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  1. 5 hours ago
    Mon Mar 18 19:48:51 2019
    Zaper8 posted in 1.14 reset?.

    @iDogeTwinkie We had a reset on September or something like that.
    Not few days ago we had a partial reset.

    If we reset again that'd be dumb.
    I'm not sure why would they reset it though.

    The 1.14 update is bringing new structures and mobs, a reset would allow for these to spawn.

    Other then a total reset one way of solving the problem could be expanding the world border, assuming that the server could handle that.

  2. Mon Mar 18 19:39:59 2019
    Zaper8 posted in What are sponges worth?.

    @humfrydog Lets meet in the middle and call it 48

    That sounds fine to me, still feal like i should be paying you more.

    When do you want to meet up?

  3. 8 hours ago
    Mon Mar 18 17:01:48 2019
    Zaper8 posted in A&C Co. has restocked !.

    How much would a God armor kit minus the chestplate cost me?

  4. 9 hours ago
    Mon Mar 18 16:19:19 2019
    Zaper8 posted in What are sponges worth?.

    16 diamonds per stack seems a little low, and I know this isn't how haggling prices is supposed to work but, can I offer you 64 Diamonds for 2 stacks of sponges?

  5. 11 hours ago
    Mon Mar 18 14:16:39 2019
    Zaper8 posted in What are sponges worth?.

    You can get an average of 30ish sponges per ocean monument, more if your lucky. Its not all that hard to find unraided monuments with elytra and rockets, lets say an hour per monument, and then it takes 20-30min to clear a monument solo, I'm being generous with these estimates, how much would you value an hour and 30min. of your time?

    You could call it 1-2 diamonds per sponge, but the final price is up to you.

    Also if your selling a stack of sponges let me know, depending on your selling price I may be interested.

  6. Mon Mar 18 14:08:18 2019
    Zaper8 posted in 1.14 reset?.

    To be honest, we just reset 6ish months ago, and if we start resetting every time an update brings changes to world generation the server could start losing popularity.

  7. 3 days ago
    Fri Mar 15 18:20:39 2019
    Zaper8 posted in One Stop Slime Shop.

    @humfrydog Sorry stuck at work for 3 more hours

    mk, we can try to meet up later today then, or tomorrow, not sure if I'll be able to be on in 3 hours

  8. Fri Mar 15 18:15:32 2019
    Zaper8 posted in One Stop Slime Shop.

    @humfrydog They howl my name near and far "Humfrydog!" Pronounced Hum-free-dog and I tend to prowl around evenings and weekend pacific standard time. Usually I am online seeking skeleton bones to chew on.

    If you want we can meet up right now, I'm on

  9. Fri Mar 15 17:31:56 2019
    Zaper8 posted in One Stop Slime Shop.

    @humfrydog I will take 4 stacks of blocks please.

    Sure thing
    Whats your IGN and when is a good time for you?

  10. Fri Mar 15 16:40:11 2019
    Zaper8 started the conversation One Stop Slime Shop.

    Welcome to the One Stop Slime Shop, or the OSSS for short.
    We sell slime at an incredibly low price in comparison to the current market.
    As we make more sales, and continuously improve our farms, more products will be added.

    How to Make a Purchase

    Currently I am the only player running this shop, I'll be checking/updating it daily so leave a comment below if you want to buy anything. Messaging me in game may not work due to 60% of my time spent on CraftyMynes is AFK at the slime farm.

    Slime Based Products

    16 Slime Balls: 1 Diamond
    64 Slime Blocks: 32 Diamonds Out of Stock
    8 Sticky Pistons: 1 Diamond

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but humfrydog just bought out like all of my slime.

    Non Slime Products

    1 God Fishing Rod: 8 Diamonds

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