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    Wed Nov 14 11:10:14 2018
    RackDisiprine posted in totems of undying for sale.

    here we go again


  2. Tue Nov 13 10:57:10 2018
    RackDisiprine posted in totems of undying for sale.

    both 10db

  3. Thu Nov 1 20:57:51 2018
    RackDisiprine posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    Does it have to be a furry pet, I got a pet with a little less hair haha

  4. Thu Nov 1 20:44:03 2018

    @alarmgv12, ya boi just artificially inflated the price oof, i don't have anywhere near 35db I am new.

  5. Thu Nov 1 04:44:36 2018

    Please tell me once the trade has occured Grandpa

  6. Wed Oct 31 10:19:35 2018

    37db <3

  7. Mon Oct 29 09:18:59 2018

    EDIT: If the auction is still live

  8. 6 months ago
    Tue Oct 23 11:18:04 2018
    RackDisiprine started the conversation RackDisiprine's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: RackDisiprine

    Reason for your ban: (language) and (Racism)

    Why should you be unbanned: I should know better but I am used to playing on Servers with no chat restrictions, but that isn't an excuse for my actions. My language and "Racism" was never used to target anyone, was just used for conversing in a jokingly manner with no aggressive intention. I did not intend on hurting anyone's feelings but I still broke the rules and for that I sorry. If I were to be unbanned I would never repeat it, I never make the same mistake twice :). I got caught up in the moment like if I were to be joking around with friends, but from now on I will never do it on this server.

    Kind Regards, RackDisiprine.

  9. Tue Oct 23 11:01:23 2018
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