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  1. 6 days ago
    Tue Mar 12 06:32:17 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Introductions/Welcome Thread.

    im fingy bib

  2. 6 weeks ago
    Mon Feb 4 13:21:18 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Mossflower has been discovered.

    @UnknownUser All will be revealed in due time, this is only the beginning. @Gelta

    so spoooky, ruining someone's build is just sooo mysterious!!!

  3. 7 weeks ago
    Sun Jan 27 09:15:56 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Cam introduces himself.

    ayyy welcome hope u have a good

  4. Fri Jan 25 19:56:47 2019

    i miss when we could go to our homes without letting everyone in chat know

  5. 2 months ago
    Fri Jan 11 03:34:58 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Long time.

    @JuraraJupiter hijacking this thread to say @Fingerbib is cool

    TYSM jj is also very cool

  6. Thu Jan 10 21:25:06 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Long time.

    welcome back !!

  7. Fri Dec 21 03:50:13 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.

    this is literally amazing

  8. 3 months ago
    Sun Nov 25 21:34:19 2018
    Fingerbib posted in RAVEN FACE REVEAL!!!!!.

    @Inyashi You and Danny are twins, jokes on you i know what you look like

    wow i didn't know danny was a raven too

  9. Tue Nov 20 21:14:21 2018

    it's great is what it is

  10. 4 months ago
    Sat Nov 3 07:00:25 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Get to know you: Pet Pics.

    @GrandpaCarl00 ooo is that first one a dalmatian? @Fingerbib

    o he's a harlequin great dane!! He's Very Large

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