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  1. 4 days ago
    Sun Mar 18 13:36:43 2018
    iDogeTwinkie started the conversation Related to bases....


    I can definitely relate lol, not sure about the rest of you.

  2. last week
    Tue Mar 13 10:23:01 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Tour of my above ground base.

    Doge approves :)

    Your house interior is something like I want to have in my base.
    Ancient and old looking for some reason with that mossy stone and shit like that.

    Your base looks badass :)

  3. Sat Mar 10 10:44:06 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    @_Humanoid_ i like that person you shouted out! they are cool beans!

    Oh how I wonder who could possibly that person be. :D

  4. Fri Mar 9 17:18:35 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shoutout to...whoever this shoutout goes to :D

  5. Fri Mar 9 16:01:07 2018
    iDogeTwinkie started the conversation Found a concept for my base.


    So I kind of found inspiration from this big motherfucker of a building.
    I kind of wanna build something like this as my next base with new blocks coming up or these we have right now.

    What do ya think guys and gals? Can I pull this shit off?

  6. Fri Mar 9 13:23:05 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    Jesus Christ you made my eyes bleed with those caps. I know that already lol no need to capitalize the motherfucker to the point where a person needs to go for an eye surgery after reading that. xD

  7. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 8 15:45:33 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    Jesus fucking Christ do me a favor and don't do a map reset. I'm getting tired of that shit.
    New players will suffer in the beginning and that's exactly what makes this game a survival game.

    I really am not looking forward a reset at all. I came back just a week ago.

    I know they won't do a reset anytime soon, because they know what is the best, but if that happens I'm gone for good. Can't rebuild same shit all over again. I'm in planning of a new base but it won't be anything special. I just don't wanna go through same shit again because I don't have as much time as I used to.

  8. Tue Mar 6 17:27:22 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Best Jokes You Have..

    Here's a joke:

    There was once Doge who worked till like 5 am at work.
    He slept till 2 pm because he's a lazy fuck who can't wake up.
    His phone ended up in the toilet and now it's not working.
    He now is preparing to go to work and doesn't feel like it.
    The end.


  9. Tue Mar 6 17:26:11 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in lol xd?.

    So basically what Crafty is trying to say that you just got yourself Craftymynized the fuck out. :D

  10. Mon Mar 5 12:12:42 2018
    iDogeTwinkie posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    I personally hate mods in MC. I kinda feel that I lose the concept of MC and playtime.
    It's like I turn my own car into a ricer car with a ton of modifications on it lmao.

    Yeah my car will have mods on it but not ricing shit. I ain't got no rice to cover my car entirely yo. :P

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