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    Sat Aug 18 17:39:23 2018
    Cileklim posted in o o f.

    Welcome back

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    Sun Aug 12 00:34:49 2018
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    Tue Aug 7 08:09:27 2018

    My wife is Czech and I’m her mate so it really stuck with me.


  4. Thu Aug 2 17:43:31 2018

    @javonjw Thats cool but it almost feel like we going back in time before everthing was done in game now we have to open a browser just to be private with the tp system i know its not crafty and its more on mojang . Also i don't know how hard or easy it is to have it to where its all in game so i am confused on the whole process and why does tp request have to show in chat to everyone anyways

    This. The new system that we use is sadly a huge downgrade from the book system. I'm aware of the fact that its not possible to use the old system in 1.13 but having to open a browser just to not spam the chat with commands is simply unpractical.

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 28 18:09:39 2018

    @Stone__Warrior How much does a skeleton weigh?

    A skeleton!

    The winner

  6. Sat Jul 28 10:02:43 2018
    Cileklim posted in It’s been fun.


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    Cileklim posted in So I got a trident.

    richkid got richer

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    Tue Jul 24 12:44:46 2018
    Cileklim posted in Best .home.


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    Cileklim posted in Word Association.


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