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  1. 14 hours ago
    Thu Nov 14 20:19:22 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @PapaNeon I know, that's why I put a ring on it.

    I'd say that's a damn good choice m8
    Also, am I blind or you guys are waiting a baby? :D
    Because I see the tummy is a little round, and I usually think of a baby. :D

  2. last week
    Sat Nov 2 13:20:21 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Vanishing.

    @edward766 Who dis?

    I could ask you the same thing brother.

  3. Sat Nov 2 12:00:24 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in New mod approval request: OptiFabric.

    So for what exactly is that mod being used for?
    I guess it's the looks, because there's nothing useful on that link either.

    Enlighten me masters of mods.

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Mon Oct 7 18:30:22 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in It's time..


  5. Mon Oct 7 18:29:12 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in War....?.

    @Ronjob its a war between boonk gang and breadward vs galaxynote7 and his alts because hes a annoying pest with his endcrystals

    i likey dis

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 4 07:18:57 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in PVP Battle Video!.

    Fun stuff fun stuff, people boasting about PvP skills in a game.

    That's so adorable I can't even handle it.

  7. 8 weeks ago
    Mon Sep 16 06:19:54 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Server Reset.

    How about that we don't think about resets? :D

  8. Sun Sep 15 18:19:01 2019

    I'm Doge.


  9. 2 months ago
    Wed Sep 11 19:11:02 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Boonk Gang Application.

    gucci gang

  10. Thu Sep 5 09:12:45 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Disabling Fish .

    I mean, they added a lot of types of fish to the game.

    Fish is just like any other mob. It has a 24 mob cap I believe and considering there's too many types of fish..
    ..that'll lead you to a big entity count. Plus other shit that spawns, ya know shit's ridiculous.

    So you can't do wonders on it. Just like Crafty said, we can beg Mojang to put that damn gamerule on.

    I feel like going directly to Mojang rn lol

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