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    Sat Apr 6 04:41:27 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation A sad story that had a sad ending..

    This is a story about a team that rose not long ago...
    A team of friends that was tore apart by a coward who bed bombed me, And who I took revenge on by TP trapping him leading to the destruction of his own base.
    This is a story about ... DeSquad

    This story just ended




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    Sun Mar 31 11:11:50 2019


  3. Sun Mar 31 06:40:35 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Cinematic Video of Operation Boathouse.

    Check out my new and very first cinematic video of my base, in which my team and worked hard to come to a finish result! Hope you enjoy and of course, like and leave a comment!

  4. 3 weeks ago
    Fri Mar 29 04:35:14 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Community VIP Gifting System Idea.

    I say the nominees should be people who are on quite often and interact with the server. But definitely have a poll of who would get it. I say people who are on quite often cause u don't wanna waste VIP on someone who is gonna leave the server or not play.

  5. Mon Mar 25 04:47:57 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in 3D Enchanted books.

    I want mending

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 7 07:39:41 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in The end's my land ender shop.

    let me get those god picks I want both of them

  7. 3 months ago
    Sun Jan 13 06:02:26 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Apology to CraftyMynes .

    I want to apologize to anyone who found offense in my joke. Im really the only one affected by the poor choice I made but I felt it was neccesary to take responsibility for my immature actions. Thank you for being patience and being kind to me. I will make changes and work towards being a more mature and responsible player. I will still work to help others find their place in this server and help others if possible.

  8. Sat Jan 12 08:11:51 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation BlueAce's Staff application .

    In Game Name: BlueAce56
    Age: 17
    Time Zone: Pacific Time

    Strengths: I am good at coordinating and solving situations. I am very friendly and love to help others or assist them if I can. I believe I'm a solid builder and creative with my builds. Im a great leader and love to add new people to my group and even invite them to my base if I come to trust them. I do my best to get along with everyone of any age group, race, and gender. Im honest and if I do something wrong I won't lie about but instead tell the truth. I also like to have fun with others and I can be funny at times.

    Weaknesses: I trust people a bit too much but still do to be kind. I often message others for supplies, help, answers, or simply random topics just to talk.

    Why are you applying: Im applying because I want to help others in any of their problems. I want to be a part of this server and make my contribution. I wish to add to all the great perks this server and its players have. I want to help new players learn this server and what fun it can be. I frown when someone joins and 10 minutes later leave and never come back. I already help people in any way but in all honesty when some people see a name that says helper they feel they are talking to someone who can actually help.

    Time played on CraftyMynes: So far on the new restarted server I have over 2 million already but when I previously played a year or two ago I believe I had close to 10 million ticks.

    Custom Note: I love to make really huge projects and have people help and being a part of the end result. I love to be a part of this amazing community and its people. Thank you for your time and patience to review my application. Has anyone ever thought what an autistic turtle would do, I mean does it just bang its head against the glass, what does it do?

  9. Fri Jan 11 04:17:04 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Server problems.

    The server has skipped one restart that I'm aware and the server has been very laggy. The server has been laggy since yesterday and dropped items won't despawn and could be cause for lag.

  10. 3 years ago
    Sat Feb 27 21:45:47 2016
    BlueAce56 started the conversation BlueAce's ban appeal.

    In Game Name: BlueAce56

    Reason For Ban: For Using Racial slur.

    Reason for unban: I didnt mean to offend anybody and never have i ever used racil slur on this server or any server at that and im black so if anything it would be offensive to me

    P.S The last ban appeal i meant to say (i never have used racial slur) not (i have used racial slur)

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