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    Thu Jun 6 05:06:08 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    My two cats Mochi (named after the Japanese dessert) & Bella (as in beautiful). I love them both so much. Mochi was always closer to me. I was the one who felt a strong connection towards him through a picture I saw on Craigslist. Although I’ve heard it’s never a good idea to get pets off of there I kinda still did it anyway. I could tell they did treat him right. He did come from a caring family who just wanted to give him a forever home (they had more kittens.) Bella is _Hallowed’s. He also got her from Craigslist from a woman who found her under a car, who claims that the mother abandoned her in the rain so, we took her in and took care of her. She’s very playful towards me but I think she likes him more. Mochi and Bella get along so well and I was afraid they wouldn’t.
    This is Atlas..who passed away over a year ago (almost two in December). I always wanted to be a hedgehog mom so, when I got him I was very happy. Yes, you guessed it...he came from Craigslist too! ._. I wanted to get my first hedgehog from a reputable breeder but, curiosity got the best of me and I found him in the worst condition. The pictures showed him and other hedgehogs in small containers with barely any room to roam around. I actually didn’t get to choose him so I guess he chose me. The man just brought me a random hedgehog out of the litter. I don’t want to write a whole book so, long story short. I achieved so much with that little guy. For a while he wouldn’t unball, he was very shy, and very scared. I worked with him and it took so much patience but he finally started to have trust in me. His death doesn’t upset me anymore because I remember the joy he brought into my life. He died of old age since they only get to live for up to 4 years. I even littered trained him! Which is not easy to do when they’re much older.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Sat May 25 21:25:36 2019
    celeneandcambria started the conversation celeneandcambria’s Staff Application.

    In Game Name: celeneandcambria

    Age: 21

    Time Zone: GMT-4

    Strengths: I’m very friendly and trustworthy. I enjoy helping others as much as I can. I don’t like drama and I’m very patient. I’ve met and became friends with really great people since the time that I’ve been here (january). I really love this server and the people in it. I learn fast and I usually don’t forget things easily. So I have great memory. I’m also very honest.

    Weaknesses: I don’t think I have many weaknesses. one would just be that i’m awkward and have social anxiety that I’ve been working on for years. So it has gotten better!

    Why you are Applying: I just enjoy helping others and because I’ve had a few people tell me to try and apply. Some stuff I do from time to time is leave things at the community chests for those that need it to start on their journey.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 8100313 but I know I had more on the last map. I just didn’t know how to go from there.

    Custom Note (optional): I want to apologize for my last post. I was trying to save it as draft but i think it posted anyway ._.

    Also, if for some reason I don’t make it to staff I want to thank you for your consideration and time. :)

  3. 2 months ago
    Thu Mar 21 15:21:26 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Community VIP Gifting System Idea.

    to avoid any confusion. I want to add that I donated for Tertian.

  4. Wed Mar 20 18:32:23 2019

    anyone also want to take two off my hand? I’ll do 10DB too

  5. Tue Mar 19 20:04:34 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Team VoiD's Shop.

    actually, @SharpSerac i know _hallowed irl and he was very popular back in the day and people knew his tag voiD for as long as i can remember. he did have a real business and that tag followed him for years in my state/city. So i think it’s just a coincidence.

  6. 3 months ago
    Tue Mar 12 03:56:48 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Introductions/Welcome Thread.

    Sorry if I’m posting in a 2 year old thread. ;-;

    Well, I never formly introduced myself. I’m 21 years old and from NJ. My favorite color is purple (my hair is also purple irl lol). I have social anxiety which is why I don’t talk much but I wouldn’t say that I’m shy. I come around after a while. I enjoy MC. I’m also an honest person and peaceful. But, even though I’m peaceful I don’t mind raiding and griefing. I’m def not good at PVP but I try. I love this server and the people in it. I think I enjoy mining the most. I know both English & Spanish. I’m Mexican American. I’m pursuing a DSW degree. Oh and I really really enjoy music.

    Thanks for your time! :)

  7. Sun Mar 3 18:23:19 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Loot from a 5k strip mine.

    ah my favorite way of mining. i also have luck this way. i think it’s called branch mining.

  8. Fri Mar 1 20:02:07 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Team VoiD's Shop.


  9. Wed Feb 27 01:19:50 2019
    celeneandcambria posted in Harvestar's Flamingo Scavenger Hunt.

    or maybe squid

  10. Thu Feb 21 22:05:03 2019
    celeneandcambria started the conversation buying totem (nvm got one thanks.).

    if anyone is selling any please lmk

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