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    Sat Jul 11 00:46:36 2020
    iiTzzJojooo started the conversation Guess who’s back .

    Hello friends , I have returned from my long slumber among the unknown, I hope you all have enjoyed your life’s whilst I have been gone . Do you know what’s funny? All you noobs still playing this LLLLLLLLLLL up the uvf

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    Thu Apr 7 18:33:16 2016
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  4. Thu Apr 7 02:17:47 2016
    iiTzzJojooo posted in What Type of Gamer Are You?.

    Achiever: 67%
    Explorer: 40%
    Griefer: 47%
    Socializer: 67%

  5. Wed Apr 6 16:58:29 2016
    iiTzzJojooo started the conversation fishpain .

    [18:53:44] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§7fishpain§r> you such a faggot
    Inappropriate language used towards me.

  6. Wed Apr 6 16:43:10 2016
    iiTzzJojooo posted in Strangers Company - Update.


  7. Tue Apr 5 01:36:05 2016
    iiTzzJojooo posted in What Type of Gamer Are You?.

    A banned one.

  8. Sun Apr 3 23:34:30 2016
    iiTzzJojooo posted in iiTzzJojooo's ban apeal.

    It was the right decision to ban me, I just get annoyed very easily and that situation triggered my anger.

  9. Sun Apr 3 23:28:57 2016
    iiTzzJojooo posted in Question to have the server answer.

    true dat @AP0C4L1P53

  10. Sun Apr 3 21:16:03 2016
    iiTzzJojooo started the conversation iiTzzJojooo's ban apeal.

    Ign = iitzzjojooo

    Why I Was Banned = not listening to staff

    Why I Should Be Un Banned = I know I had several warnings, and I even apologised for my constant use of caps, however I was standing next to a wall when I logged out and when I logged back in, I was suffocating and because of block lag I could not get out, I'm sorry for using caps but I was angry as I had levels and didn't deserve to die.

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