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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Mar 1 15:15:37 2020
    Mymcy posted in New Owner.

    Crafty x Server 5ever

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 9 19:22:47 2020
    Mymcy posted in -_+ Mymcy Art Showcase +_-.


    I am rusty honestly since it's been such a long time, But I wanted to draw a bee for practice since they're cute flying fuzzies
    He sit on bread loaf

  3. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Feb 7 15:32:25 2020
    Mymcy posted in New Word Association.

    Hide and Seek

  4. last year
    Wed Oct 31 12:02:50 2018
    Mymcy posted in Clowntasia.

  5. Sat Oct 13 20:01:12 2018
    Mymcy posted in Clown Sightings.


  6. Mon Aug 6 02:25:25 2018
    Mymcy posted in -_+ Mymcy Art Showcase +_-.

    Just a small warning A player recently stole my old name and dressed as my skin. I kind of half expected this to happen as I was planning to safe keep the name if I ever wanted it back, however while I was at work A troll account I guess was camping for my name and happened to snatch it first the very day it was available. It's expected and it happens to many when they change their name.

    So I'm sure this is only deemed for trolling purposes but due to my background and connection with the community I wanted to establish things for good measure and my hobbies.

    If "Pimpcy" ever proclaims to have commissions open and asks for payment don't accept and don't give them Items or other forms of payment they're not me and they don't hold up to my work.
    If Pimpcy proclaims anything els pretending to be me they're not.
    You can always check Namemc for proof.
    Thank you for taking your time to read!

  7. Wed Aug 1 23:07:50 2018
    Mymcy posted in It’s been fun.

    I don't think we've talked much but hope your future is nice! I agree with you all though this community is much more than it seems and you make a lot of friends it's only a small portion of someones life and it's good to set aside stuff and focus on goals take care!

  8. Tue Jul 31 03:29:05 2018
    Mymcy posted in Best .home.

    .home Zora hall is my main so far

    I plan on building something similar from Majoras Mask as inspiration I love that place so much and what better way to do it than with the Aquatic update? There will be a few tweaks though and rooms for everyone who's with me


    And .home Kakariko Is just my village/breeder

  9. Wed Jul 25 05:02:33 2018
    Mymcy posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    I was reluctant on posting this but I decided I might as well join in
    Here's an update selfie I'm so sorry


  10. Wed Jul 25 03:16:46 2018

    I'm definitely interested!

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