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    Sun Jun 18 14:57:46 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Selling Base.

    @TheForgotten20 philosophical asshole: what if one of his teammates goes rogue and comes back and "finds ur base" by "accident"

    ahem ahem pimpcy

    U called Pimpcy Corp? What service were you not satisfied with sir

  2. Sun Jun 18 14:55:20 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Lookie what I found!.

    There is a way to do that I've only seen it with two though but maybe a same pattern can be followed

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 12 19:44:20 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Update needed.

    @SovietSuperman_ @Pimpcy I'm the guy who still has your stack of dia blocks, message me when your online if you still want it

    Wat a sweetie to still have that for me and yet still offer that, I wouldn't have mind if u didn't tho
    im touched
    ill be on here and there hopefully catching u around soviet senpai


  4. Sun Jun 11 13:27:33 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Memes Please.


  5. Sun Jun 11 11:38:21 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Update needed.

    Who are you

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 5 12:55:43 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Make - A - Monster.

    Monster name/title: "Grimcy"

    Physical description: A demon formed from a casting spell, Most people, without taking a second glimpse may mistake him for Pimpcy. However this entity has taken hold of her appearance with very different traits and a distinct look up close. Instead of the bright pink eyes, his eyes are a vivid purple that seem to pierce even A foggy swamp biome. Both Pimpcy and Grimcy have different colored camellia flowers covering and growing over their eye opposite of one another. It's part of the spell which bounds them to each other and cannot be removed until the spell is broken. His clothes are of a different outfit but still contain the same fashion as Pimpcy's. His body is like a better built male version of hers too with skin appearing as a pale flushed gray.

    Additional abilities: A majority of the time he uses his translucent appearance lurking Swamp or various types of forest biomes if not bothering Pimpcy. Living, thriving, and waiting for a specific challenge. When entering near where he looms they say feelings of discomfort wash over and unnerving vibes kick in. The more you linger the more you feel tightly griping your rope of sanity.
    Can teleport, appear from thin air, He can attack, he can kill, and he can harm with a possessed sword in his hand charged with the same spell imprisoning him to live half human. Gashes and wounds heal badly when the sword is used and can take up to months healing time if the victim lives.

    Background details (optional): One night, upon rummaging through old enchanted books, Pimpcy thought she had found one particular old book consisting of new spells to enchant items. This book had been buried deep in an abandoned shrine thought of have been built by a normal player on the server. The readings seemed similar to the normal book enchantment symbols yet they were strangely off and a different ink was used on the worn pages. A huge mistake took advantage of the situation when Pimpcy placed this book on an enchantment table pronouncing the phrases slowly to herself.

    Weaknesses: Due to his curse of being Half human, he cannot be freed until the spell is broken with Pimpcy's doing. Otherwise he's vulnerable to death and is no longer immortal.
    That being said he attacks twice as hard and is always on his ground if threatened to ensure others of their place.

    Drawing (also optional):


  7. 5 weeks ago
    Tue May 23 02:56:17 2017
    Pimpcy posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    I love it so much already
    definitely a series I can sit down with tea and watch

  8. Mon May 22 13:17:43 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Best Friends.


  9. 6 weeks ago
    Tue May 16 19:29:35 2017
    Pimpcy posted in The Selfie Thread!!.


  10. Mon May 15 20:30:51 2017
    Pimpcy posted in Stress Relief .

    Honestly when I'm stressed or below water and don't know what to do I force dopamine in me for the time being until I can deal with it better
    Like exercise, chocolate, anything that induces feel good hormones in able to cope and distract
    Just make sure it's healthy (lol)
    The reward system works well for me too I'll get myself a bag of gummies (favorite snack) or something if I complete tasks.

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