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  1. 2 years ago
    Mon Nov 27 23:38:54 2017
    ZenithW posted in the Barony of sknup.

    @sknup Ovos rustic redemption

    thank you sir

  2. Mon Nov 27 07:09:18 2017
    ZenithW posted in the Barony of sknup.

    what kind of texture pack is this? it looks great @sknup

  3. Wed Nov 22 16:09:36 2017
    ZenithW posted in Buying a sheep spawn egg.

    I don't have an egg but I got a ton of wool for sale if u need

  4. Tue Nov 21 22:55:50 2017
    ZenithW posted in Sanctuary Island.

    oh shit didnt realize at first that u were giving out coords xD the surrounding ocean doesn't serve as safety with nether portal xD

  5. Tue Nov 21 22:54:10 2017
    ZenithW posted in Sanctuary Island.

    nice, but i've seen an island with a village, swamp(slime)/witch hut, mineshaft/spawners, good view (inner lake with a waterfall), all types of animals except polar bear b4 :) but i always like the idea of island base

  6. Tue Nov 21 02:11:17 2017
    ZenithW posted in My beautiful base.

    tell me the coords and i will go check for you

    jk, don't ;)

  7. Mon Nov 20 06:10:39 2017
    ZenithW posted in Iron god-set.

    Can't tell if sofa is trolling :D

  8. Mon Nov 13 22:14:30 2017
    ZenithW posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    @GibsonAxe @ZenithW you mean she lol.

    ooooopppppssyyyyy sry @Tez1010 i swear it was a typo xD xD

  9. Mon Nov 13 17:11:25 2017
    ZenithW posted in Spawn Eggs.

    @TimmyBoyT Aww, shucks, thanks Cody. I believe since March 2017 there have been 9 unique spawn egg in the monthly CraftyCrates:
    Polar Bear

    In my opinion the Spawn Parrot is the most interesting. If players could be trusted, you could charge them an entrance fee to tame some parrots to keep for themselves.

    It really depends on your own preference but finance-wise mooshroom/sheep/possibly chicken are hands-down my top3. If u need a ton of black blocks for building then u need squid.

  10. Mon Nov 13 17:04:44 2017
    ZenithW posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    I nominate @Tez1010 . I've recently returned (2days ago) from 10 months of inactivity but she's been treating me with kindness and generosity like no stranger (no pun intended), which really helped me to get back on my feet immediately (I deleted my old account so this is a fresh start for me as well). I meant, there are some other staff and players that helped me but Tez is still actively playing the game.

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