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    Fri Mar 15 20:48:09 2019
    CamS99584 posted in Lost items when server crashed.

    i understand. no, i don't have any screenshots.

    i guess the only thing we can do is to avoid crashing the server.
    some people said it went down cause they were setting off a huge amount of tnt all at once

  2. Wed Mar 13 21:50:30 2019
    CamS99584 started the conversation Lost items when server crashed.

    Not sure staff is able to help with this, but

    Server crashed at about 5:35 PM EDT. I was moving items from a shulker box to my inventory and lost the following:

    • 2 enchanted golden apples
    • 1 helmet
    • 9ish crafting tables
    • 28ish regular golden apples
    • 29ish magic meat
    • 20ish cobblestone
    • 1 water bucket
    • 1 bed
    • 8 diamonds

    numbers ending with ish are close guesses. everything else im sure of.
    after the server came online, i checked the surrounding blocks to see if they had dropped, they had not.
    i broke the shulker and replaced it to see if they had been glitched and maybe they would come back, they did not

    not a super big deal, just a little bit of a bummer, figured i'd throw it on the forums just to see if something could be done.


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    Thu Jan 31 01:55:04 2019
    CamS99584 posted in Word Association.


  4. Thu Jan 31 01:53:44 2019
    CamS99584 posted in Cam introduces himself.

    lol porkchops yay. oof hacking griefers :( that's crazy

  5. Tue Jan 29 22:05:28 2019
    CamS99584 posted in Cam introduces himself.

    @deyahruhd Man, Minecraft during 2011 was something else entirely.

    Welcome to Craftymynes my dood

    boy it sure was. but now we have turtles. it's been worthwhile

  6. Sun Jan 27 02:28:08 2019
    CamS99584 started the conversation Cam introduces himself.

    Hi everyone, I'm Cam! (CamS99584)

    I'm new to CraftyMynes. Been here about a week or two and I think this server is really great! I'm a big Minecraft nerd. I've played for like 8 years and I still love vanilla survival more than anything. :D

    I generally like to do my own thing in survival, travel and explore for a while, eventually get a little base set up. After I kinda get situated and hopefully have started making friends, it would be really cool to work with others on some cool projects. One of my favorite collaborations with some old MC pals was a large cruise ship we built in survival. We'd hang out on teamspeak and stuff, it was lots of fun. (Yes, teamspeak, this was a few years ago) :P

    I look forward to getting to know you all and spending some delightful time messing around in our 400k x 400k playground.


  7. Sun Jan 27 02:08:14 2019
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