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    Wed Mar 6 23:40:02 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    Is it allowed to sell ranks?

    @CraftyMyner ?

  2. Wed Mar 6 17:53:18 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    ill make a seperate post on friday night, aslong as thats not breaking any rules, @CraftyMyner

  3. Wed Mar 6 15:28:04 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    @Zaper8 Perhaps the most efficient way to purge the defaults is not by killing them and destroying their bases, but is by buying them all VIP so that they are no longer "default"

    getting off tipic abit but, yeah if you got the diamonds i got the cash ;)

  4. Wed Mar 6 12:01:26 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    @iwarriiori You're right, I think its time for CraftyMynes to start the long awaited transition to a land claim server. That way players no longer have to worry about raiders and griefers. Protecting your goodies from others with claimed land is a great feature.

    But then how are we going to purge the defaults?!

  5. Wed Mar 6 11:59:40 2019
    SadFeeling posted in reasonable conversion rates.

    @Th3GreenGamer I'm not sure for iron or gold so I won't have any input on it, however for diamond to emerald (and vice versa) it's really hard to say. My shop in particular is a good example. Mending costs me 18 emeralds to buy, and sells for 7 diamonds or 20 emeralds. With an 1:8 exchange rate that would leave mending at less than 3. Silk touch which costs me 5 emeralds to buy, and sells for 7 diamonds or 7 emeralds, by 1:8, I would have 0.875 of a diamond. That would mean I would sell for 1 diamond which is absurdly low. The higher the worth of diamonds gets, the lower the worth of goods. The cost of books (for example) becomes insanely low and makes it hard for shop owners to keep the shops open, and even harder to open new ones. Eventually the labour of shop-keeping becomes far to high for the low returns.

    you can get mending as low as 5 emeralds with a good librarian, keep breeding ;P

  6. Tue Mar 5 17:05:48 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    @Zaper8 The Peaceful rank could be on an automated timer that resets if said player kills another. Like, if Player 1 doesn't kill anyone for (x) ticks then they get the Peaceful rank, but if Player 1 kills someone the rank gets removed and the timer resets.

    The staff wouldn't even have to play a role in this, it simply means that a player with the Peaceful rank isn't running around trying to kill players.

    What about tp traping and tnt killing? there are ways to kill someone without it being tied to your name

  7. Tue Mar 5 17:03:34 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    @iwarriiori I think what would be a good solution to this is if anyone were to kill, raid or grief they get perma banned on that account, and if they do it again they get ip banned. This would protect others from that player. Eventually the server would run out of players who wish to kill, raid and grief others and it would be peaceful.

    At that point just find a safe survival server lol

  8. Tue Mar 5 15:24:32 2019
    SadFeeling posted in reasonable conversion rates.

    @deyahruhd the same thing can be said for sea pickles
    if everyone has mending diamond gear and doesn't ever need to use diamonds to, you know, make diamond stuff then they are useless just like sea pickles omegalul

    now brick blocks are :ok_hand:, look great, hard to get, more valuable than diamonds confirmed

    Then go buy a god tier set of armor with 70-80 brick blocks and see how many people will take you up on that offer, clay is incredibly easy to harvest and spawns in easy to fnd areas in large quantities. I could harvest a few stacks of that in a half hour. People use diamonds to buy things, create new gear for poeple without or in need of more, and sell them for more diamonds, its the universal currency of minecraft.

  9. Tue Mar 5 00:59:54 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Loot from a 5k strip mine.

    I'm considering trying a few other types and compare the time/ore collected and see if there are any better options, Ill do another 5k this weekend, if you have a strip mine pattern you want me to test out lmk!

  10. Mon Mar 4 23:41:30 2019
    SadFeeling posted in Peaceful rank.

    meh Id rather get to know people and form my own personal opinions about their motives and trustworthiness. Having a peace loving community would be bad for a vanilla survival server, most of the people here strive for pvp and raiding, and a select few like to would nearly sell off their mother for a good raid :P. Having a rank such as that would make newer and gullible people more at risk of ... trusting people, which is the #1 cause of raided hidden bases imo. Personally I'd stake my account on the fact that I would never scam/betray someones trust, but I like to build that trust with someone first, thats half the fun for me. Now someones' base that I don't know or dislike.. free loot heh

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