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  1. last week
    Thu Apr 20 17:51:51 2017

    If it was a sharp 6 item or something similar, I could agree. But it's just a knockback item. I don't really see the huge advantage.

  2. Thu Apr 20 17:40:40 2017

    It has vanishing on it, and it was a birthday gift, I see nothing wrong with that.

  3. Thu Apr 20 17:34:21 2017

    If there is no incentive to buy CraftyCrates, how do you expect the server to continue to run? None of the items imo are super OP, so I really don't even see an issue with it. You can get cartographers easily and get maps and have 2 totems fairly quickly.

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 30 18:32:15 2017
    CraftyMyner changed Cellexya's group to Member.
  5. Tue Mar 28 16:06:15 2017
    Cellexya posted in DG_ Ban Appeal.

    Hello I am the moderator who banned you, you'll be unbanned in 24 hours.

  6. Mon Mar 27 04:23:36 2017

    @GrinningBobcat Its a meme. You don't stop memes. They fester and die out

    Dawn stops even memes.

  7. Mon Mar 27 04:20:26 2017

    I can do that @OtherGreenGamer just let me know when you're online

  8. Sun Mar 26 23:25:41 2017

    An admin will unban you when they have free time, please wait

  9. Sun Mar 26 18:35:14 2017
    Cellexya posted in Tweak414's ban appeal.

    We don't unban hackers, good luck on other servers

  10. Sun Mar 26 04:02:25 2017

    I'd like to buy another 30 splash weakness potions. If you don't have the gunpowder, I'll take them as non-splash

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