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    Tue Jun 18 04:53:25 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    Dang that's a lot of Bans. People must know the CM is in a bad state and so they decide to take advantage. Well, hopefully we all find a solution to this big mess.

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    Mon Jun 17 03:29:15 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation BlueAce56's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: BlueAce56

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: Pacific

    Strengths: Im good at helping others and often find joy in doing so. I talk to others on a basis to bring everyone together as a community and love making new friends. I believe I'm a good leader and a mature role model for the new people who join. I know the rules very well so I know what not to do and what is not accepted.

    Weaknesses: I can be impatient from time to time and hard headed. I sometimes talk too much mainly due to the fact that I'm bored with what I'm doing.

    Why you are Applying: I have been with this server for quite some time now and I enjoy being a part of this community, even though lots of people have left due to lag. I would like to be a part of staff, not for power or privileges, but so I can be a helping hand to those who need it. I am familiar with most people in my timezone and I love to talk to them all. I would like to have my name stand out so new people who join would know where to find help when needed. I would enjoy having the chance to strengthen my connection with this community and as always, I look forward to meeting and helping new people.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes: I joined this server in 2014 but on the last map I had 27 million ticks. Currently on this new map I have 3 million.

    Custom Note: I have always played on this server and honestly I couldn't find any other servers quite like this one. It's sad that lots of good people have left due to lag but I will still be here to help and move through the hardships this server will take. I appreciate all staff and players and what they do to contribute to this server. This server wouldn't be CraftyMynes without the Staff and players. Oh and of course, none of us would be here without CraftyMyner. Thank You Everyone and thank you for reviewing my Application and I look forward to seeing you next time!


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    Fri May 31 23:39:07 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    Lets be honest, the chances of Mojang fixing the lag problem is like finding a skeleton with full diamond armor at night, and I've only ever seen one in my years of playing Minecraft. So with that said, this conversation will continue to come up unless the whole community and Crafty decide to change the server. And even then, someone will find a new problem to talk about. Yes this lag is so bad that many active and great players are leaving and considering not coming back, not I of course. This is a really nice community and I would hate to see everyone leave because of something that the server, nor the owner is not responsible for. There really is no solid answer for us to do besides play the lag infected game, or leave....

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    Mon May 6 07:16:01 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Ace5-Engineers Stock.

    So currently I am in stock on limited items:

    • Shulkers for 1 Diamond Block
    • Elytras for 3 Diamond Blocks (Unechanted)
    • Totems of Undying for 2 Diamonds Blocks/2 stacks of iron/1 stack of gold/One shucker full of any type wood besides birch and jungle
  5. Fri May 3 06:09:51 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Totems of Undying!.

    Ace-5 is up with some totems for sale and in the near future GOD armor is on its way!

    • Currently in stock of 19 totems of undying
    • Each totem will be starting at 18 diamonds but buy more than one at a time and the price shall drop
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    Tue Apr 30 05:02:24 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    oh boi

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    Tue Apr 23 15:58:18 2019
    BlueAce56 posted in Some Honorable Mentions.

    Hmm interesting

  8. Tue Apr 23 05:28:10 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation Some Honorable Mentions.

    Here are some of the stuff Ace5 had accomplished, and the unfinished projects!






    Hope you enjoyed!!
    Thank you crafty, for this map was great, but short lived sadly.
    This server is filled will lots of amazing and diverse people and I'm glad to be a part of something so incredible!
    I have seen some crazy builds and great builders with all different types of taste in design.
    I am looking forward to seeing new people and old, and be able to help those who need it!
    But all in all, The next map will come with bigger and better projects, and lots more fun to have!
    Hope to see you all on the other side!
    To a new beginning of an amazing legacy.


    P.S Let the race begin!!!

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    Sat Apr 6 04:41:27 2019
    BlueAce56 started the conversation A sad story that had a sad ending..

    This is a story about a team that rose not long ago...
    A team of friends that was tore apart by a coward who bed bombed me, And who I took revenge on by TP trapping him leading to the destruction of his own base.
    This is a story about ... DeSquad

    This story just ended




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