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    Sun Oct 6 01:09:02 2019
    Aeristacho posted in It's time..

    I can give you tree fiddy at best.

  2. Fri Oct 4 20:28:42 2019
    Aeristacho started the conversation Hello Happy people.

    My vanilla urge has ended yet again and it just isn't entertaining to play anymore. Got a few .3 legendary sets (all enchants) and other goodies to give out.
    Might be back when the new update drops to check it out.
    Thought of doing a drop party for the stuff but that's kind of lame. Comment some suggestions such as hide and seek or other "mini games" such as a PvP battle for a set or something. Got a good amount of elytras, books and other stuff to give out.
    Probably going to do it all this weekend so watch out for that :)

  3. Sun Sep 29 19:35:45 2019
    Aeristacho posted in PVP Battle Video!.

    If I remember correctly Phoenix and I met up twice and both times he booked it like Speedy Gonzales within the first 30 seconds. Not impressed.

  4. Fri Aug 30 02:14:59 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Never Die! Totem Sale.

    You saying a totem worth almost a DB? If that's the case let me boot up my raid farm and I'll sell shulkers full of totems for 14 diamonds a piece lol.

  5. Mon Aug 19 02:31:51 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Yo Crafty!.

    ^ seems to be the most efficient solution.

  6. Fri Aug 16 04:25:23 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Yo Crafty!.

    Not even with cmd blocks or something? Haven't ever really gotten around to looking into em so it was just a thought. Shame then.

  7. Fri Aug 16 01:56:50 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Yo Crafty!.

    I mean it would be kinda fun to have an arena, not large, maybe 500x500 where you could turn weather and mob spawn on. Like the parkour area. Could put it outside the 100k border so "too intelligent" folk don't portal in.
    Might as well make it PvP enabled to make it interesting? (Just a side thought)
    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  8. Thu Aug 15 03:15:04 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Yo Crafty!.

    Should just make a separate arena or something where it sporadically rains and spawns mobs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Tue Aug 13 20:14:57 2019
    Aeristacho posted in any trickers on here?.

    A what now?

  10. Wed Aug 7 21:12:33 2019
    Aeristacho posted in Base Pics !!.

    Damn nice interiors. Seems you skipped on the exterior of the tower though, looks a bit bland. Otherwise 11/9 would defo come visit for a cup of tea.

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