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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu May 24 15:54:52 2018

    I can’t fault you for doing it. Be well Humdiggity.

  2. 4 months ago
    Tue Feb 13 19:35:39 2018

    @MaggiAusDaKann mineseyecraft

    Really?? Oh that’s wonderful. So what I’m hearing is the 1 of 3 players in the VIP+ Discord chat is leaving then. That... hurts a little more to hear T_T

  3. Tue Feb 13 19:32:18 2018

    @_Haxington_ Well if they legitimately weren't hacking, then in those cases they should make an appeal.

    I don’t think it would have any significant value added to say “only appeal if you’re innocent” other than sounding plain silly. If anything I’d think it would change the appeals to have everyone simply deny they were hacking, making an admin’s job that much harder by evaluating every single appeal. At least when a hacker admits to hacking, an admin gets an easy button for that appeal.

  4. Tue Feb 13 19:27:33 2018

    Just curious, TimeKing297 isn’t the only name you’ve gone by on CM, is it? You name strikes me as being associated with another playername for some reason. In any case, it’s always sad to hear of a player’s retirement on CM.

  5. Sun Feb 4 16:34:19 2018
    Valgys posted in Contest for my base.

    Nice work with the villagers. They always give me the biggest trouble breeding and moving around.

  6. 5 months ago
    Sat Dec 23 22:52:08 2017
    Valgys posted in Server down?.

    @BaronBattleBread Some idiot managed to kill everyone and everything and now its being fixed.

    Sorry @BaronBattleBread . I could not resist. (Side note: A mobile device may not run the vid, you’ll need a device that can run mp4s to see it, like a computer).

  7. Thu Dec 21 03:26:36 2017

    @R4iscool1 -image-

    Seriously Lmao. Where are you guys getting this stuff? I love the anime reference I just finished this one.

  8. 6 months ago
    Sun Dec 17 17:39:44 2017

    Criteria for an approval rating? Ie, Builders? Advances CM content at a higher level? Traders? Or just plain ol murderers and pillagers? Cause I can fit a different faction to each of those stats lol. Just not sure about what it means to “approve of a faction’s existence”

  9. Fri Dec 15 05:40:05 2017
    Valgys posted in Net Neutrality.

    The fact that these were net neutrality regulations meant they were doomed to die at the sway of the American political winds. For this to have any true staying power, it would need to be captured as a law, or better yet, a Supreme Court decision. It was inevitable, and truthfully, a necessary step in creating awareness a more permanent decision is necessary.

    This move means legislators are up next to show whether they listen to their constituents or not. It's going to get pretty interesting to say the least. In the meantime, the ISPs are likely just playing a game of chicken to see which ISP is going to go greedy and take the brunt of public ire. It's the same game the airlines played when it came to tacking on extra fees and removing meals.

    But one thing is for certain is that this more than ever proves the US is a true oligarchy, given the amount of public resistance there was to this that was ignored over the few companies set to solely profit from this.

  10. Sat Dec 9 00:50:55 2017

    That was quick! Okay I’ll be on the lookout for you then, thanks.

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