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    Wed Jun 3 17:01:11 2020
    Knafeh posted in Need advise .

    A Break will make you Break inside-outside-around-everywhere

  2. Wed Jun 3 16:55:28 2020
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  3. Wed Jun 3 16:54:28 2020
    Knafeh posted in Need advise .

    the best thing is to smash your keyboard SO FUCKING HARD so you almost break it but you don't.
    thats the catch...
    then what you do is leak the coords of the griefed base.
    Then you make a dirt house and you will be ok.

    My tips have helped -1903 people

    They work.

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    Wed Jun 3 11:48:56 2020
    Knafeh posted in Need advise .

    isn't it advice?

  5. Tue Jun 2 18:57:04 2020
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  6. Tue Jun 2 18:33:07 2020
    Knafeh posted in Boonk Gang Jr. Application.

    IGN: Knafeh sometimes
    Age: 68 3 months 2 weeks 3 days 16 hours 3 minutes 21 miliseconds.
    Timezone: ABC+3
    Skills: I play football everyday in the school well not now but I used to before the pandemic. I am quite fast at running and I can skill any player. I have a lot of experience as a team member as I was once in a team and became the Owner because I was so good. I started playing Minecraft Launcher 3 months ago and I would say I am better then everyone on the server.

    Weakness: I'm not really good at basketball and I'm really short so I might not be able to help with stuff related to that. I usually hurt my leg somehow and it hurts. I don't also know how to brew a potion of invisibilty. I also don't talk a lot because when I was young like 11 or something my brother hit my mouth with a bat and I can bearly talk. Also my uncle stole my microphone because he said I was too old for one.
    I also don't like Mcdonalds and that could ruin the chemistery of the team. I also don't know how to cook anything the only thing I can make is cereal.

    Extra note: I might be younger but I am not really sure. Also does this mean I become staff on this server. If you accept me I will make your team better and I can build 15 dirthouses in like 1 month ONLY. OMG ikr.
    I luv u if u accept me if u don't then... I also have a YT channel and one of the vids has 1k views so I can really help your team.


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    Sun May 31 17:00:00 2020
    Knafeh posted in Bad Omen Not Working.

    bruh, but nice

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    Fri May 29 11:35:20 2020
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