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  1. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 16 11:36:12 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in Joke: Hate button! .

    @Jkeller4000 It's an off topic, not a suggestion :)

    I have not seen you online recently iwarriiori, have you been doing well?

    its true! we miss you, @iwarriiori

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wed May 22 07:19:12 2019

    it, imo, makes a lot more sense, and making banners a lot less expensive because of the pattern that isnt consumed

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sun May 19 19:46:56 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in Reply to "What is ip ban".

    Or have multiple admins of same power level so any staff abuse will be prevented, like we have here on CM, or on basically any decent website, server, etc
    About breaking rules you didn’t know existed - rules are usually public, so it’s fault of a person banned

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Thu May 9 06:13:31 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in How is everyone's day.

    I’m dying

  5. 8 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 23 16:55:36 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    we're in the end game now

  6. Sun Apr 21 17:25:59 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in 1.14.

    @iDogeTwinkie 1.14 drops on Tuesday so if they wanted to do a map reset they would've announced it already. :)

    It would be kind of dumb to let people know like a minute before 1.14 drops in. :)

    I don’t think server will be updated right after release

  7. 2 months ago
    Sun Apr 14 15:46:17 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in Can't log in.

    that issue can occur due to your internet connectivity/speed issues, when trying to log in, at least when i experienced same issues, that was the reason.

  8. Wed Apr 10 11:57:58 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in Anyone likes astronomics?.

    did you get spaghettified in your dream?

  9. Mon Apr 8 18:43:35 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in CraftyChiron official reveal.

    @FieryPhoenix64 Couldn't you use other blocks, like bricks, obby, dirt, water, etc, or is this a thing with the map?

    map have only 16 colors.

  10. Sat Apr 6 16:57:22 2019
    Nicnicnico posted in A sad story that had a sad ending..

    @iwarriiori Why was I not invited.

    i have information that you wasnt on!

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