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    Sat Nov 17 12:18:21 2018
    zacargo posted in Can't see the xp.

    Nvm lol suddenly it was back

  2. Sat Nov 17 12:12:55 2018
    zacargo started the conversation Can't see the xp.

    Since today 1130am (GMT+1) I appear to not be able to use my xp bar. It isn't showing my levels and I can't use my levels either. I've relogged, reinstalled, restarted, died in game, killed smth for xp and mined for xp to no avail. Any help would be welcome.
    Ty for reading :)

  3. Tue Oct 23 11:04:17 2018
    zacargo started the conversation Zacargo's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: Zacargo

    Reason for your ban: Foul language

    Why should you be unbanned: Reason has been that I went with in the flow of RackDisiprine, but have tried to refrain from using foul language since I was warned by 2chill yesterday or the day before. If comments I've made were unwanted or unappreciated I'm sorry and I'd love to be unbanned. Many thanks for considering :)

  4. Tue Oct 23 11:00:03 2018
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