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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Feb 10 00:21:15 2022
    Nicnicnico started the conversation Save me from the slimeless misery.

    buying slime blocks, looking for any amount from 1 to 27 stacks.

  2. Thu Feb 10 00:19:47 2022
    Nicnicnico posted in Fixing the End.

    As another member of the first-to be there-group, i agree with Slainte

  3. 5 months ago
    Sat Jan 8 11:43:57 2022
    Nicnicnico posted in Selling my Services.

    i would like you to collect 5 shulker boxes/single chests of quartz (items, not blocks). how much would it cost?

  4. Mon Dec 27 19:37:42 2021
    Nicnicnico posted in Chunks/Mob AI.

    simulation distance

  5. last year
    Sun Jun 28 07:18:49 2020
    Nicnicnico posted in Morality poll.

    @deyahruhd Context: would a netherite set in exchange for completely ruining relations be worth it?

    if a player didnt interact with me before? sure. if a player did interact with me or my team and we had a good time? probably not.

    edit: also, of course, depends on whether i have the endgame gear or not, if i do, probably will not do it for a set

  6. Sun Jun 28 06:40:27 2020
    Nicnicnico posted in Morality poll.

    depends of what would benefit more: help of said player or gear of said player. also, of course, relations set between me and said player matters

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  8. 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 23 13:19:40 2020
    Nicnicnico started the conversation 1.14/15 Pacific Valley.

    ^ aerial overview of the town ^

    ^ more detailed view ^

    ^ Cyquest and Pisces's house^

    ^ Gelta's tavern ^

    ^ Slainte's megabuild ^

    ^ Gelta's house ^

    ^ Modern style area ^

    Credits to Cyquest, Gelta, Pisceskitty, Yelloms, bgmg, Hekmo and Zgraft_The_Great

  9. Fri May 22 06:56:16 2020
    Nicnicnico posted in selling gunpownder etc..

    how much for tears stack?

  10. Mon May 18 22:32:32 2020
    Nicnicnico posted in New Word Association.

    chamber of secrets

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