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    Tue Apr 23 22:07:08 2019

    IGN: RigsM

    Age: 19

    When did you first join CraftyMynes?: About a month ago

    What is your tick count?: 3974

    How experienced are you in PVP?: I'm fairly well versed coming from a vanilla server atm and a factions server that was all pvp every day.

    How do you like to play the game?: Trading and raiding

    Tell us about yourself (anything you'd like us to know, or general information about hobbies etc.): I'm a college student and looking to join in a team and have some fun. Pretty average guy, watch sports, play games, hang out, etc.

    What do you like about Team Eye? (At least 50 words, no more than 150): I've met some of the members of Team Eye from another server and I saw how prolific they were with their strategies, and was impressed that it was legit. Interested in meeting some of the other members and helping out however possible. I know some members that know how to contact me through discord if they like.

    Why do you want to join? (At least 50 words, no more than 150): I want to really see the strength of this group with these members. I do know some people from another server and getting to work and hit the ground running would be a good time. Otherwise getting some regular gameplay in would be an interesting experience to say the least, it's been a while since I've had that sort of thing.

    What do you bring to the table? (At least 100 words, no more than 200): I've got your silver tongue. Talking my way into people is what I do best, and especially pissing off enemies. That tied with my decent PVP skills, I can help get raids a lot easier than just flying around to find places. The kind cold hearted type of deal, where I'm very nice in chat and with everything, including till the end where the place is destroyed. Otherwise I'm pretty loyal, and I'm good at getting large projects done in a timely fashion. I'm simple but reliable. When you need me to I'll put in the hours to move, build, destroy, etc.

    What sets you apart from the other applicants? (This is the most crucial question, write as much or as little as you want, but put thought into it): Unlike most of the applicants I'm pretty adult about things and usually can be more mature approaching situations. Obviously I'm 19 and still like having fun and shit, but if things get a little more serious and we need to focus on things I can fit into that culture of work and get the job done. I think it's an attitude that's very beneficial to the team.

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