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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Oct 31 05:43:17 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Sponges needed.

    Hey guys just wanted to say that if anyone has any sponges they wish to sell please message me and I will pay a decent price for any amount of sponges. Thanks!

  2. Thu Oct 24 05:15:00 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Selling Wither Skulls/ Beacons.

    ill buy some

  3. 3 months ago
    Fri Oct 18 00:02:43 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation BlueAce's Staff Application.

    BlueAce's Staff Application

    In Game Name

    18 years old

    Time Zone

    My Strengths
    I enjoy helping people out as much as I can and often give supplies to those who are in need. Im fairly slow to anger and know how to respond to many different situations appropriately. I have been on this server for a very long time and I am familiar with most players on this server. I am a great leader a contributor to any task or goal at hand.

    My Weaknesses
    Once a player has has proved me not to trust them, I no longer expect honesty out of them. I tend to talk a lot whether its a good or bad thing depending on how a player reads it. I like to give out free stuff and sell items really cheap which is bad for the in game economy.

    Why am I Applying?
    I have the maturity and mindset to be a good role model for this server and a great team player. I offer a lot to this server and I don't intend on holding out on anything I can contribute with. I have been on this server for a great deal of time and wish to take a step up to show not only the Admins, but the players that I have what it takes to be an adequate staff member.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): Currently I have 7 million ticks on soles this map but have over 40 million combined ticks.

    To anyone who may have a set perspective of me, I do not wish to change your thoughts about me but to show that any player is capable of change and growth in any area. I will continue to show consistency and persistence as I won't quit on this server. Even if the Admins and players give up on me. I will no longer show my growth and change by my words but rather by my actions. I appreciate your time reading this and I look forward to more fun!!!


    *Some fake signature*

  4. Sat Sep 21 08:16:48 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation LEGENDARY GOD Sets.

    I am in inventory for LEGENDARY GOD sets with all four ports on each piece
    One set is cheaper than the rest due to missing one enchantment
    Every single piece has all four protections
    starting at a stack of diamond blocks
    Message me if interested

  5. 6 months ago
    Mon Jul 15 19:22:45 2019

    oh dang so you got lucky in many more ways than I thought lol

  6. Sun Jul 14 22:39:26 2019

    was it the totem that saved you?

  7. Sun Jul 14 04:54:25 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Base Pics !!.

    This is one of my favorite houses to build now and the inside is even better!





    Hope Y'all Enjoyed!

  8. Sat Jun 22 04:05:31 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Happy B day OtakuinAlaska.

    Happy Birthday! @otakuinalaska

  9. 7 months ago
    Tue Jun 18 04:53:25 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    Dang that's a lot of Bans. People must know the CM is in a bad state and so they decide to take advantage. Well, hopefully we all find a solution to this big mess.

  10. Mon Jun 17 03:29:15 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation BlueAce56's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: BlueAce56

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: Pacific

    Strengths: Im good at helping others and often find joy in doing so. I talk to others on a basis to bring everyone together as a community and love making new friends. I believe I'm a good leader and a mature role model for the new people who join. I know the rules very well so I know what not to do and what is not accepted.

    Weaknesses: I can be impatient from time to time and hard headed. I sometimes talk too much mainly due to the fact that I'm bored with what I'm doing.

    Why you are Applying: I have been with this server for quite some time now and I enjoy being a part of this community, even though lots of people have left due to lag. I would like to be a part of staff, not for power or privileges, but so I can be a helping hand to those who need it. I am familiar with most people in my timezone and I love to talk to them all. I would like to have my name stand out so new people who join would know where to find help when needed. I would enjoy having the chance to strengthen my connection with this community and as always, I look forward to meeting and helping new people.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes: I joined this server in 2014 but on the last map I had 27 million ticks. Currently on this new map I have 3 million.

    Custom Note: I have always played on this server and honestly I couldn't find any other servers quite like this one. It's sad that lots of good people have left due to lag but I will still be here to help and move through the hardships this server will take. I appreciate all staff and players and what they do to contribute to this server. This server wouldn't be CraftyMynes without the Staff and players. Oh and of course, none of us would be here without CraftyMyner. Thank You Everyone and thank you for reviewing my Application and I look forward to seeing you next time!


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