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  1. 9 months ago
    Wed Sep 5 14:27:48 2018
    axel_14 posted in The Rig Thread.

    I use a college laptop -_-

  2. Mon Sep 3 03:09:45 2018

    @TheForgotten20 if yall arent dead yet just lemme join

    What he said

  3. Sun Sep 2 18:44:33 2018

    I'd like to join :)

    IGN: axel_14
    Timezone: UTC +4:30 until 13th September, then UTC -8:00
    Years played: 3

    Also, ticks: 5.5M in a month

  4. Fri Aug 31 18:49:58 2018
    axel_14 started the conversation Want to join a faction.

    I've been on here for a while (5M ticks) and would like to join a faction, cause it is a lot more fun to play with others and make friends on here. I like to do random builds like roller coasters, and also just mine for days. My main weakness is I die a lot, particularly to skeletons.

    Please let me know if anyone is recruiting!!

  5. Fri Aug 31 18:29:13 2018
    axel_14 posted in The Selfie Thread!!.


    Here I am with them Kylie Jenner lips and Zlatan Ibrahimovic nose

  6. Fri Aug 31 18:11:04 2018
    axel_14 joined the forum.