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    Wed Apr 24 15:33:35 2019
    banaanzxcvbnm started the conversation banaanzxcvbnm's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: banaanzxcvbnm

    Reason for your ban: Slow Fall

    Why should I be unbanned:

    About two (?) years ago I was helping making a giant base, but all the dropped blocks made my rather bad laptop lag. That caused me to lag out and without being able to control it fall off the edge and die, this happend more than I like to admit. This made me get a slow fall mod so i would not keep dying every time.
    Obviously this has not been my best decision and I admit that, and i should have coped with it instead.

    Now since I've definitely learned from my mistake by losing all the other gear i worked on. I won't do this again, besides I don't have any need for it anymore.

    So I would be quit pleased if together with the server reset, I could get a new chance and get pardoned.

    Looking forward to your reply,

  2. last year
    Wed Jan 24 16:13:55 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in how!!?!!?!?!?.

    @NerdieBirdieYT I'm extremely confused what this thread is about ^^' Is it just shock over a cool texture pack?

    yea it is XD

  3. Sun Jan 21 17:31:37 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Build designs .

    @RockinRicky2 what if it is in creative mode and I take screenshot?

    @RockinRicky2 @sknup
    you can upload the world file to mediafire or mega or what ever

  4. Sun Jan 21 15:49:01 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @RockinRicky2 i am online if its suits you

  5. Sun Jan 21 10:22:36 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    @RockinRicky2 it will cost another db
    And yes it has pros 4 and all the other god enchants

    alrigth 31DB's

  6. Sun Jan 21 09:33:30 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Does dis count as xray?.

    @Cileklim highlight ores just by using optifine

    dpnt think you can

  7. Sun Jan 21 09:00:47 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    My order will be:
    1 god sword-----------------------7DB
    1 god fishing rod----------------1DB
    1 god pickaxe (silk_touch)---3DB
    1 god pickaxe (Fortune)------3DB
    1 god axe (silk_touch)---------4DB
    1 god set----------------------------9DB
    1 god shovel (silk_touch)-----3DB


    I am assuming the god set has thorns and normal Protection_IV
    I am not sure when but within the next 12 hours i will be online.

  8. Sun Jan 21 08:50:36 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Ricky's essential shopping plaza.

    TimeKing297 Dec 8


  9. Wed Jan 17 15:13:48 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Green's Sword in the Stone Challenge..

    @MagicalMapmaker Well, that was fast...

    well yea ofc he has an elytra

  10. Tue Jan 16 20:55:36 2018
    banaanzxcvbnm posted in Word Association.

    (bc this is like stimulating your creative mind?)


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