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  1. 3 months ago
    Sat Mar 17 19:07:24 2018
    Cellexya posted in Shop Question.

    As someone who has run multiple successful shops, my advice is to specialize in consumable items in bulk. For instance, at one point I was selling over 5 dubs of blaze rods a week, and that's all I sold. Things like blaze rods, netherwart, gunpowder(although this is a bit harder to farm), bones, etc are all good things to start off selling and when you get the hang of it, you could start adding other things like blocks or anything else. Just try to think of things every player at one point will probably need. Keep your prices low and do sales often and you'll get a loyal customer base.

  2. last year
    Sun Jun 4 17:29:44 2017
    Cellexya posted in My VIP status (FAO admin).

    Ask an admin when you are online or pm Crafty, they can check if you've donated before and restore your rank. You don't have to donate again.

  3. Mon May 29 19:42:36 2017
    Cellexya posted in Guardian mechanics.

    That's how mine has always worked, always had to wait for a reset since 1.10

  4. Mon May 29 15:54:14 2017
    Cellexya posted in Guardian mechanics.

    @Naidae Due to poor spawn rates on the server, the only time you'll see really good spawns are directly after a server reset, so right before reset, warp or tp to your grinder, and log on after a reset. The spawns dwindle after 10 or so minutes, but it's the only solution really.

  5. Sun May 28 16:09:29 2017

    Bugs like that are mostly a Mojang issue, not CM. Only reason I can see to have a Bug Report section is if something isn't working with spawn, like the hats, or arena.

  6. Sun May 21 19:04:50 2017
    Cellexya posted in Forum profile pics.

    @Constantium And most of those servers have many more staff than CraftyMynes does, just seems a lot out of their way for a silly picture.

  7. Sun May 21 16:23:44 2017
    Cellexya posted in Forum profile pics.

    I think overall that may be a bad idea due to trolls using inappropriate images as their profile pictures. Unless there was a verification process that staff had to approve to weed out trolls, which is a lot of extra work, I doubt it would happen.

  8. Mon May 1 16:52:35 2017
    Cellexya posted in Trading CraftyCredits!!!.

    Anyone know how much crafty credits go for?

  9. Sun Apr 30 17:48:33 2017

    @Dennari43 I can also confirm there already is an orientation. Considering I am one of the newest players to become helper, I feel like I have a good enough voice in this topic. When I was promoted, Dawn had me in voice chat and every single question I had was answered. She walked me through everything I had to do and even repeated steps when I wasn't sure if I heard correctly. I even said how I probably had more questions, but just couldn't think of any, and she made it clear that I can ask other staff at any time if I don't understand something. Staff made it very clear what my job was and was so helpful if I needed help. And I did in fact ask questions later on, mainly for my own benefit to make sure I understand, not because I wasn't told the first time. And the major person I asked for help from was Ceph cause we were usually on at the same time. Just because I asked him step by step questions doesn't mean staff didn't give a good orientation. I think that's where some confusion is coming from. Just because Ceph helped me learn more doesn't mean he was the primary teacher. He was more like the study hall helper that gave examples to the problems the teacher already taught.

    And even if he was a primary teacher, he had been helper long enough to understand most if not all rules, and those he didn't know he could easily direct you to someone who could answer. Once you are staff and have a grasp on things, it is partially your job to help train new staff. Learning isn't just restricted to admins, any rank can help you learn as long as they are providing accurate information.

  10. Sun Apr 30 15:32:24 2017

    @GrinningBobcat -image-
    How about just giving an orientation for staff, then if nublet staff helpers have questions they ask a higher up?
    If something is unclear or undicussed such as the use of bitch or dick being old examples then make a vote amongst the admins as a form of administrative hierarchy/seniority or have direct voting from all staff members.

    I can confirm there is an orientation of sorts, when i was promoted i was given a tour of staff stuff, and Dawn and Baron had me in a skype call explaining rules, kicking, spawn cleaning and etc. When i was promoted to mod Nysic explained how to ban and that sort of stuff and the other staff things that come with mod. He missed a few things but all i did was ask questions and they were answered almost immediately. Most, if not all staff have Crafty on skype and if they dont get an answer from Staff Chat they can pm him directly and he always replies quickly. If new staff arent sure about anything and dont reach out for an answer further than Staff Chat then it just means higher ups are busy or just havent checked the chat yet. They all have lives and most of them mute the notifications from chat because as r4 said, it gets scary. Even admins will reply to direct skype messages so any unsure staff can pm them as well and probably get a faster reply if it is an urgent matter.

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