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  1. 6 months ago
    Wed May 23 06:39:34 2018

    Who doesn’t love a little renovation?

  2. Wed May 23 06:20:34 2018
    Heat_of_the_cold posted in Freedom.

    Soylent is basically ambrosia. For demons who have mental health issues

  3. Wed May 23 06:18:34 2018
    Heat_of_the_cold posted in A Modest Proposal.

    That’d be a nice crater

  4. Wed May 23 06:15:03 2018
    Heat_of_the_cold posted in End is near?.

    Server nuke is necessary first

  5. Wed May 23 05:58:45 2018
    Heat_of_the_cold started the conversation End is near?.

    Welcome to the apocalypse folks!

  6. 7 months ago
    Tue Apr 17 20:45:25 2018
    Heat_of_the_cold posted in iwarriiori's renovation services.

    c'mon thats old news mates

  7. 8 months ago
    Fri Mar 30 21:20:57 2018

    I'm buying:
    God sword (no KB)
    God pick (fortune)

  8. Thu Mar 22 20:51:30 2018

    k this is getting annoying. Can i have a frequent shopper card :P D:
    I'm buying:
    Full God Armor
    God Sword (no KB)
    *I will leave the diamonds for the order with CookieTheFloof so contact her for the pick up

  9. Mon Mar 19 23:19:59 2018

    I'm buying:
    Full God Armor
    God Sword (no KB)
    God bow (mending)
    God Pickaxe (Fortune 3)

    Good lordie have to buy all this for someone else :/

  10. 9 months ago
    Thu Mar 15 01:34:00 2018

    I'm buying:
    Full God Armor
    God Sword (no KB)
    God bow

    yes again
    (f the wither)

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