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    Mon Apr 15 14:18:20 2019
    GhostOfOctober started the conversation GhostOfOctober's REAL ban appeal.

    Reason for ban: Chat Violation (it wasn't me tho)
    Reason for unban: wasn't me
    Hi, so i started this server a week ago and really liked it. so i'll cut this short for you, I was not on for a couple days and during that my brother went on my account b/c he knew the password. When I got back on, I was banned. To ensure that this doesn't happen again, I changed the password my brother violated the chat rules which he knew was a bannable offense. He also tried for a ban appeal to probably break the rules more. I would really like to play on this server again, so if you could please unban me that would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Fri Apr 12 15:33:06 2019
    GhostOfOctober started the conversation Ban Appeal.

    GhostOfOctober's Ban Appeal
    In Game Name: GhostOfOctober
    Reason for my ban: Chat Violation, disobeying / disrespecting mods. I called a mod a two year old (saying I was joking) which I should not have done and I called the mod a girl and asked the mod Nico to fight me.
    Why I should be unbanned: This is my absolute favorite server and I'm sorry. I take full responsibility for my actions, and Nico, I am sorry.

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