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  1. last year
    Sat Jun 16 20:36:31 2018
    Pimpcy posted in Humfrydog showcase of builds.

    Hey no this is @humfrydog's showcase of his work I'd be asking the same respect being placed to my personal threads of the stuff I do and work with you guys have your very own thread to do that on

  2. Tue May 29 19:02:12 2018

    You guys don't have to prove your wealth, just have your drop party for the public who are going to enjoy it and your last few days on here

  3. Sun May 27 11:33:51 2018
    Pimpcy posted in A Modest Proposal.

    We have all the screenshots and showcases we did yesterday I think the whole team Is satisfied with that option instead of the bargain so don't worry about the unfortunate so much <3 They chose this
    Which kind of renders this thread useless now

  4. Sun May 27 02:36:57 2018
    Pimpcy posted in A Modest Proposal.

    4th day glitch ;o

  5. Fri May 25 15:57:56 2018
    Pimpcy posted in End is near?.


    I couldn't resist :)

  6. Wed May 23 06:11:29 2018
    Pimpcy posted in A Modest Proposal.

    I know i'm not much or have much but you guys can take my first kill and head and all I have if you leave them alone
    They put a lot of work and love into this place, and I'd cringe a bit to see it destroyed myself as dead of a player I am

  7. Tue Apr 17 15:55:56 2018

    I can take criticism when needed I really don't mind it I just felt people were misunderstanding it's purpose a bit and wanted to clarify. Everyone in the faction including the owner loved it and that's what matters the most to me. I did a similar CraftyMynes Logo design way back With the same chromatic effect and everyone loved it so I figured It would of been the same in a way. Thanks for choosing mine though Nerdnation <3
    And for those logo critics I'll read more up on those after I'm done mailing a package i'm kinda all over the place this morning but thanks for giving those tips.

  8. Tue Apr 17 15:04:11 2018

    Sorry I'm half awake and a bit spacey and kinda skimmed through it all but I can try to explain it's purpose a bit more?
    This is a logo that can be easily adjusted to whatever it can be needed for. But the image Nerdie displayed was simply the discord version of the logo, discord Icons are these tiny bubbles and I wanted to try and make it a bit simple yet still be able to stand out that's why it's so bright with the chromatic effect on it. And that's what the contest was about It's not a business logo it's a symbol for their faction.


  9. Fri Apr 13 23:56:49 2018

    Do you guys sell cat trees?

  10. Sat Apr 7 14:29:33 2018
    Pimpcy posted in Who is the King.

    I'm inactive to mc in general so idek myself
    Were you expecting a serious answer?

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