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  1. 5 months ago
    Thu Nov 15 21:15:14 2018
    HoomanResources posted in I need 36 end rods.

    @Inyashi I could just throw you some if you still need em

    Actually i need 36 now. If you want to give me some for free, thats on you and i wont stop ya haha but ill totally pay a few diamond for the help

  2. Wed Nov 14 05:42:17 2018
    HoomanResources started the conversation I need 36 end rods.

    anyone selling? price?

  3. 6 months ago
    Sat Oct 20 05:37:57 2018
    HoomanResources posted in Notch Apple for sale.

    it sold for 15db?! well'p if i ever decide to sell mine, i guess i will have a good retirement fund lol

    i have low wealth standards, i am poor lol

  4. Tue Oct 16 17:41:36 2018
    HoomanResources posted in Ink sacs?.

    @humfrydog how many do you need? i think i have got a stack or 2 laying around. id probally guess they are worth 4 diamonds per stack or less i used to sell for 2 diamonds per stack in 1 . 12 and i had a squid spawner. so hand collected may be a bit more.

    I will gladly take whatever you have, 4d per stack. Also...squid spawner?! what is this sorcery!?!

  5. Mon Oct 15 17:03:25 2018
    HoomanResources started the conversation Ink sacs?.

    Anyone selling ink sacs? if so, how much for each stack?

  6. 9 months ago
    Sat Jul 21 22:11:57 2018
    HoomanResources posted in All Hail Ricky <3.

    @Stone__Warrior All hail Hoomie! @HoomanResources

    No, All Hail Ricky!

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