supply and demand of resources when you're actually interested in the trade.

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    Sun Oct 15 01:39:41 2017
    Valgys posted in The King always wins....

    He bought it. Its sale was discussed between a couple factions earlier today from what I understand.

  5. Sat Oct 14 22:24:59 2017

    All the cool stuff in the game happens when I'm out of town. Congrats Tuyuie

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    Sat Oct 7 02:48:02 2017

    "Emergency Rations"

    Jk lol how about Snooks or Rika

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    Tue Sep 26 15:31:24 2017
    Valgys posted in Remove Item Clear.

    To expand on one of the points raised - to comprehend the item clear warning, you have to have chat always running and you have to be able to read English. That may pigeon-hole the server into a more narrow scope of returning players.

    Not everyone can read English or read it well. Also I know some younger kids (<10 yrs old) can't play on the server because they aren't allowed to have chat open - rules from the parents. I've told these families that item clear makes it more necessary to read chat to catch the reminder, especially if you are engaged in some task at the wrong time.

    It's going to be a trade-off of pros and cons. Reduction of lag versus the discussion going on here. I don't like lag, but if an item clear is a known small positive, SharpSerac may have a point to the impact on players being a bigger deal.

    A possible compromise: have the item clear only specific things like common minable blocks, and leave the other stuff alone.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 23 01:53:51 2017

    @iclutchHD I handed out a taco banner to everybody who was online the other day, i can give you one whenever i see you on if you like

    Assuming this is your banner or coat of arms, I am definitely interested. I have infrequent play times right now but will hit you up when we're both on. :D

  9. Wed Sep 20 14:29:20 2017

    ...and if that's going to be your banner/coat-of-arms I'd love to have it too :)

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