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    Wed Mar 4 14:52:35 2020
    CsYager started the conversation CsYager's Ban Appeal.

    In Game Name: CsYager

    Reason for your ban: 'Your IP has been detected as a Proxy/VPN'

    Why should you be unbanned:
    I was not using a proxy/vpn. I was on a wifi network that I use quite often for playing on the server.

  2. Wed Mar 4 14:21:31 2020
    CsYager started the conversation Incorrect IP Ban.


    I got IP banned because my 'IP has been detected as a Proxy/VPN'. I did not use a proxy or VPN, nor have I ever, I was connected over a wifi which I have played on many times before. What can I do about this issue?


    Edit: I forgot there was a proper format, so I am reposting with it

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    Wed Dec 11 01:49:07 2019
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  4. Wed Dec 11 01:45:34 2019
    CsYager posted in 1.15?.

    I have projects I have been working on for months, but a reset would also be fun. If there is a reset, I’m going to build a lot of public resources, a pvp parkour arena, and a working scrabble board. If not, I will do those things anyway. It will be fun!

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