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  1. 2 years ago
    Thu Aug 13 12:23:36 2020
    iDogeTwinkie posted in It's Time #iwarriioriisoverparty.

    This is some dark net research shit right there

  2. Fri Jun 19 22:20:13 2020
    iDogeTwinkie posted in There's Something In The Air....

    I like this shit. Not a big fan of losing shit but it's Minecraft and it's time for a change. :D

    More blocks to play with in 1.16, some very interesting blocks.

    What's best, Crying Obsidian is incoming in this update, that's gonna be lit af :D

  3. Wed Dec 25 13:44:10 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Ping command? Suggestion .

    @CraftyMyner I removed the .tps command because new players just don’t understand that vanilla can’t run at 20tps all the time, they see 18tps and freak but in reality that is a good day.

    That's a day of celebration lol.

  4. 3 years ago
    Thu Nov 14 20:19:22 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @PapaNeon I know, that's why I put a ring on it.

    I'd say that's a damn good choice m8
    Also, am I blind or you guys are waiting a baby? :D
    Because I see the tummy is a little round, and I usually think of a baby. :D

  5. Sat Nov 2 13:20:21 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Vanishing.

    @edward766 Who dis?

    I could ask you the same thing brother.

  6. Sat Nov 2 12:00:24 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in New mod approval request: OptiFabric.

    So for what exactly is that mod being used for?
    I guess it's the looks, because there's nothing useful on that link either.

    Enlighten me masters of mods.

  7. Mon Oct 7 18:30:22 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in It's time..


  8. Mon Oct 7 18:29:12 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in War....?.

    @Ronjob its a war between boonk gang and breadward vs galaxynote7 and his alts because hes a annoying pest with his endcrystals

    i likey dis

  9. Fri Oct 4 07:18:57 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in PVP Battle Video!.

    Fun stuff fun stuff, people boasting about PvP skills in a game.

    That's so adorable I can't even handle it.

  10. Mon Sep 16 06:19:54 2019
    iDogeTwinkie posted in Server Reset.

    How about that we don't think about resets? :D

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