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  1. 5 days ago
    Sat Jul 13 19:48:32 2019
    Aeristacho posted in .restart command.

    If there are over 25 active players restarts wont be effective. As soon as all these 20+ people log back in it will only be a matter of minutes before things start going down the same old hill again.
    Just be patient until crafty does some of his twirly finger magic again.

  2. last week
    Thu Jul 11 23:48:06 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Vote Crates.

    Well then that's good to know and hear. Ive got the same crate 4 times then. What are the odds of that ...

  3. Thu Jul 11 22:28:11 2019
    Aeristacho started the conversation Vote Crates.

    To my dismay I learned that vote crates are always the same, with the same contents of snowballs and whatnot. It isn't a bad reward per se however knowing that you will always get the same bland ol' crate is a little disheartening.
    I was thinking about how more motivating it could be to change these vote crates up a little bit and making it more randomized, if this is not too much work.
    Examples could be having a pool of different crates with various contents such as a Dye crate filled with either dyes or flowers. Or even a brewing crate with a few materials used for brewing in it. Doesn't have to be overpowered or broken, Maybe only 2-8 of any of the materials. Could even have a food crate. There's quite a few possibilities to be done here that would certainly make voting more lucrative.

  4. Sun Jul 7 08:05:11 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Base Pics !!.

    Its 95% natural. it goes up another 33% haha, all the way to y 194 naturally. Funny thing is the village semi spawned in at the very top with a farm ... at y194.

  5. Sat Jul 6 21:14:59 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Base Pics !!.

    All work in progress, new base after last one was found by TnT dupers enjoying their work.
    Also some Zombie Horde fun <><>

  6. Sat Jul 6 18:20:06 2019

    Was it really necessary to delete a villager because of a name and a flag?
    I can partially understand removing the signs but removing the villager and the banner? That does really seem over the top.
    "Don’t discuss controversial..." - For a discussion to take place there must be two parties involved. Was this actively brought up in chat? Was he targeting anyone in particular with this? Does not sound like it from what I can see.
    If its in the own privacy of his base then I don't see the issue?

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 25 21:29:45 2019
    Aeristacho posted in 1.14.3 thoughts?.

    Yeah as Jkeller put it, chunk loading issues and block lag are back at it again, and strong. Only difference now is that there are no mob hordes.

  8. Tue Jun 25 05:30:10 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Server version?.

    ... Theres a big fat " + New... " button under the installations tab.

  9. Tue Jun 25 04:28:55 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Server version?.

    You need to head the "Installations" Tab and add a new version from there.
    This tab should be in the top right/middle of your launcher right next to other tabs such as "Play" and "Patch notes".

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 17 20:00:20 2019

    Post is labelled buying.

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