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    Mon Jul 29 02:49:30 2019
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    Reason for ban:lying and creating unnecessary drama.
    I have already uploaded a ban appeal, and was supposed to be unbanned today. I tried to log on to the server, but it still says I am banned. Can someone please help me?

  2. Sun Jul 21 00:06:30 2019
    shepherda started the conversation shepherda's ban appeal 2.

    Reason for ban: lying and creating drama
    Why I should be unbanned: I am here to tell the truth, finally. I lied, ok. Victoria was my alt. I am far from perfect, and my life is far from perfect. I lie sometimes just to get attention, and I always feel badly about it. I had originally made Victoria for trolling purposes. I just wanted to troll my friends on the server, but I did not want them to get mad at me. I have lots of trouble making and keeping friends, so an idea popped into my head. What if Victoria disobeys the rules and is mean to me so that I can see who my friends are. It worked, and lots of people came to my aid. I wasn't lying when I said something about me almost dying though. That is one of the reasons I decided to tell the truth. If I don't I am scared I will have a relapse. See, I was already out of it tonight, because my best friend is in the hospital for overdosing. It was a perfect opportunity for people to make me feel better. I should've talked to someone instead of lying. I am sorry I didn't. I don't think I will use Victoria anymore. Everyone knows now anyway. I didn't want to tell the truth because I knew I would lose friends. I have depression and anxiety and one of my big triggers for anxiety is losing friends and my big trigger for depression is feeling lonely. Like I said though, the moments I have had on this server cannot be found anywhere else. I love this server, and I am so so sooooooo sorry for what I did. I promise to never do it again, and I am sorry to all the friends I let down and lied to. I really do promise that this won't happen again, and I am sorry for wasting the staff's time. I hope that this is enough.

  3. Sat Jul 20 23:36:37 2019
    shepherda started the conversation shepherda's ban appeal.

    Reason for ban: I don't know?
    Why I should be un-banned: I love this server, and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone on here. The staff is very friendly, and willing to help you in any way they can. I was apparently banned for some admin thinking I was the same person as Victoria. This is not true. We apparently have the same ip address, and I don't know how those work. She is in the same house as me right now. She is connected to the same wifi as me right now. She uses one of my parents email addresses. This is because my parents took pity on her. She doesn't get to do much because her dad left. She lives in a one bedroom apartment with her single mother who drinks away her pain. My parents didn't know Victoria bullied me, because I never told them. I just kept quiet because I didn't want a relapse of suicidal thoughts and actions. She ended up coming on vacation to Tennessee with my family, because my parents wanted her to have at least one fun experience this Summer. They let her use their email address so she could have fun and talk to people. She doesn't get any of that. She isn't gonna play anymore, she's done. But I had so many fun times, and I honestly feel like banning me was a bit of an overreaction. I really do love this server, and I always try to play by the rules. I am sorry for all that has happened, and I promise it won't happen again. Please unban me.
    P.S. I feel like I let everyone down. Everyone was so inviting when I joined. Kat became my best friend, Phoenix was always there to listen to my rants about life, Ota always stood up for me, and rnc literally built me a house. It's little things like that that you can't find anywhere else. I'm thankful for the kindness these people and more have shown me, and I am sorry that I let y'all down.

  4. Sun Jul 14 23:50:33 2019
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