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  1. 5 months ago
    Mon Jan 18 01:06:43 2021
    Fingerbib posted in The Boys in the Wild.

    is that perry the platypus

  2. 6 months ago
    Sun Dec 13 16:14:51 2020
    Fingerbib posted in Cats or Dogs.

    i don't know i like everything here look at my dog


  3. Tue Dec 8 23:41:01 2020

    give me the forbidden snack (obsidian)

  4. 7 months ago
    Mon Nov 2 08:05:37 2020
    Fingerbib posted in Pretty Colors!.


  5. 11 months ago
    Sun Jun 28 05:44:58 2020
    Fingerbib posted in Morality poll.

    no, i usually don't kill anyone even if they try to kill me first actually

  6. last year
    Sun Apr 19 10:52:15 2020
    Fingerbib posted in I want .monkey.

    @GrandpaCarl00 -image-


    fuck i have monkey syndrome

  7. Sat Apr 18 07:11:39 2020
    Fingerbib posted in I want .monkey.

    good idea i agree

  8. Sun Oct 6 01:20:22 2019
    Fingerbib posted in It's time..

    help team eye owns my eyeballs

  9. Thu Oct 3 15:58:04 2019
    Fingerbib posted in I'm back (The3xpertGamer) (again).

    @VIP653 Welcome back to a server filled with unpatriotic salty people! Wish you the best!

    why comment this on what's supposed to be a happy post

    anyway, welcome back 3xpert !!

  10. Sun Sep 22 22:23:46 2019
    Fingerbib posted in Peepee poopoo.

    me me like the title of this thread

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