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    Sun Jun 9 06:30:52 2019
    Myrtte started the conversation DavidGolait's Ban Appeal.

    IG name: DavidGolait
    Reason for Ban: Chat violation, I said twat once.
    Reason I should be unbanned: Yep, I only said it once, nothing else that broke the rules. I had no way of knowing that twat was off limits until PapaNeon oh so graciously said, "Guess what?" and than banned me. Funny gamer moment.

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    Sun Feb 24 05:16:10 2019
    Myrtte posted in Soviets thoughts: Dishonesty.

    rekt kids

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    Mon Jan 14 18:30:59 2019
    Myrtte started the conversation Just so you know.

    btw, the first ban I asked to be banned, just so you know, count it as a ban if you want. All I wanted to say, sorry that I needed to open up a new conversation for this.

  4. Sun Jan 13 23:25:44 2019
    Myrtte started the conversation DavidGolait's Ban Appeal.

    Hullo IG name DavidGolait, using my friends username for a forum account since I can't access mine. Banned for admission to hacking. I think I should be unbanned since I said it in a joking manner, expressed to jacelikescoffee who was online, that it was a joke, and you simply cannot take this situation out of context. I understand that it is hard to understand sarcasm through text but still, this sure is something. Well I get it, no more joking about that, all I can do for you. Also posted this as a draft before dunno if anyone else could see this, once again IG is DavidGolait

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