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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 2 11:41:46 2019

    Oh swag, I can see my crazy Doge face now on forums lol

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 25 09:57:31 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.

    @Yelloms @iDogeTwinkie , Nicnicnico is right it is layered from bottom to top:

    Green Glass
    Lime Glass

    But of course you can do it with any color just pick the two colors close together to alternate

    The room it is in is 40 x 100 which means it was 28,000 glass blocks.... cool effect, pain to build.

    Shiiiet it seems like I got me something to do today, tomorrow and the days and years after that xD

  3. Sat Dec 22 11:42:36 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Yelloms' 1.13 Base.

    How did you make that? :D How many layers of glass blocks did you need?

    @Yelloms -image-

    The fog effect I first saw in a Jerracraft video. It looks so cool but is incredibly expensive and requires optifine to look best. It's also not as cool if not viewed from above, but the room it's in I made too small to see it in full effect.

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Nov 30 17:21:25 2018

    @2Chill No sir i doge have any clue what happened !

    pls dnt lie lol

  5. Thu Nov 29 21:50:33 2018

    @2Chill i doge no why it doesn't have eyes o.O

    You stole them, didn't you?

  6. Thu Nov 29 16:06:01 2018

    Why the fuck my skin doesn't have eyes?

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Nov 26 11:06:54 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in RAVEN FACE REVEAL!!!!!.

    Such raven much reveal very nice many amaze so wow!!

  8. 2 months ago
    Sun Nov 11 22:16:39 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Looking for the Port.

    @LoneWolf Yea I’m playing again I’m sure I’ll see you server side

    Do you happen to have Discord? I don't use Skype no more so yeah, WhatsApp video chat rocks. xD

  9. Sun Nov 11 15:19:33 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Looking for the Port.

    @LoneWolf Doge you’re still around hahah what’s up man

    I sure am haha, nothing much, at least for now lol.

  10. Sat Nov 10 16:02:25 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Looking for the Port.

    @LoneWolf @CraftyMyner hey bud. Long time. Tying to figure out the server port so I can try and log in via the mobile app. Not sure if it will let me lol. The game app needs. Server IP and port.

    Dude! @LoneWolf! :D Long time no see man! :D

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