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    Sat Jan 30 01:39:49 2021
    smeyers started the conversation smeyers's Staff Application (2.0).

    Central Time US/Chicago

    Tell us a bit about yourself: (How long have you played here, What do you like about the server, what do you dislike about the server, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, etc. (Please note when we ask about strengths and weaknesses we are looking for your opinion of yourself not your ability with Redstone / if you are a good builder))

    I have played on the current map since September consistently. I like the sense of community on the server and the strong core of players who really uplift the server to a level that other servers cannot achieve. I enjoy all of the kind people I have met on the server and I also have love for the deviants who spice up the server with mischief. I open up to helping or working with anyone, not just those that I know. I have had an enlightening experience recently where my view on life has changed. I believe with my new look on life, I could make a great deal of impact as staff on the server. I am good at communication. I help people as much as I can when asked. I have empathy for others. I try to be as involved as possible in the tight-knit CraftyMynes community. I would say my one real flaw when it comes to the server is in times being easily annoyed or irritated by certain players. Some players just rub me the wrong way by their actions, but I can only think of 2 or 3 players like this. I feel like I have made great strides towards not being irritated. I want to make an impact on the community in a positive manner, and I will work hard to do so.

    Why you are applying:
    As previously stated, I want to make an impact on the community. I want to better the community by increasing peoples open-mindedness and encouraging team building. I hope that everyone can get along well, but I also understand the griefers and raiders. I have no hate for the griefers or raiders, I understand that they add an element of danger, surprise, and fun to the server.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): (for this section please type: "ticks?" when you are online in the server)

    26 million ticks

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:

    One thing I want is more drive. I have ideas, and sometimes struggle to put them into motion. After my recent events I have found the will-power to have more drive. I think I am constantly improving.

    Any additional information or notes: (Optional)

    I love the server everyone has collectively built and spent time on, especially the staff. Everyone has provided many fun memories and a place to have fun and talk to others. I hope the staff team will seriously consider me for staff, as I am serious about being a staff member.

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    Tue Jan 26 02:31:44 2021
    smeyers started the conversation inquiry.

    Just wondering if theres a way to see when someone first started playing the server. I figured there is not but I have been curious as to which map i started on.

  3. Sat Jan 23 00:18:12 2021
    smeyers started the conversation want to buy the dragon egg.

    would like to buy the dragon egg thanks

  4. 2 months ago
    Fri Dec 18 15:38:00 2020
    smeyers posted in The Obsidian Order.

    dope statue

  5. Fri Dec 18 15:33:48 2020
    smeyers started the conversation smeyers ban appeal.

    I asked to be banned til friday and im back wasnt sure if I was supposed to post on forum or not.

  6. Sun Nov 29 16:40:56 2020
    smeyers started the conversation ok couldnt figure out how to reply.

    full story:
    1lysander was on i said can u kick me and they did just cause i said. Short time passes varvana joins and right when that happens i wrote in chat, got kicked. joined back wasnt think put like then got banned since you didnt buy my story. Might have been one other mod on besides 1lysander too i cannot remember

  7. Sun Nov 29 07:51:23 2020
    smeyers started the conversation smeyers's ban appeal.

    sent a link in chat with a players username . com and got autobanned

    i got autobanned didnt really break any big rules idk it was a light joke thing

    Thank you.

  8. Sun Nov 29 06:33:41 2020
    smeyers started the conversation i got bann.

    i got banned cause i sent a link in chat twice but like it was just someones and then i got banned

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    Fri Nov 20 22:44:17 2020
    smeyers started the conversation smeyers staff application .


    age 16

    US Central

    I have been playing the current map since September but on CraftyMynes as a whole for 3-4 years. I communicate on the server a lot and try to engage people. I am friendly and like working as a community. I always try to be respectful (I do slip up sometimes but not often).

    I play a lot and often staff isn't on during a lot of the day when I am and I often greet people and such as staff do.

    10,632,818 ticks

    I would try to be more open minded (referring to the server). I like to make new friends on the server but get scared of dying and such but I would like to just communicate and have fun with everyone.

    Additional notes: bababooey

  10. 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 1 14:43:27 2018
    smeyers started the conversation smeyers ban appeal v.3.

    I was banned for bringing political and offensive in chat.

    I should be unbanned Bec cause I was stupid and it will never happen again. Please accept this apology so I can re-join because its a great server and fun.

    sincerely, smeyers

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