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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Jun 4 04:06:28 2020
    galaxyidol started the conversation galaxyidol's Ban Appeal.

    galaxyidol's Ban Appeal

    In Game Name: galaxyidol

    Reason for your ban: chat violation

    Why should you be unbanned: I have re-familiarized myself with the rules, and understand now, even if provoked, it is unacceptable on CraftyMynes to talk like that. Regardless if it is PM, or open chat. There is no excuse. I apologize to anyone i offended, hurt, or otherwise.

    It has been many months since the incident.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. last year
    Sat Dec 1 19:02:19 2018
    galaxyidol posted in TomTom900.


    And total bs on that being 'written by Tomtom900'

  3. Fri Nov 30 21:18:38 2018
    galaxyidol posted in The Selfie Thread!!.



  4. Thu Nov 29 20:59:39 2018
    galaxyidol started the conversation Take It To The Forums!.



  5. Sun Oct 14 00:56:19 2018
    galaxyidol started the conversation AstralIdol's Ban Appeal.


    Banned for send rate. Got a little too excited for the cake

    I understood what i was doing wrong and I do apologize for everyone that had to deal with it. This is my first slap on all of my accounts. I will reread the rules

    Nothing but love for CraftyMynes <3

  6. Fri Oct 12 17:23:46 2018
    galaxyidol posted in new Barony Lands of Sknup.






    sknup your work is awesome

  7. Thu Oct 11 04:57:58 2018
    galaxyidol posted in Clown Sightings.


  8. Wed Oct 10 23:58:10 2018
    galaxyidol posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    Team Clown :


  9. Sat Oct 6 19:00:44 2018
    galaxyidol posted in Public Xp farms and grinders.

    iron farm

  10. Sat Oct 6 17:40:54 2018
    galaxyidol posted in Public Xp farms and grinders.

    my current project is a little too big :P


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