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  1. 6 days ago
    Thu Feb 15 08:38:38 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Spooky pictures.

    @Gminidog -image-

    This may be a bit too gory but I can ensure you this is real. I will take this down if it’s crossing the rules. This image is 100% real and is the effect of a mass amount of radiation that was shot into this mans body that deteriorated his skin and he has been in this state for 3 months until he finally was let go and died of a multiple organ failure. He’s commonly called the Japanese Nuclear man

    i look @ gore a lot but this image always makes me fuckin upset bc he was suffering so much and they forced him to stay alive

  2. last week
    Tue Feb 13 01:43:25 2018

    aaaa count me pls

  3. Sat Feb 10 15:53:01 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Spooky pictures.


    here's one (sorry if this isn't allowed)

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 3 09:36:51 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Requesting Video Ideas.

    @MisterChris717 Make a series called: Last Monday I Asked You
    Where you read our comments/ submisions about the topic you picked.


  5. Sat Feb 3 09:35:32 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Requesting Video Ideas.

    please video of a worm

  6. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Jan 20 22:02:37 2018
    Fingerbib posted in how!!?!!?!?!?.

    cursed image

    blessed image

  7. Thu Jan 18 02:59:32 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Skin questions.

    @Venetorem Until you see thw skin layer, then you get scarred for life =P


  8. Wed Jan 17 18:30:42 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Skin questions.

    i always rly liked sofatroll's skin bc it's really well made and looks like him

  9. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 16 17:57:07 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Lost doggie .


    i am this dog

  10. 6 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 9 23:59:51 2018
    Fingerbib posted in Old Fashioned God Bow.

    @NerdieBirdieYT This is slightly off-topic, but not enough so to be irrelevant. Is there any real use to owning one of these bows? I understand it's extremely rare now and certainly a valuable possession; I'd love to own one myself. But in terms of actual gameplay, is anyone really going to take their Mending+Infinity bow out with them to battle, whether it be PvP, a boss fight, or just day-to-day activities? The risk of losing it doesn't seem worth it, seeing as just owning one makes you the proud owner of a treasure.

    Not trying to ruin anyone's excitement or anything, just genuinely curious if anyone would actually USE a bow of such caliber and rarity.

    yea no i have one and i dont take that mf anywhere because im afraid of loss

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