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    Wed Aug 26 01:07:55 2020
    HoomanResources posted in You Better Give Me Some Skynyrd.


  2. Tue Aug 25 02:54:58 2020
    HoomanResources started the conversation HR Head.

    Welcome Welcome, one and all!

    Hooman here^u^

    I have been asked for my player head and here it is!

    How to get this head?
    I used to ask for something as payment, it is my favorite thing I used to ask for all the time and I would give diamonds for it (even if it wasn't worth it, value-wise.)

    Very unlikely anyone will know what it is, but if you have a guess, feel free to pm me.

    You could get a staff head that has basic cable!

  3. last year
    Tue Sep 24 07:03:16 2019

    I go by many names: Hoomanresources, Hooman, bringer of the storm, Hoomie, Hoo, disappointment (family nickname), and my old game name Humanoid!
    I am almost 23, engaged, bought my first home, 3 cats, 1sausage dog, 2 geckos, and a cricket in my basement...
    My hobbies include: being at home with my cats, writing, used to do a TON of video editing, and falling from high places.
    I like classic rock, electric swing, I'm mostly an indie boi, and robots like daft punk.
    I'm friendly, but very shy, used to be worse. And I give my items away for free because my anxiety gets too high trying to figure out how much to charge for my items... or sometimes I demand poems.

  4. Mon Sep 23 19:47:08 2019

    are you still in stock with shulker boxes?

  5. Thu Sep 5 00:04:22 2019
    HoomanResources posted in Word Association.

    Your mom

  6. Fri Aug 16 16:09:58 2019
    HoomanResources started the conversation HoomanResources' Application.

    In Game Name: HoomanResources

    Age: 22

    Time Zone: EST

    Strengths: I am very patient with people. Actually in public, my fiance gets heated a lot, we are polar opposites in that way, I remain calm through most situations so I can help her see clearly.
    I won’t easily get mad at someone, I always try to understand where they are coming from and I just want to help and make everyone enjoy themselves.

    Weaknesses: A lot of people know I’m shy and have anxiety, but I’ve been making great strides in getting better. I also don't really read chat a whole lot, but recently have been teaching myself to read more often, welcoming new players, helping with questions, just trying to be friendly.

    Why you are applying: I think I could do some good. I’ve been on this server for a long time, I know the rules, I know this environment. I care about making this place be a haven for people who need it. I joined, originally, because I was in a very dark place, I wasn't expecting any people to like me, I set out to be a hermit haha. Then one after another, I made friend after friend and I learned the magic of this community, I want to preserve that magic, I want to help make this a place for people like me.

    Time played on Craftymynes (ticks): I currently have 2,840,611 ticks, but I have been through 2 resets and have compiled well over 10 million ticks over my time playing.

    Custom Note: I’ve been playing on Craftymynes since, i think, 2015. I got a lot out of this server, i met, now, real life friends from this server. I am applying because I truly care about this place and want to help keep it fun and safe for all. I will also add, if this application is not accepted, I will still play on CM because it is my second home and I love it very much.

  7. Sat Aug 10 02:49:12 2019
    HoomanResources posted in Eff 5 and fortune 3 needed.

    @Pwnanite i sell any book, 5 dia each. feel free to hit me up when i'm on or my associate countPWNzorf

    will do! when do you usually play?

  8. Fri Aug 9 04:31:18 2019
    HoomanResources started the conversation Eff 5 and fortune 3 needed.

    I need efficiency 5 and fortune 3 books. just one of each.

    Thank you,

  9. Fri Aug 9 04:28:01 2019
    HoomanResources posted in 3D Enchanted books.

    do you still have eff 5 and a fortune 3 book?

  10. Thu Nov 15 21:15:14 2018
    HoomanResources posted in I need 36 end rods.

    @Inyashi I could just throw you some if you still need em

    Actually i need 36 now. If you want to give me some for free, thats on you and i wont stop ya haha but ill totally pay a few diamond for the help

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