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  1. 5 months ago
    Tue Jul 24 19:37:07 2018
    Cellexya posted in 2018 Rank Trade Event [ENDED].

    How many server bills will be available?

  2. 6 months ago
    Mon Jul 23 23:17:18 2018
    Cellexya posted in Scamming.

    @greanprowler101 Thanks.... but there is something else you should add to the rules. No public alts allowed. I hsve been told multiple times it was fine. And how can yoi know that without any plug ins?

    Server panel

  3. Mon Jul 23 07:36:03 2018
    Cellexya posted in Scamming.

    @Th3GreenGamer Hmmm yes it's almost like me and PapaNeon are different people.


  4. Mon Jul 23 07:21:14 2018
    Cellexya posted in Scamming.

    @CraftyMyner I just updated the rules, we are in a bit of an awkward situation by not having the trading post complete yet. For the time being, I ask that players refrain from scamming in spawn areas as well as exercise caution in who they choose to trade with as we are not able to police everything. In the case that you don't trust a player yet still want to trade, please ask a staff to observe the trade.

    Thank you for all your time working on everything, hope it won't take you too much longer to finish it all. Definitely need a few pizzas after all that hard work

  5. Mon Jul 23 07:16:04 2018
    Cellexya posted in Scamming.

    Well now you know, it wasnt because anyone being friends with staff. It was how Crafty wanted.

  6. Mon Jul 23 07:11:23 2018
    Cellexya posted in Scamming.

    @greanprowler101 I missed the message after the last one. ill give the item back. but maybe you guys should try and get on page with the rules. your def stretching on that one green. anywhere but trade post is anywhere but trade post.....

    No Scamming In the Trading Post - The trading post is meant to be a safe place for players to trade items without fear of getting scammed. Until the trading post is complete in the new map, spawn will be covered by the no scamming rule.
    Directly from the rules.

  7. Fri Jul 20 19:50:10 2018
    Cellexya posted in Staff’s jobs .

    Their jobs are all pretty much the same. Watch for hackers, answering player questions and complaints, clean spawn and monitor chat. The only thing that changes with rank is permissions.

  8. 10 months ago
    Sat Mar 17 19:07:24 2018
    Cellexya posted in Shop Question.

    As someone who has run multiple successful shops, my advice is to specialize in consumable items in bulk. For instance, at one point I was selling over 5 dubs of blaze rods a week, and that's all I sold. Things like blaze rods, netherwart, gunpowder(although this is a bit harder to farm), bones, etc are all good things to start off selling and when you get the hang of it, you could start adding other things like blocks or anything else. Just try to think of things every player at one point will probably need. Keep your prices low and do sales often and you'll get a loyal customer base.

  9. last year
    Sun Jun 4 17:29:44 2017
    Cellexya posted in My VIP status (FAO admin).

    Ask an admin when you are online or pm Crafty, they can check if you've donated before and restore your rank. You don't have to donate again.

  10. Mon May 29 19:42:36 2017
    Cellexya posted in Guardian mechanics.

    That's how mine has always worked, always had to wait for a reset since 1.10

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