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  1. last week
    Sun Sep 9 22:13:51 2018

    Sorry you missed it Humdiggity but I’ll shoot you a PM later.

  2. Sun Sep 9 22:12:40 2018

    link text

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Aug 16 01:39:57 2018
    Valgys posted in o o f.

    I remember you. WB!

  4. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 3 23:25:25 2018

    thanks everyone! Tons more ranks from this and I have a ton of stuff now I now need to figure out what to do with!

    Parting thoughts to future Valgys when he reads this:
    Trades roughly 3 weeks after reset

    • Extremely high shulker trades, probably can bump up prices by 1.25-1.5x.
    • Low iron trades, probably the one thing I really needed, lower values if trade happens right after reset again
    • extend VIP discounts to white names to VIP+ upgrades ref. bgmg convo
    • surprisingly high gold blocks trades. Look into adjusting prices higher
    • almost no diamond block trades. Look into adjusting lower to encourage trades.
    • no beacons. Need more incentives/discounts
    • no elytras. Need more incentives/discounts
    • high slime trades, but seems acceptable to rates
  5. Fri Aug 3 19:49:19 2018

    did all the trades I had queued up and I'm taking off to do some business IRL. I may get back on to see if there's any new trades but looks like it's winding down. I'll update the thread title to indicate I'm no long accepting trades for rank later today.

  6. Thu Aug 2 17:03:11 2018

    Update: given so many 1/4 bills in queue, it makes sense to remove the previously stated cap of 10.

  7. Thu Aug 2 17:01:20 2018

    Update: bgmg brought to my attention that, given the prices stated, a white name could purchase VIP+ by buying VIP then a rank upgrade and get around the fact that I didn’t provide bulk discount rates for gold blocks and elytras.

    As such I’ll honor gold and elytra trades from white names to VIP+. 20 elytras or 54 gold blocks would be the price to get from white name to VIP+

  8. Thu Aug 2 15:41:58 2018

    @Mayorga Is it possible to pay now for an alt I'm gonna be using in about a week or so? Because I have an alt that doesn't have VIP, and I'm also gonna be changing its name, until that time comes is it possible to pay now (well when we are both in game) ?

    Hmm, I'm afraid not, I don't really want to be doing any more payments past tomorrow. My apologies.

  9. Thu Aug 2 04:11:38 2018

    @sirchristopher10 i got 352 gunpowder can i reserve a trade :D

    sure thing, I'll look out for you next time I'm on!

  10. 7 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 28 14:28:38 2018

    You certainly are welcome to trade. I suppose it’s more appropriate to say $50 per character, as I’m fine if someone is purchasing for multiple accounts. I just don’t want to be trading like $200 worth of rank to a single account.

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