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  1. 2 days ago
    Tue Dec 12 15:52:08 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Overworld Gold Farms.

    @BaronBattleBread You have not convinced me.

    In my time i have spent Months developing overworld gold farms- Multitudes and masses of time and equpment on vanilla servers.


    Ive put hours and hours into testing them. crafting bigger and better mashes of portals


    i have built MONSTROSITIES! the likes of which you can hardly comprehend, on vanilla servers.


    And i can tell you now, Ive killed them. The servers, i mean. Lagged them out, Crashed them out, Coruppted them into rollbacks.
    So dont come in here acting like theyre so safe- Theyre not. Theyre banned because we dont want what ive done happeneing on our server. Not to mention , thanks to mojang, the spawnrates would be pathetic.

    Sigma Rules

    Moral of the story here is that this Canadian dude can't build for shit. :D :D :D :D

    no jk lol ur le best builder in cm 2k1314151617 :D

  2. 4 days ago
    Sun Dec 10 11:41:18 2017

    I'm richest, I got a bone and a cookie.

  3. last week
    Fri Dec 1 13:46:48 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Net Neutrality.

    @MistakeMade -image-

    I know how you feel about this man. I have a 20 mbps and I get barely 12.
    It's funny how it doesn't even feel like it's 12. More like yours right now.

    It's bullshit because the internet package is combined in a 3 in 1 thing.
    You know, phone, internet and TV and other shit.
    Otherwise, I'd go individually for internet and phone & Mr. TV I never watch in one.

    Like that, I can order 50 mbps or more just for internet.
    I miss the 120 mbps in Germany. Fast as fuck man, downloaded a movie in 2 mins lol.

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Nov 8 18:27:52 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in youtube series start up.

    Hey that's awesome! I have a YT channel in plans but not MC related.
    It's more like GTA V related, and I'm glad I'm not the only person in here that's going to start a YT channel.

    I wish you best of luck to you and your friends in the making of your YT channel.
    Knowing you from my MC days, I believe you'll succeed in your channel.

    So, good luck! :D

    P.S. FFS I just realized how much shit I got to edit. Hours worth of footage. RIP my brain, it will be exhausted.

  5. 8 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 15 09:38:59 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in this changed my life......

    But pizza is life!

  6. 2 months ago
    Thu Oct 5 19:24:26 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in So Today's My Birthday.

    @CactusOwnage Hartelijk gefeliciteerd
    (Happy birthday)

    speak english u noob

    happy birthday!! :D

  7. Thu Oct 5 19:22:42 2017

    @BaronBattleBread I expect this to be interesting, dont dissapoint me. i know where all of you live

    Well then, you're invited to my house party next Saturday. :)

  8. Mon Oct 2 10:22:43 2017

    It's kinda funny how you all put 1 dias instead of 1 dia. Coulda just put 1 diamond lol. xD

  9. Sun Oct 1 10:25:09 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Start your own shop kit.

    I wish I could sell shit like that IRL I'd be a rich dude lol

  10. Sat Sep 30 11:09:30 2017
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Pinning permanent shops.

    @CraftyMyner A big thanks to @2chill who put buy/sell threads in the right category!

    That was his evil twin :D

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