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    Thu Feb 15 18:20:15 2018
    ItsJari posted in KudKind .

    Thanks! I must say that I am pleased with how this has went!

  2. Thu Feb 15 18:04:51 2018
    ItsJari posted in KudKind .

    I can post a few screenshots of multiple occasions where the player in question was sending some of these messages, i'll attatch them.
    I think i got a good share of the messages on there now, there might be a few that fell in between the screenshots but you get the message...

  3. Wed Feb 14 17:56:49 2018
    ItsJari posted in KudKind .

    I don't have any logs or anything, but there were multiple people online at the time who all saw the messages. Is there any way you could check the logs yourself? I can see if i have any saved logs but i don't think so.
    One of the players i remember being online is MaggiAusDaKann

  4. Tue Feb 13 16:56:58 2018
    ItsJari posted in Contest for my base.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Sorry to break it to ya, but the contest is over already ^^'

    Expected that, worth a try though

  5. Tue Feb 13 16:34:44 2018
    ItsJari started the conversation KudKind .

    Recently (february 13th 2018) a player named "KudKind" got on the server.
    This player was pretty quiet at first and was no bother to anyone.
    Suddenly he started sending this ( Die, <3) message to practically every question or statement in chat.
    He then started talking directly to me asking "IS JARNTITE YOUR NAAM" wich i ignored.
    Multiple people have told him to stop, or that he's being a prick but he didn't listen
    After a while he logged out,
    I want to keep him logged out,
    It will be alot quieter.

  6. Tue Feb 13 16:31:40 2018
    ItsJari posted in Contest for my base.

    Count me in

  7. Tue Feb 13 15:44:15 2018

    Nothing wrong with a chance of a new base, so count me in too :D

  8. Tue Feb 13 15:41:47 2018
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